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June/ July 2011
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A Message from the President
Spring Conference 2011: Renew. Recharge. Refresh.
Volunteer Management Resources
Why volunteer management requires specific skills

 A Message from the President 

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President


Hello and Happy Summer!


It was a pleasure to see so many of you at the spring conference in May!  It always seems like that event comes around so fast, and it is so refreshing to be out of the office, in a peaceful environment, with fellow volunteer leaders. 


Last week, I had the great pleasure of having a retreat with the outgoing and incoming board members at the Shoreline Inn in Muskegon.  We had great weather, good fellowship, lively conversations, and a smooth transition from one board to the next.   I am thankful to have such willing participants to work with in the coming year.


This is the 40th year for MCDVS!  A special milestone that deserves special celebration throughout the year and at the spring conference in May 2012.  We are currently working on the location for the conference and will send out "save the date" information later this summer.


One of the big things the outgoing and incoming board talked about at the retreat, is refreshing our "look" at this 40 year mark.  More will be coming on that, as well.  We will also be providing more opportunities for networking on-line in both professional and fun ways - through not only a revised website, but by initializing use of LinkedIn and Facebook in ways that make sense, and are optional/additional ways to communicate with colleagues both near and far.


This fall we have a very special education day planned!  For those of you that attended the spring conference ... you were given a "teaser" prize at the conclusion of the conference.  Don't worry about trying to figure it out - it will be "black and white" when you attend the conference in October.


I thank you for all you do for each other, for your community, and for your organization.  We are blessed to have people in our midst daily that do incredible things for others - I am always amazed at what people do when giving from the heart.


Most Sincerely,

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki 

Spring Conference 2011: Renew. Recharge. Refresh.

 Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President Elect & Christie Carlson, Education Chair

The theme of this year's spring conference - Rejuvenate  (Renew, Recharge, Refresh, Relax) and our speaker, Clyde S. Taylor, delivered a program that would help us to do those things with our volunteer programs by seeking, building and nurturing collaborative relationships of all types. Click on the following link for a recap of the conference.

2011 Spring Conference Report

Volunteer Management Resources

 Brian Pegouske, Community and Resource Chair

Volunteer management is a skilled profession and as a group, a goal of MCDVS is to provide professional development and resources. As you can see from the article below, the skills of volunteer management is a topic not only in Michigan or the United States; but also in the United Kingdom. As we progress through the year, I will be providing links to articles and collecting information to post on the website about the following topics: Joint Commission, Professional Standards, Developing a Volunteer Service Department, Volunteer Service Department Management, Program Development, Human Resource Responsibilities, Recognition, Legal Issues, Specialized programs, and Professional Growth. If you have best practices you would like to share or a topic you would like to see more information about, please send me an e-mail: I hope you enjoy the attached article.

Why volunteer management requires specific skills

by Skills - Third Sector 

Managing volunteers is a skilled job that is different from managing paid staff. While the role has more in common with other management roles at a senior or strategic level, at the day to day level there are a number of important differences. More

 Taking the client's perspective

 by Susan J. Ellis, Energize, Inc.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are among the most well-established involvers of volunteers. The public is fully aware of hospital volunteering and there is general agreement that volunteers bring a sense of community caring to patients and staff. But, what exactly are these volunteers contributing to healthcare right now? More

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