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If you missed us at the IPC EXPO show in Vegas and have an interest in PCBs (both RIGID and FLEX ), please send me an EMAIL with your address and we will mail out the catalog of your choice along with our manufacturing flow chart poster.


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SEC at the IPC

What you missed from Saturn during IPC APEX in Las Vegas.   


SEC was busy during this year's IPC APEX Expo conference and exhibition.


Therefore, we wanted to ensure that we got the word out to all those whom we missed connecting with during the event. 


Your SEC Inside Contacts

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact:

Core Competencies

PCB Core Competencies

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 LED Thermal Management


Two New LED Calculators on the way! 

We are currently developing two cutting-edge LED PCB Design calculators with Clemens Lasance.      


Thermal Resistance

Calculate your material requirements based on your total stackup starting with the LED itself and down through to the final heatsink.


Heat Spreading

This unique calculator will allow you to make advanced heat spreading calculations with relative ease--truly a one-of-kind for the industry.



Dissipating the heat away from the base

Yash expanded the the original '09 LED MCPCB webinar with this presentation that was recorded live in Irvine, CA at the IPC Technology Interchange Thermal Management last November and now archived on the IPC library(IPC Members Only).   

Click here to watch the presentation  





Lead Free Resource Center

Webinars, latest information and more

The RoHS / Lead-Free PCB Resource Center contains information regarding RoHS compliance and the necessary requirements for specifying Pb-free circuit board materials and finishes. Here you will also find the latest Pb-free information, articles, presentations and fabrication notes.

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SEC PCB Technology Hub

In addition to the Lead Free Resource Center, Saturn also provides the following resources in our Technology Hub:  

Art's Kitchen

Asian Flavored Skirt Steak

from the kitchen of Leana Wood

Flank Steak can also be used in this recipe...but be sure to broil it a few minutes longer as it is slightly thicker than skirt steak, which is long and flat.



1 tree-inch piece ginger

2 large cloves garlic, minced

2 teaspoons dark-brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 

3 sticks cinnamon (optional)

1 small skirt steak (about 1lb)

1.4 cups dry sherry

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Salt and freshly-ground pepper

Roughly chopped cilantro leaves (optional) 



Step One

Peel half the ginger; finely grate to make 1 tablespoon. 
Thinly slice remaining half.
Scatter half-grated and sliced-ginger, garlic, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cinnamon sticks, if using in a non-reactive baking dish.
Cut steak against grain into three 6-inch pieces; place in dish.
Scatter with remaining dry ingredients.
Pour sherry, soy sauce, and olive oil over the steak.
Marinate, turning meat several times, for 30 minutes, or refrigerate several hours.

Step Three

Heat broiler.
Season steak with salt and pepper; transfer to broiler pan.
Broiler until brown just charred, about 4 minutes.
Turn; broil about 3 minutes for medium rare.
Transfer to cutting board.
Let rest 5 minutes.
Cut into thin strips.
Top with cilantro, if using: serve.

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Super Hero Summer

Which Super Hero are you most excited to go see at the theater?

  • Thor
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  • Green Lantern
  • X Men: First Class

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Conduit at a Glance
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Art's Kitchen
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Thermal Facts and Fairy Tales
Bridging the Gap Between Design and Fabrication
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Help us, Help you


A beta version of the thermal resistance calculator is now available online. 


Give us feedback so that we can provide the excellent usability this unique tool demands.


 Click here for Beta LED Calculator 


Published Thermal Conductivities Values: Facts or Fairy Tales?


By Clemens J. M. Lasance


Around 1980, when I joined the Heat Transfer Group at Philips CFT, my boss threw a piece of material on my desk and asked for its thermal conductivity. It took me a week digging in literature to discover that this was no easy question to answer, despite the simple mathematics behind a steady state measurement: k=q/∆T/A, with k the thermal conductivity, q the dissipation, ∆T the temperature difference across the test sample, and A the area. All items at the right hand side are easy to measure, so it seemed.


Click here to read the rest of the article



Bridging the Gap Between PCB Design and Fabrication

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Fabrication


Real Time With...

Designer's Forum 2011

Yash sits down with Pete Starkey after his presentation "Bridging the Gap Between Design and Fabrication". 

 Watch the Interview 






Basics of (PCB) Thermal Management for LED Applications 

Yash and Clemens Lasance expand upon the 2009 presentation with "Thermal Management for LEDs: Taming the Wild West". Part of the Materials Make It Cool seminar. 

Download the white paper   




Yash sits down with Kelly Dack and Sun Chemical

Here Comes the...Yash?

A Sun Chemical Gathering

Guest Editor Kelly Dack gathers the Sun Chemical crew in their booth and receives an impromptu visit from Yash

 Watch the Interview     





24-Layer Keychain


Flow Chart Poster

aluminum core led pcb

Al Core Keychain



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Parag predicts that your result will be 15.


  1. Think of a number
  2. Add 15 to it
  3. Subtract 3
  4. Subtract your original number
  5. Add 5 to it
  6. Subtract 2




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