AUGUST 11th and 12th ACTIVITIES Month Year

WIth the upcoming Tourism & Preservation Regional Round-Up and the the Annual Planning Meeting coming up soon, things are whirling with energy in the Texas Plains Trail Region. 
I just wanted to touch base with you, so that we'll all be prepared for the conference and the Annual Meeting.
Ya'll are the best,
Deborah Sue McDonald
Texas Plains Trail Region
Schedule for the Conference & Planning Meeting
 I will be arriving at the Civic Center to set up on Monday, August 10th at 5:00. 
 If anyone wants to come help, I would appreciate it.  I will be staying at the
Holiday Inn Express in Plainview.
  • Board Members arrive at 7:30 to help greet & mingle with the guests and help with last minute details.
  • At our last meeting in Plainview, we assigned specific duties.  If you do not have one, we'll give you one! 
  • We also decided at our meeting, that Board Members WOULD go ahead and register, plus pay the $25 fee. 
  • You should all have the agenda for the conference.   It will be from 8:00-3:30.
  • At 3:30, we will all pitch-in on the clean-up.  Thanks.

TUESDAY:  4:15 -4:30: We will have a short 15 minute Board Meeting in the Conference Room.

TUESDAY:  6:00-7:00:  Appreciation  Board Member Dinner at Little Mexico, 4009 Olton Road (North of Walmart).
TUESDAY: 7:00-8:30:   New Board Training at Holiday Inn Express, 4213 West 13th Street.
We realize this will be a long day for us, but felt it better to make long days than to ask the board to stay for 3 days. 
We will make it a fun, bonding, and sharing day.  TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!
         Plainview Civic Center
         2902 West 4th Street 
8:00 am - 4:00-Sue Shore, Texas Historical Commission, will be our facilitator.
  • Coffee/Breakfast Items
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Working Lunch served at the Civic Center Conference Room
  • PLEASE bring your board books.  I'll bring some for the new board members.

Session Goal: To gain consensus on long-term goals and FY2010 operational strategies

 Big Picture Thinking:
        How do we define success?
        Review of mission and vision, challenges and opportunities for the region relative to these organizational statements.
        Develop/refine long-term goals for the organization.
        Goals:What do you need goals to address?
        Organizational development/management
        Financial stability/accountability
        Program (public awareness and education) development (internal audience)
        Product (preservation and resource)development (internal and external audiences)
        Marketing/promotion (external audience)
 Action Planning: 
        Development of strategies for the 2010 fiscal year.
        Personal commitment.





This day will be a time to shine the greatness of the Texas Plains Trail Regional Organization.  
So proud of you all!  Many thanks to our board who has put so much time, energy, money & passion
towards it.
As always, I'm looking forward to a great, productive meeting that will set the groundwork for great
things to come in the Texas Plains
Trail Region. Contact me at: 806-231-3479 or
for any questions.  I will be at Marketing College in Georgia from July 25-August 1.
Until we meet in Plainview,
Deborah Sue McDonald
Texas Plains Trail Region