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June 22, 2010
For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11
A Note from Rod and Gay
Rod sharing the vision at the warehouse prayer service
 future site of Journey Community Church


 Well it has  been a long time, but we are now ready to get back into the newsletter updates.  Gay's computer crashed and burned (that is our third one since we have been here) but she now has a new one and all is well in the computer world of Rod and Gay. 

So much has happened over the past months that we need get everyone caught up to date...

Our daughter, Lyndsay, was married to Josh Terry on May 29th in our backyard.  It was a really beautiful wedding and wonderful evening and we believe that we have gained a really terrific Son-in-Law...we are truly blessed.  They spent two weeks in Cabo San Lucas for their honeymoon.  While Lyndsay was gone, Barry, a man who started coming to Journey back in the winter, led our worship.  He is a gifted guitarist and singer and he did a fantastic job.  We are truly amazed at how God is bringing in the pieces of the puzzle here at Journey.

We have signed a lease to rent the facility (the one we have been posting pictures of since the beginning of this Journey)!  We have submitted plans for a buildout to the city of Fernley.  Upon approval we will choose a General Contactor and get to work.  We have applied for a loan to help finance the build out and are still awaiting approval for that as well.  PLEASE KEEP THIS IN YOUR PRAYERS.  The financial organization usually doesn't approve churches less than 4 years old and especially on a rented facility, but we have been offered $75,000.00 as collateral for the loan by one of our larger supporting churches, Southeast Christian of Parker Colorado.  It has been amazing to see how God is working.  We are hoping to raise some of the money as a congregation to help defray some of these build out costs.  Our hope is to be celebrating our first anniversary in the new building.

Speaking of our first anniversary, my long time best friend, Todd Hudson will be here to speak that weekend.  Todd was here at our grand beginning on September 13th and he has graciously agreed to speak at our 1-year anniversary on September 12th.  We are going to have a weekend long celebration and invite all the Fernley "elite" to join us for the celebration.   We would love to have as many of you as possible to join us that weekend.

We had our first Mission Trip as a church this past week.  Nine people from Journey travelled to Mexico and installed bathrooms, painted, built a rock wall, and a side walk at a church in Las Palmas.  We also had a Vacation Bible School for the children of the village of Polverine.  Our hope was to have 25 kids or so for the week.  On the last day we had over 70 kids!  Polverine is the village where we hope to build a church soon.  It was a fantastic time of ministry and bonding with the churches in Mexico.  Journey Community Church is really getting behind Missions and we are encouraging support through finances, prayer AND involvement.  This leads me to our next exciting piece of news. 

This next Sunday, June 27th, we are ordaining and sending out Tom and Barb Hulery to the mission field of Mexico.  Tom and Barb have been with Journey Community Church since our beginning and God is calling them to serve full time in Mexico.  We are truly excited to be a part of this process so early in our existence.  God is really opening up some doors for us and we are being faithful.  We will really miss having Tom and Barb here each week because they are great ministers each and every week, strong prayer warriors, and just wonderful people to worship with each Sunday.  But we are trying to be obedient to the Lord and what He is calling them to do.  So this Sunday, the 27th, we are having a special Sunday Morning service to send out these two to do the Lords work.  We are going to support them $250 a month to start out and they are trying to raise some of their own support as well. 

This July we are having four guest speakers for the month because July is my sabbatical month as Pastor.  Gay and I leave next week for some R&R and some work as well.  I have been asked to serve on the Continuation Committee for the North American Christian Convention.  So Gay and I will be in Indianapolis July 6-9 for that.  We are driving and spending time together.  We have books to read and will be spending much time in prayer for direction and guidance over the next year.  We will visit family and friends along the way and hope to be back in Nevada late July. PLEASE PRAY FOR SAFETY, REFRESHMENT, AND REVELATION FOR US DURING THIS MONTH. 

I can see that God is going to lead Journey through some tough times ahead.  Financially we are hitting our "summer slump" at a time where we need to be at our strongest.  We are beginning in July to pay rent on our facility and it will cause us to tighten our belt quite a bit.  We are praying for outside support, but also strong convictions in our giving.  I am convinced this is what we are called to do and so are our men on the leadership team.  We also know, it will not be without trials and challenges.  We are ready to sacrifice and we are praying. I promised the congregation that we would not be a "slave" to a new building.  We will not have to stop ministry because we have to pay rent.  I know that the economy is hard, especially hard here in Lyon County (close to 20% unemployment), but God is faithful and we will be too!


