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October 2010
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IPC-4761: Via Plugging Guideline

The purpose of IPC-4761 is to provide PCB designers, assemblers and fabricators with information on existing methods for the protection of vias and on circuit boards.  This guideline reflects the IPC's work towards standardizing the process for via plugging. 


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via-hole-fillingNew MASS 300 VS
New PCB Selective Equipment acquired to address the continuous demands pertaining to via hole filling, through holes and blind vias.

Continuing our commitment to reinvesting in our capabilities, we recently secured a brand new MASS VHF 300 VS with Vacuum

Advantages for Board Assembly:
· Selective Via Hole Filling of through holes and blind vias

· Less waste from the very valuable silver paste

· High paste pressure to fill high aspect ratio (1:40) boards

· No direct contact between compressed air and paste

· Heatable heads are available

Pastes for this Process:

Silver- and copper paste (conductive)

Epoxy Fill (non conductive) Sanei, Taiyo, Peters, Coates etc.


The pcb and stencil are placed horizontally onto the filling via-plugging-vhfsurface and clamped by the clamping system.

The door is closed and the vacuum process starts.

The vacuum has built up after about 20 seconds.

The plunger (air pressure controlled) is pressing the paste through the stencil into the holes of the panel.

The paste is stored in reusable cartridges. We supply different headīs for different panel sizes.

The movement of the Y-axis is controlled by a servo motor.

All process parameters are part of the recipe.

The touch panel display allows up to 50 recipes to be stored.

Paste Delivery
As with t
he VCP vertical filling machines, the paste delivery is from a standard 12oz or 6oz or smaller cartridge.

The paste is pressed into the via fill head via pneumatic pressure on the back of the plunger in the cartridge.

Different head sizes can be used.

If, however, a head size larger than 6" is required, then the pressure bar assembly must be exchanged against one that allows the capability of pressing a long head up to 24" long evenly across the entire width of the fill area.

Also, as with the vertical VCP machines, face plates with different opening sizes can be used with a given head size.