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June / July 2010
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Your 2010 - 2011 MCDVS Officers & Nominating Committee
Looking Back at 2009 - 2010
A Message from the President
New Group E-Mail Address
Volunteer Management Resources
MCDVS Members Represented on National Ballot
 Your 2010 - 2011 MCDVS 
 Officers & Nominating Committee 
I am very pleased to announce the MCDVS officers and nominating committee for the 2010-2011 year.  It is very gratifying be part of an organization where members are willing to serve in this capacity and ensure the future of our group.  Thanks to all who consented to being on the ballot and to all of you who voted. 
President:  Cindi McPherson, CAVS (Zeeland Community Hospital)
President-Elect:  Linda Fites, CVA (Lakeland Regional Healthcare)
Secretary:  Ron Yonkoski (Chelsea Community Hospital)
Treasurer:  Rosanne Plasky, CAVS (Oakwood Healthcare System)
Advisor:  Karol Pokley, CAVS (Marquette General Hospital)
Nominating Committee Members
Penny Brown, CAVS (Allegan General Hospital)
Julie VanderNoot, CAVS, CVA (Bronson Hospital)
Kathy Zaguroli (Providence Hospital)
 Looking Back at 2009 - 2010 
 Karol Pokley, CAVS, Advisor
Karol Pokley
It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your MCDVS president this past year.  What a learning and growing experience it was! 
As I apprehensively accepted the reigns of presidency, I found out that I had a great supportive board assisting me every step of the way.  I thank them for such great teamwork.  
Now it is my turn to hand over the reigns to Cindi McPherson, who I have great confidence will do a wonderful job leading the way into the 2010-2011 year.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to my dynamic board and to all of you for allowing me the honor of serving as your president.  I look forward to assuming my advisor role alongside of our new president. 
 A Message from the President 
 Cindi McPherson, CAVS, President
Karol PokleyI am excited to be the president of such an 
outstanding leadership group. I hope to bring new ideas and progress MCDVS to the next level.
We are fortunate to have a wonderful membership that is eager to learn and open to new ideas. I know the 2010 - 2011 board of leaders will advance MCDVS to a new standard.
Please feel free to contact me at any time by phone, 616.772.7581, or e-mail at
 New Group E-Mail Address
 Website Chair -- Rachael Rosas
Don't forget that we have a new group e-mail address,   You can also look at past e-mail discussions by visiting .  Please note that you will need to set up an account through Google to access our past e-mail discussions.
If you have any questions about Google Groups, please feel free to e-mail me at
 Volunteer Management Resources
 Nancy Babcock, PR/Resources Chair
As our jobs get busier, and volunteer requirements are become more involved and demanding, we as managers need to streamline our resources as much as we can.  MCDVS provides a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm, share programs and procedures, and identify areas of concern in volunteer management. 
When you are looking for resources or references, please remember the tools available through the American Hospital Volunteer Resource Professional (AHVRP) web page.  This site can provide basic tools for orientation, volunteer position descriptions, and ideas for recognition, Joint Commission information, and discussion opportunities.  If you are not an AHVRP member, there are still many tools available for you to access. 
Through our national and state partnerships, we are able to enhance our programs and ability to grow a strong, impactful volunteer work force to complement our organization's mission, vision, and goals.
 MCDVS Members Represented on National Ballot 
Three MCDVS members are currently on the American Hospital Volunteer Resource Professional (AHVRP) ballot.
Julie VanderNoot, CAVS, CVA, from Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo is on the ballot for President-Elect.
Both Mary Jane Grunden, CAVS from Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, and Kathy Praedel, CAVS from Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, have stepped forward to serve on the AHVRP Nominating Committee. 
Julie, Mary Jane and Kathy have all served in various capacities over the years on the MCDVS board, including serving as president. 
For those of you that are AHVRP members, the online election is open until July 9.  Election results will be announced in late July, and elected officers will be formally acknowledged at the Celebration of Leadership & Annual Breakfast Meeting on Sunday, October 3, 2010, in St. Louis, MO.
Good luck, ladies!  We are all very proud of you.
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Your 2010 - 2011 MCDVS Board
 Cindi McPherson,
Ron Yonkoski,

 Kay Fricano,

Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki,
Education Chair
Christie Carlson,
Education Co-Chair

Penny Brown,

Debbie Quinn,
Professional Development/Political Affairs

Nancy Babcock,

Rachael Rosas,