November 2011
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A Message from the President
Website Update and Survey Results
Fall Education Day Wrap Up
What a Volunteer Wants to Know About You

A Message from the President 

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President

Happy fall, colleagues!


Summer has flown by and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! So many of us are stretched to new limits at work and at home, yet we make time to support one another. Thank you for supporting me in my role and for giving me the opportunity to attend the National AHVRP Conference that was held September 14-18 in Orlando! It was a privilege and honor to attend, especially since our very own Julie VanderNoot was inducted as President of AHVRP for 2012. Everyone from Michigan who attended was proud to be a part of the national conference and represented Michigan well. Thank you to all who attended.


We are finalizing a contract for our Spring Conference with a speaker that a number of us heard in Orlando, Colleen Sweeney from South Bend, Indiana. She speaks on such topics as how to raise HCAHPS scores through the use of volunteers and her overwhelmingly popular presentation on "What Patients Fear and Why We Need To Know" (The Patient Empathy Project). She will be a wonderful treat because she presents with not only a wealth of knowledge, but humor too!


The Fall Education Day in Mecosta County (near Ferris State University) on October 4, 2011, was wonderful! One of the most exciting items at the General Membership Meeting was the vote to officially change the name of MCDVS (Michigan Council for Directors of Volunteer Services) to MHVRP (Michigan Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals). Along with that is a fresh, new logo, website, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn Group! Information on how to access all of these things will be coming to you in November! (This will also include access to Google Groups and our group email address.) We will celebrate our "refresh" at the Homestead in May, when we gather to celebrate 40 years of our organization being a resource for volunteer leaders in healthcare in Michigan!


Keep your referrals to our group coming and send leads for prospective members to our Membership Chair, Rachel Selgo, St. Mary's Hospital, in Grand Rapids. We have over 100 members and always have room for more! Remember, nursing homes, homecare, hospice, long-term care, rehabilitation service organizations, and more can benefit from membership in MHVRP.


May you all have a heart-warming fall, good health, and safe travels in your busy lives in the months to come!


Most sincerely,

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President MCDVS/MHVRP

Holland Home & Faith Hospice


P.S. There was also a VSys One user group meeting that I attended at the national conference. If you are a VSys One user, please be sure you check out the updates and new features in version 1.9 http://www.bespoke.com/ . Remember, our members get special pricing on VSys One, and the support (via phone, "go to meeting" and built-in help features) and training (including free webinars) are unbeatable. The Kiosk updates, web tools, and rapid scan (drag and drop of documents, scans, photos, and files) make being paperless easier than ever! If you are not automated yet, call VSys One or a member who has it for a demonstration, or simply walk through the guided tour on the web.

tWebsite Update and Survey Results

Rachael Rosas, President-Elect

On January 1, 2012, MCDVS.com will be closing. In the meantime, the board will be working on transferring information from MCDVS.com to our new site, MHVRP.org. Please contact me if you are having any trouble accessing information you need from the website.


Survey Results Are In!

Late this summer we asked our members about their position. Thirty-seven people responded to this survey and the results are now available. Visit www.mhvrp.org/#!survey-results to view the results. The password is jkz11. We hope that sharing these results as an aggregate total will be helpful in your role.


In January we will be surveying our members about the various programs and services offered through the Volunteer Office. The results from that survey will help link you with members who are already doing programs you may be interested in starting. We would like 100% participation in that survey, so be sure to look for it in January!

Fall Education Day

Pam Derks, Education Co-Chair

We hope that everyone who attended the Fall Education Day on October 4th went away with some new knowledge. A special thanks to Christie Carlson, Education Chair, Spectrum Health Reed City, for hosting this event and to MHA for sponsoring our lunch.


Our guest speaker was Kurt Graham, Senior Attorney at Clark Hill, PLC, discussing legal aspects of managing volunteers and protecting our program. We were honored to have Stacy Dowdy, MHA, update us on health care in Michigan and Julie Vandernoot, AHVRP President-Elect, update us on AHVRP.


Those that were present voted on a name change from MCDVS to MHVRP (Michigan Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals). It was a unanimous decision to go with the new name.


In the afternoon, the MCDVS Board presented a skit based on the book "Our Iceberg is Melting." Discussion revolved around communicating and handling change. Click Here for pictures of the skit. 


Don't forget to sign up for the MCDVS, soon to be MHVRP, Spring Conference, May 16-18, 2012. We will be celebrating our 40th year so this will be an extra special occasion.

What a Volunteer Wants to Know About You

Brian Pegouske, Community and Resource Chair

There are many options out there for volunteers, and with the wealth of available information at their fingertips, volunteers want to know more before committing their time.  If you are not attracting a variety of volunteers, it may be time to look at the messages that you putting out to potential volunteers.


In Why I Am Not Going to Volunteer with Your Nonprofit, Shari Ilsen talks about seven reasons volunteers may not volunteer, which are also the same seven reasons why Jocelyn Harmon believes many will not donate.  They provide great suggestions for fine-tuning the information volunteers want to know.


Don't forget to use the MHVRP Google Groups to ask questions and share best practices for attracting the best volunteers.

"Like" MHVRP?
Sarah Knochel, Newsletter Chair
If you are a Facebook user, Like us on Facebook. This is just one more opportunity to network with fellow volunteer professionals. Your MHVRP Board will also post pictures from the Fall Education Day and the Spring Conference. We encourage you to post links to articles or tools that you find useful in your position.
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Save the Date!

MHVRP Spring Conference

May 16-18, 2012

The Homestead

1 Wood Ridge Road

Glen Arbor, MI


2011-2012 MCDVS Regional Meetings

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial


November 16th 

11:30 AM

Hosted by Pam Derks


Trillium Woods Volunteer Center

February 2nd

2-4 PM

Hosted by Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki

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