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Tired of Delam?
IPC 4101/99 and /124 are the Answer
For some time now the Industry has had to deal with delamination in its Lead Free Boards as it waited for a solution, which would ideally get back to processing the way we did when everything was SnPb. 
Today's delamination occurs primarily on boards made from phenolic laminates, which are used for lead-free and high temp PCBs.  While these materials have great thermal properties (Tg > 170C and Td > 340C, and conforming to IPC 4101/126/129), they are extremely weak in the fundamental areas of moisture absorption and copper to laminate adhesion.
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The Saturn Wire
Improve Laminate Quality With Fab Notes
Control Proceess, Elevate Standards via Latest Materials
Fab notes are a great tool to control the quality and performance of your PCBs.  However, when written incorrectly, they can have quite the opposite effect.  In this newsletter, we will be discussing the effects of laminate callouts.
With the onset of RoHS compliance, fabrication notes take on a higher level of importance.  Previously, FR4 has been used as almost a generic term for material type.  Typically, this has referred to 130Tg FR4 which is almost an all-purpose laminate.  With lead-free assembly temperatures, there are more critical characteristics that must be addressed.
The New Toy Wire
Saturn's New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine
Six-Spindle PCB-drilling high precision machine
The Micronics 86 was designed specifically with HDI blind micro-via features in mind.  Mania Micronic 86The machine runs charge into the panel during drilling.  Once the drill bit makes contact with the panel surface (it holds another charge) the PLC begins measuring the depth that the drill bit travels into the panel.  This enables the machine to hole a Z-axis tolerance of +/- 0.5 mil for highly accurate blind via drilling.

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