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March 2010
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Leading a Great Meeting
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 Leading a Great Meeting 
 President -- Karol Pokley, CAVS
Karol Pokley
Have you found yourself anxious about chairing a meeting, especially when you anticipate some controversy?  Leading meetings can sometimes be intimidating and challenging.  I recently came across some information on meeting management.  Here are some helpful tips to consider when leading a meeting:
  • Preparation is key.  Take time to plan the meeting and prepare an agenda.
  • Have the right people in attendance.  Unnecessary people will become disengaged.
  • There should be three types of participants in a meeting:  leader, expert, and task managers.
  • Start and end the meeting at the time indicated.
  • Tell attendees what to bring to the meeting.
  • Be proactive with "problem" attendees.
  • Distribute meeting "ground rules" if necessary.
  • Learn from your surprises and mistakes.
  • Get to the bullet points.
  • Meetings do not solve "all" problems.  Suggest small group breakout meetings or "table" a topic if appropriate.
Great meetings are ones where things are discussed, decided and assigned.  Consider the above tips when chairing your next meeting.  I wish you success in running a smooth, efficient and effective meeting!
 Membership News 
 Membership Chair -- Kathy Daly
Please join me in welcoming the following new members to MCDVS:
Ebony E. Conner
Volunteer Services Rep
Oakwood Heritage Hospital
10000 Telegraph Road
Taylor, MI  48180
PH:  313-295-5385
Anita Schawillie
Coordinator Residential and Volunteer Services
Windsor Regional Hospital
Malden Park Continuing Care Centre
1453 Prince Rd.
Windsor, ON  N9C 3Z4
PH:  519-257-5446
Anita Tatla
Volunteer Services Rep
Oakwood Annapolis Hospital
33155 Annapolis
Wayne, MI  48184
PH:  734-467-4183
FAX:  734-467-4017
 Membership Renewal 
 Membership Chair -- Kathy Daly
Be on the lookout for your MCDVS renewal notification.  I will be sending out notifications in the near future.  If you have someone you would like me to specifically invite, please send me the contact information at
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Spring Conference
Increasing Organizational Capacity Through High Impact Volunteer Engagement
May 19 - 21, 2010
Grand Traverse Resort
Acme, MI
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