I've got to tell you, I have never taken a church through any sort of building program and it doesn't matter how big or small it may seem in comparison to other churches building programs.  This is a scary endeavor for many of us.  We take our commitment to the call and faithfulness to our ministry to Fernley very serious.  We are sure that this facility is where we are supposed to be, but the timing is tedious and we would have liked a little more time to strengthen our numbers.  But God is calling us to move and we promised to be faithful to Him.  My fears are NOT failure.  My fears are not doing what God tells me to do.  I want to be faithful to Him.



Gay and I and all of Journey Community Church of Fernley want to thank you for all of your prayers and support.  Without you this would not be taking place here.  God is moving, attendance is growing (avg. 178) and lives are being changed.  Thank you for all you are doing.  Please continue to pray for us.



Church office address:

Journey Community Church

3307 Hwy 50A

Fernley, NV


Phone # 775-980-6600


Our home address:

1820 Bogey Ct

Fernley, NV 



God bless,

Rod & Gay

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Just wanted to share our daughter's wedding with you all.  Lyndsay, Josh and their two dogs are settled in there own home in Fernley!  Lyndsay is still doing an awesome job serving as Worship Minister and Student Ministries Minister.
Prayer Needs
Special Prayer Request:
  • continued incoming support for the ongoing needs of the church and community.
  • Pray  for the approval on the loan for the build out.
  • Continued and added support as we move forward with the build out. 
  • Praise!! Denny Blair is home from the hospital and doing much better! 
  •  Rod and I are in need of prayer for wisdom and discernment as we have been counseling with several individuals undergoing trials in their marriages.
  • Rod and I as we travel in the month of July
  • We still have  unemployed families in the church.
  • Pray for our families whose young men and women are serving in the military.
Women's Small Groups: We had a wonderful time with our two women's Bible studies.  The wednesday night study is continuing through the summer and the friday morning study has been taking a break for the month of June...but many have expressed a desire to pick up again with a light book club type meeting before the summer is over. 
Youth small groups :There has been alot of fundraising going on in preparation for the upcoming C.I.Y. trip(Christ In Youth). We would love to see a large number of our Highschoolers go in the trip as it has the potential to be a life changing event.   Check out current activities at www.jsmrocks.com
Action Items 
 Journey Kids Ministry: UPDATE:
We are still in need of more volunteers for this vital ministry as we often have 25 kids on a Sunday morning participating in this ministry.!  If you are interested in helping out in this vital ministry contact Erik at etrucker4christ@yahoo.com. or Gay at gay_idle@yahoo.com.
Journey Kids with Team Leader, Erik
First Steps Ministry:Update:
We are growing and would love to take the 2-4 year olds into their own classroom! However, in order to do this we will need more volunteers for this ministry.   Pray for God to send us workers and leaders!  If you are interested contact me: Gay Idle, gay_idle@yahoo.com or call 980-9308.
First Steps NurseryFirst Steps Nursery/Sept. 13
Something To Consider:
If you are considering making a one time contribution to the ministry of Journey Community, you may want to check with your employer to see if your company matches contributions....this would double your efforts and our blessings!!! Just contact Gay and she will let you know how this is taken care of on the receiving end. 

Faith expects from God what is beyond
                            all expectation.
Andrew Murray
Thank you  all for  your partnership in prayer and support for the amazing work that God is doing beginning in Fernley, NV.  We are humbled to be a part of this amazing ministry.
If you would like to make a one time contribution toward this ministry or join in continuing monthly support please see following information:
Make out checks to Stadia. Just write on the memo line: NV-Fernley 4-183. This will insure it goes into the Journey Fernley account.
Mail to:           Stadia: New Church Strategies West Region
                        333 Sunset Boulevard Suite 745
                        Rocklin, CA 95765
   Or... you may now go to our website and use out paypal account!  Your continuing monthly support can continue with Stadia and we will continue to receive those payments.

"...I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel..." 
Philippians 1:4-5 
Gay Idle
Journey Community Church