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August 2010


In preparation for the Wildlife Management Expo next month, Ark Country Store is stocking up on several new items and brands.  Stop by and take a look at our selection of new products, just in time for deer hunting season.

AntlerMax - Deer Feed
AquaMax - Game Fish Feed
Big Game Tree Stands - Feeders/blinds
Chippewa Boots - Snake Boots
DeltAg - Food plot supplement
Exclusive - Dog and Cat Food
Mojo Outdoors - Game calls
Nikon - Scopes, range finders and binoculars
Primos - Game calls and Scent Covers
Stealth Cam - Game Cameras
SureFire - flashlights and other Surefire products

Haven't signed up for the Purina Wildlife Expo yet?  It's not too late.  Read more about it below and register online at our website, or at the store.  You won't want to miss this event! 

Dove season opens next week. Are you ready? Ark Country Store has camo clothing, Mojo Doves, shotgun shells, stands, stools, binoculars, snake boots, hunting licenses and more!

Looking for ID tags for your pets?  Stop by the store and have Johnny make a custom ID tag for your pet. 

See our sale section for this month's specials! 

Do you have a story to share about your pet?  Check out the story from local resident Kelly Nuzum and her dog Roscoe. 

See you at the Wildlife Expo!

Candice Jones
Store Manager
Purina Wildlife Series
Be sure and join us for the Purina Wildlife Series Event in Waxahachie, TX on September 16, 2010 at the Waxahachie Civic Center.  Enter to win a Bad Boy Buggy!  See these great brands & their representatives at the Purina Wildlife Series event  and find their products at our stores!

Special discounts during the event, including huge savings on pallets of feed, and hunting accessories.  Vendor prizes and a FREE BBQ dinner.  Join us in the air conditioned Waxahachie Civic Center!  

Topics and speakers scheduled for the Expo include:

Management & Nutrition to Grow Big Deer
Larry Varner, PhD Deer Nutrition, Purina Mills

Basic Pond Management
Bob Lusk, Fisheries Biologist

Improvement Strategies & Population Dynamics
Gene Naquin, Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist

RSVP by September 14th at (972) 937-8860 or sign up online for this FREE EVENT!

Click here for a list of sponsors. 

Quick DrawNew QuickDraw® Deer and Wild Hog Attractants
These amazing new feeds do an incredible job of drawing and holding deer and wild hogs while also providing a good plane of nutrition.

QuickDraw® Deer Block Attractant show strong consumption, driven by a proprietary flavoring agent not found in any other deer block. It is extremely effective in attracting and holding deer in a specific area.

Purina® QuickDraw® Deer Attractant Mineral Supplement enhances palatability and drive intake without the need to mix it with corn. And the vitamin and mineral package supplies deer with strong nutrition.

Purina® QuickDraw® Wild Hog Block Attractant has an irresistible scent and flavorings that effectively attract and hold wild hogs. And even after the block is consumed, the residual attracting smell keeps them coming back.

Store Special

Buy 20 bags of Deer Corn and get a QuickDraw® Deer Block Attractant FREE! 

Buy 10 bags of Antlermax Deer Feed and get a QuickDraw® Deer Block Attractant FREE! 

Limit 2 free blocks per customer, while supplies last. 
roscoeLocal Pet Stories:  A Dog's New Knee
Local resident Kelly Nuzum recently shared a story about her dog Roscoe with Ark Country Store employee Austin Arms.
Kelly Nuzum of Red Oak, Texas and her ten-year-old dog Roscoe are two peas in a pod. Roscoe was abandoned as a pup, left outside the door of a local dog grooming business. A friend told Kelly about the pup and soon "Roscoe" became part of the family.

Friendly and playful, Roscoe spent his days swimming in the pond and running around their property. One day Kelly noticed he was limping and favoring his left hind leg. A trip to the vet discovered that Roscoe tore his ACL and would need surgery to reconnect the ligament to the knee. The surgery repaired the ligament, but left Roscoe with a knee he could not bend, and a limp that was treated with daily pain medications. Without the medication Roscoe would return to limping.

Last year, during a visit to a Home & Garden Expo, Kelly meet Reggie Underwood, a Purina Mills feed dealer and owner of Ark Country Store in Waxahachie. Reggie encouraged Kelly to try Exclusive Chicken & Rice Senior Formula for Roscoe's knee problems. The added glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate included in the formula could assist the joint problem.

Within 2 months Roscoe was off the daily pain medication, bending his knee and back to his frisky, younger self. "He's a new dog," says Kelly, "back to running around the yard and swimming in the pond."
Kelly no longer buys pain medication for Roscoe, instead he has an assortment of "toys" he chases down the hall and around the house. He happily retrieves and lies easily at Kelly's side with his knee in a bent position. "Changing feeds changed Roscoe's life," says Kelly. She continues to feed Exclusive Chicken & Rice Senior Formula to Roscoe, "because it works."

Purina Difference Rewards ProgramPurina Difference Awards
Looking for free coupons on horse and pet food feed?  Then register for the Purina Difference Rewards Program.

Receive free quarterly coupons on Purina Feeds you use daily.  Horse owners that register will receive three coupons , including One (1) offer for a free bag of Strategy® Healthy Edge®, One (1) offer for a Buy 4 Get 1 good on Strategy® Healthy Edge®, and One (1) offer for a Buy 4 Get 1 good on Ultium® Growth Horse Feed.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up today! 

Coming soon: The Power of Pink


Ark Country Store and Purina are thinking pink this fall as they gear up for their first ever Pink 50 Campaign, an effort to unite animal lovers everywhere and raise awareness and support for breast cancer research.

This fall, more than 50 fundraising events will be held by Purina retailers nationwide in an effort to encourage communities to take action against the disease.

Additionally, Purina will be turning its top animal feed packages pink, and plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from every pink bag sold to breast cancer research.

Ark Country Store is rolling out the "Power of Pink" campaign in conjunction with Purina Pink 50.  Look for "Pink" contents, and an additional donation by the store to a local Breast Cancer research group on every "Pink" item sold in the store during October. 
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Vacation Watering Tip

If you are going on a trip for a few days and are concerned about your container plants surviving in the heat without you there to provide their daily drink of water, here is a technique that may be helpful.

Find a spot with some morning sun or full shade (depending on the type of container plants). Set a small plastic wading pool in the area and put your container plants in the pool. On the day you leave water the plants and put 2 or 3 inches of water in the pool. Toss in one of the floating mosquito control products containing B.t. (available in garden centers and online). This should keep your plants in great shape for a week or so.

Horse Nutrition Tip

Recent research as well as testimonials from riders and trainers indicates that feeds containing a blend of energy sources (soluble carbohydrates, fermentable fiber and fats) provide a "steady" level of "cool" energy for the competition horse. The digestion of fermentable fiber (such as beet pulp) and fats does not produce the immediate effect on the horse's blood sugar level, therefore blunting the glucose and insulin responses compared to meals high in starch and sugar. Therefore, diets that are higher in fat and fiber than conventional grain-based diets may help "smooth" the horse's energy level, which may also provide a "calming effect." Horses on such diets appear to be more controllable and manageable, have more mental focus and have the mindset to perform.