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You Set the Pace for the Race into the Future of Volunteerism!
MHVRP Scholarship Winners Announced
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A Message from the President 

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President

Hello MHVRP Members!


Is the new name (Michigan Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals) "rolling off your tongue" yet? It finally is for me and it just "fits," as we continue to evolve as an organization and with the changes in our industry.


 It is hard to believe how close our conference is already--less than two months away! This year has flown by, and the board has done such a great job bringing new enhancements that enable us to communicate in a variety of ways. I hope that you have had a chance to experience, at least once, all of the tools and are aware of the purpose of each one. Here are the highlights:

  •  New and improved website, with many bonus features ONLY for members (password protected), found at www.mhvrp.org
  • Facebook page, where we can not only share highlights of our organizations and events to show the "world" what we do, but also opens the opportunity for anyone to communicate and network with us!
  • LinkedIn, where we can post the professional opportunities that our organization provides, and also have the privacy to add select members (in addition to our own) to professionally network with one another about jobs, other memberships, speakers in our field, and much more.
  • Google Groups, where we have "free" email and the opportunity to post questions to our colleagues and get immediate responses to help us in our daily decision making, as well as in long-term planning. We can choose to get "immediate" emails, or to have them summarized and sent daily--but either way, this is my favorite tool! Just email to mhvrp@googlegroups.com to send out a question, idea, or attachment to the entire membership and watch the immediate, thoughtful responses from colleagues flow to you with this "members only" tool!

 As the board has worked through this year to add more benefits for your paid membership, we have also worked diligently to bring you a wonderful educational opportunity for this coming May at the 40th anniversary and spring conference. It is our great honor to feature Colleen Sweeny, who has rapidly become one of THE most "in demand" speakers in our industry at this time! She has given us a great price, and having personally met her last year at AHVRP, I am excited for her to meet as many of our members as possible. She is warm, funny, intelligent, and is planning sessions for us that you will find enlightening and that will actually change how you look at healthcare when you return to your role in your organization.


On Wednesday, we have also added a full afternoon to the conference, with an inspirational speaker to help us celebrate 40 years and  provide humor, motivation, and self-reflection. She will be followed by one of our membership's favorite activities, "TABLE TOPICS," where we will have discussions on as many things as you can bring to the event that you need answered. Hopefully, you are also posing any "burning questions" for your colleagues in Google Groups--you don't need to wait to come to a conference to network now. We have so many ways to communicate (and get answers) instantly now, that you don't have to wait! You can reach the entire membership by posting in Google Groups!


In addition to our speakers and networking opportunities, Stacy Dowdy will be there to give the Healthcare Advocacy Update. She will also take your questions and comments about what is happening not only in our own state, but around the country as well. In an election year, she is especially busy, but always makes herself available to us. We are very fortunate to have such great support from MHA.


We will also have our general membership meeting over lunch on Thursday of the conference. The materials for the membership meeting will be distributed via email prior to the conference. Watch for those materials to arrive in Google Groups, and if you cannot come to the conference, we hope that you will read the reports provided by the board members and ask any questions you may have prior to the conference so that your voice is also heard.


Wednesday evening, we will be having dinner in beautiful Glen Arbor to continue getting reacquainted, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. The bonfire on Thursday evening, after the dinner and officer installation, will be an opportunity to bring our guests or families, relax, and enjoy spring in northern Michigan.


We have a number of new members to our organization, and we look forward to embracing them and making sure everyone is getting the value and networking experience needed to survive in our rapidly expanding role as volunteer resource leaders in the healthcare industry. Who can argue the value we provide for such a nominal membership fee and competitively priced conference that includes national speakers?


Time is ticking, and April 4is the deadline for the guaranteed pricing for The Homestead, so do not delay in making your reservation to save some money on lodging. The regiatration deadline for the conference is a month after that, and we hope to see a big turnout of members.


As my time as president winds down, I look forward to planning my year as advisor to the board and continuing to help grow membership and provide programming that delivers exceptional opportunities for our members. We thank you for your dedication to your job, to your colleagues, and to MHVRP. We hope that you will continue to attend regional meetings and recruit new members. And most of all, we appreciate that regardless of how many "hats you wear" in life, you always strive to do the best job possible wearing each one!


Wishing you a blessed spring and looking forward to celebrating with you in May!


As DVS, You Set the Pace for the Race into the Future of Volunteerism!

by Marilyn R. Beverly, MRB - Motivate...Resolve...Believe! 

Marilyn Beverly is the keynote speaker for the 2012 MHVRP Conference. Upon request, she has graciously written an article for this newsletter.

