Ark Country Store Newsletter
May, 2011


We are as busy as bees at Ark Country Store this May!   Check out our popular  Pond Management Workshop this month (see below for info) and fish truck delivery from Texoma Hatchery.  This is sure to be heavily attended, sign up for this FREE workshop and come spend some time with the Pond Boss, Mr. Bob Lusk.   


The Purina 60 Day Challenge is still going on, so if you haven't already signed up now is the perfect time.   Read about the "Switch Challenge" below.   


The warmer weather brings fleas & ticks!  Read the article below on how you can care for your pets and prevent an outbreak.  Stop by Ark Country Store for all your pet care supplies!   


Need some tips to bring butterflies to your garden?  Read the extra addition to Candice's Corner below to learn what flowers will draw these beautiful insects to your garden now. 

We are proud to be your feed and farm supply store!   

Candice Jones

Store Manager


Pond Management Workshop 

Pond BossWant to grow bigger fish?  Control water weeds in your pond?  Plug a leak?  Learn how to clear a muddy pond. How to put weight on your fish. How to prevent a devastating fish kill. Learn what fish should be removed from your lake, and which ones should stay. Find out what's new in the world of private ponds and lakes.


Join us May 17th at 11:30 for lunch and Noon for our Free Pond Management workshop with wildlife fisheries biologist and Pond Boss Magazine editor, Bob Lusk.  Click here to sign up online, or call to reserve your space.  See you there! 


Texoma Hatchery Fish Delivery

fish jumping


Texoma Hatchery will make a fish delivery at Ark Country Store on Saturday, May 21st.  Pre-orders are not required but are recommended.  The last day to pre-order is Thursday, May 19th.  Click here for details and get ready to stock your pond! 


Purina 60 Day Challenge:  Switch Offer! 


Purina's 60 Day Challenge Switch Offer

By now you've been reading about the Purina 60 Day Challenge.  Perhaps you're still sitting on the fence.  Hopefully this will provide the little extra push to help you try the product.


Bring in an empty bag of a competitors feed and save $5 on a qualifying Purina Feed!  This is a great way to save some money and sample Purina feeds. 


Offer valid while supplies last.  Click here for a listing of species and qualifying products. 


Candice's Corner
News from the Master Gardener



May is here and the extreme heat is soon to follow.  Now is the time to prepare your lawn and garden for those high temps! 

  • Maintain a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around all plants and bed areas. (Keep several inches away from trunks or stems of plants.) 


  • Shredded hardwood is one of the best mulches, but any type will work; except grass clippings. They tend to mat which prevents the penetration of rain water into the soil. Instead use them in the compost pile or on garden paths.

Want more tips for your garden?  Click here to visit our Garden Tips page on our our website. 


Keep the Butterflies' Buffet Stocked

This time of year is frustrating for the gardener who wants to provide nectar for the season's first butterflies. Many late spring and summer perennials are not blooming yet. While the garden may have daffodils, irises and azaleas, they do not tempt a butterfly in search of a much-needed meal.


It is almost painful for the butterfly gardener to watch the insects flit through the garden, hovering over flowers but not alighting to sip. Several inexpensive, reliable annual and perennial nectar sources to plant now in containers or in the ground are widely available at nurseries.  Click here to read more! 

Articles & Videos 

Check out the latest in our library of articles and videos on our website.   



dog itching

Coping with Fleas & Ticks


When it's time for fleas and ticks to terrorize your pet and home, it's helpful to know what makes these pests "tick." They can live just about anywhere, but crave the cozy haven of your pet's furry coat. A simple walk around the neighborhood with your pet can draw these tiny fiends indoors, especially during warm and humid months. More than 65 percent of American households include a family pet or pets. Statistically, fleas and ticks are bound to infest your favorite feline or best friend.  To read more, click the link above. 


Fire Ants: Applying baits or other insecticides is wise before summer

When people think of Memorial Day they're often reminded of picnics, cookouts and activities in the park.  


But this year, as the unofficial first day of summer approaches, they might also think about applying pesticides for red imported fire ants, said an expert with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.  Click the link above to read more.   


Tips from the Pond Boss on Supplemental Fish Feeding - Video  

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May 21, 2011


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