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April / May 2011
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A Message from the President
Spring Conference 2011: Renew. Recharge. Refresh.
Conference Scholarship Winners
Announing the MCDVS 2011/2012 MCDVS Board & Nominating Committee
Website Update
The Importance of Professional Networking & Organizational Growth
Real Professions Have Strong Associations
 A Message from the President
 Cindi McPherson, CAVS, President

It is hard to believe that almost a year has past since I took the role of president of MCDVS.  It has been a very fulfilling opportunity and honor to lead a wonderful group of dedicated individuals.  The year started off a little rough with having to fill two major vacancies on the board, president-elect and treasurer.  Two wonderful members were willing to take that responsibility, Linda Smith as treasurer and Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki as president-elect. 

I want to thank the entire MCDVS board for their support during this past year!  I am truly thankful for the opportunities I was able to take part in during my presidency.   Attending AHVRP National Conferences was truly a highlight; thank you for sending me.  I found new friendships during this time and look forward to making more.
As the Spring Conference nears, I regret to inform all of you that I will not be attending the conference.  With two daughters graduating from college this May, a family vacation was planned a year ago.  I will miss seeing all of you there and know what a wonderful conference is in store for all of you.   Karol Pokley, advisor, will fill in for my role because Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, president-elect will be finishing her other role as education chair.
Thank you again for the opportunity as president of this outstanding group.


 Spring Conference 2011: Renew. Recharge. Refresh.
 Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, President Elect & Christie Carlson, Education Chair

Spring is here -- per the calendar!  But spring is TRULY here once you have signed up for the MCDVS spring conference!!!  If you've misplaced any of the conference information, please click on the following links to access this information from (conference brochure, extra activities, nightshirt order form, conference justification form and Shanty Creek brochure).


The conference is a great benefit to you in your profession -- whether you have done this job for a year or 30 years -- so I hope you will take the time to attend.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki at (616) 340-4629 or Christie Carlson at (231) 832-7184.  We hope to see you there!


 Conference Scholarship Winners
 Nancy Babcock, Community Resource Chair

Congratulations to Pam Derks, Volunteer Coordinator at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital, and Kristyn Ireland, Volunteer Services Manager at North Ottawa Community Health System.  These two ladies are recipients of MCDVS's 2011 Spring Conference Scholarships.  As the scholarship awardees, they will be provided conference tuition and one night lodging at Shanty Creek Resorts. 


As Michigan and healthcare face challenging budget times, this scholarship provides an opportunity for our members to continue their personal and professional growth.   We look forward to the opportunity to support future MCDVS members at next year's conference.   


Again, congratulations to Pam and Kristyn.  See you at the conference. 


 Announcing MCDVS 2011/2012 Board & Nominating Committee

 Karol Pokley, CAVS, Advisor

The MCDVS Nominating Committee would like to thank the members who agreed to have their names placed on the ballot for the 2011/12 elections.  We appreciate your willingness to serve in a leadership role.

I would like to personally thank this year's nominating committee for their time and expertise in playing a key role in this selection process:  Carol Bridges (immediate past advisor), Penny Brown, Julie VanderNoot, and Kathy Zaguroli.

It is my pleasure to announce our newly-elected MCDVS Board Officers and Nominating Committee for 2011/12:


President:  Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, Holland Home and Faith Hospice, Grand Rapids
President-Elect:  Rachael Rosas, St. Mary's of Michigan, Saginaw
Secretary:  Debbie Quinn, Ingham Regional Medical Center, Lansing
Treasurer:  Linda Smith, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, West Bloomfield

Nominating Committee

Penny Brown, CAVS, Allegan General Hospital, Allegan
Carol Bridges, CAVS, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Wyandotte
Kristyn Ireland, CAVS, North Ottawa Community Health System, Grand Haven

 Website Update
Rachael Rosas, Website Chair

If you've been to the MCDVS website recently, you've probably noticed that a few pages are "under construction."  We are getting closer to getting those pages up and running again.  If you need access to anything that you'd formerly accessed on those pages, let me know and I'll help you out. 


I hope you've all been receiving communication through Google Groups.  You can also visit the Google Group bulletin board at  You will need to log in to view the posts.  If you need any help with your log-in information, please feel free to get in touch with me at (989) 907-8920


 The Importance of Professional Networking & Organization Growth

 Brian Pegouske, Voluntary Service Specialist, Battle Creek VA Medical Center

As trends continue to change in the social, economic, and political outlook of American society, so do the trends in volunteerism.  As professionals, it becomes increasingly important that we work together as a group to analyze, share best practices and publish information.  In hospitals, the need for volunteers continues to play a vital and growing role, especially in assisting in delivering patient-centered care; but it is clear that you can not grow volunteerism without some investment in resources. 


It is up to us to work through MCDVS to provide data to decision makers and ensure that we are fully telling the story of the importance of professional Directors of Volunteer Services.  I encourage everyone to work in their community to invite additional members to join MCDVS, so that the story is told. 

The executive summary for The Status of Minnesota's Volunteer Programs In a Shifting Environment 2010 report conducted by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration highlights key points that all of us should think about as we approach the spring conference and look towards the future as professionals.  Here is the link to the executive summary:


 Real Professions Have Strong Associations

 by Susan J. Ellis, Energize, Inc.

Ever since I've been in volunteerism, and that's almost four decades now, periodically someone raises the question: "Is volunteer management a profession or a skilled job?" In fact, I've frequently contributed to the debate, generally concluding that we are an "emerging profession," developing many of the elements required to meet the definition of a profession, yet still having a way to go. But how long can something be emerging before we must conclude that it is stuck in place?  More

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