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary celebration MHVRP! Over the past 40 years there have been a lot of changes in the volunteer world!


Grandma's a traditional, Mom is an episodic and that teen is a virtual...volunteer that is! Our volunteer world is rapidly changing, even as you read this article! As the Director of Volunteer Services, you are the one who sets the pace for the race into the future of volunteerism. As you set that pace, you are ensuring that your organization is the number ONE volunteer organization of choice in your community and that your organization does not fade into history. Now you might ask, "How do I, as the DVS, set the pace for this race?" I believe you set the pace through clarity of the vision that you have for your team and the organizations you serve.  Read more...

MHVRP Scholarship Winners Announced
Congratulations to Kate Johnson from Spectrum Health Reed City and Lisa Hasselbach from Hurley Medical Center, Flint, for winning the MHVRP Scholarships for 2012. The scholarship covers the Spring Conference registration fee and one night's lodging at The Homestead.

Membership Information

Rachel Selgo, Membership Chair

Help us spread the word to volunteer services administration in healthcare organizations. Our membership includes organizations that serve hospitals, hospice, homecare, rehabilitation, cancer centers, outpatient clinics, long-term care, skilled nursing, blood banks, and much more. If you know of anyone that is not a member of MHVRP, but should be, please send me their contact information. A great way to help recruit new members is to send
 direct them to our website. Thank you, everyone, for all of your help!

Regional Meetings Update
Maureen Bednarek, Professional Development

Recent Meeting:

Faith Hospice at Trillium Woods was the setting for a regional meeting on Thursday, February 2, hosted by our president Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki.   She had a great turnout with 14 attendees. Some of the topics discussed by the group were: Staffing Models & Role Responsibilities, Employees as Volunteers, Satisfaction Surveys & Volunteer Impact, Volunteer On-Boarding Processes, Educating & Engaging Staff with Volunteers, Security--Our Role in Risk Management, Using Social Media for Volunteers.

Upcoming Regional Meeting:

Please join us for our next regional meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 10:00AM-3:00PM, at Bell Hospital in Ishpeming, MI 49849, with Lynn Sattler (906-485-2751) as the host. Please contact Karol Pokely (Karol.Pokely@mghs.org or 906-225-3280) if you are able to come and network with your fellow Volunteer Directors.

This meeting will replace the regional meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 17 in Escanaba. MHVRP members in attendance will receive CEUs (Certified Educational Units).

Below is a list of topics for discussion. Please feel free to contact Maureen Bednarek (Maureen.bednarek@metrogr.org or 616-252-7029) with additional recommendations for future regional meetings discussions.

1. Staffing Models

2. Summer Programs/Job Shadows

3. Aging Volunteers

4. Position Descriptions

5. Security

6. Employees volunteering

7. Educating Staff

8. Review of the AHVRP Website and What It Has to Offer

9. Additional Volunteer Manager Roles

10. Volunteer Manager Burnout

11. Satisfaction Surveys

12. Evaluations

13. Career/Health Fairs

14. Joint Fundraisers

15. Recognition Ideas for College Students

16. Interviewing Techniques--Group vs. Individual

17. Handbooks--Paper or Website

18. Your Own Volunteer Services Logo

19. Facebook and Twitter--Run by Volunteer Department or Corporate

20. Application Opportunities-on Website or only verbal

21. Turning Down Applicants

22. Start-up Costs for New Programs: Benefits, Pitfalls

23. Retention Rates

24. Restricted or Light Duty Worker Programs


If you are interested in hosting a regional meeting in your facility, please let me know. Regional meetings are open to all, regardless of your location in the state. These meetings are a great way to network with other professionals in your area as well. 

Sixty pages in all, this book covers a wide variety of volunteer management topics: recruitment, screening and placement, training and education, interns/youth volunteers, volunteer recognition, evaluation procedures and more! Edited by Paul Bartush, former Director of Volunteer Services for Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA), this spiral-bound manual is a must-have resource for any health-related volunteer department.


Order your copy today!  Available in both electronic (PDF) and hard copy formats. Your 60-page manual features: 

  • A variety of procedures for working with and managing volunteers in hospitals and other health-related organizations.  Discover...
    • Ideas for general and targeted recruitment
    • Procedures for screening and placement
    • Training and education tips and ideas
    • Ways to nurture your volunteers
    • And more! 

 Online (PDF Format) $64.95 | Hardcopy $74.95

Both Versions (PDF and Hardcopy) $109.95


Order now or call customer service at (712) 239-3010. 
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