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January 2010
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Beyond the Basics
Upcoming Regional Meetings
2010-2011 Board Nominations
Membership Update

 Beyond the Basics

 President -- Karol Pokley, CAVS

Karol Pokley
Have you thought about expanding who receives the volunteer reports that you work so hard to put together?  Consider sending your reports to those that have an interest in what you do:  Administration, Nursing, Marketing, etc. And don't forget to share with your volunteers too! 
An ideal reporting structure worth trying is called a "dashboard" report.  This report categorizes and summarizes your programs at a quick glance, comparing fiscal years and identifying the percent of change.  This seems ideal for a quick overview of the facts.
Have you taken time to analyze the programs you offer?  A key tool you may find helpful is a core identity chart.  This chart identifies patient focused versus non-patient focused services and ranks them according to a high/low maintenance factor.  Analyzing programs in this way can help identify those that need to "go by the wayside" and those to be developed.
Implementing a dashboard report and a core identity chart may just take you to the "next level" as a volunteer manager
 Upcoming Regional Meetings
 Professional Development -- Debi Schroeder, CAVS
Please make a point to try to attend one of the below listed regional meetings.  Regional meetings are proven to be educational, and the networking is invaluable.  I will keep you updated on the TBD regional meetings for late winter.  Thank you to all the regional facilitators for sponsoring this winter's regional meetings.
Southwest Michigan
Wednesday, February 3
3 - 5 p.m.
Holland Home and Faith Hospice
2100 Raybrook SE, Grand Rapids
R.S.V.P. to Jackie Karr-Zlotnicki
Southeast Michigan
Friday, February 12
1 - 4 p.m.
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
2333 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte
R.S.V.P. to Carol Bridges
Southwest Michigan
Friday, February 26
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (lunch provided)
VA Medical Center
5500 135 Armstrong Rd., Battle Creek
R.S.V.P. to Nancy Babcock

Southeast Michigan
Date: TBD
Beaumont Hospital
R.S.V.P. to Beth Frydlewicz
Central Michigan
Date: TBD
Central Michigan Community Hospital
Hosts:  Bonnie Vetter and Nancy Fenn
R.S.V.P. to Bonnie Vetter
 Website Chair -- Rachael Rosas 
If you haven't checked out our website recently, be sure to do so at  There is a wealth of information available to our membership on the "Members" page.  Use the username "mcdvs" and the password "kjp09." 
You can view the electronic Resource Directory, which is packed full of information that any volunteer coordinator will find helpful.  Also, an updated Membership Directory and a draft copy of General Membership Meeting minutes from our Fall Education Day are available for your review.   
Visit the "Documents" page to find information including Program Awards (formerly known as "Extraordinary Volunteer Programs) and PowerPoint presentations from our recent educational events. 
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the website, please feel free to e-mail me at  
 2010-2011 Board Nominations 
 Advisor -- Carol Bridges, CAVS
Nomination forms for the 2010/2011 MCDVS Board positions will be in the mail shortly.  The Nominations Committee and I are hoping to receive a record number of returned nomination forms this year.  Please consider nominating yourself or someone you feel would make a great addition to the Board.
 Membership Update
 Membership Chair -- Kathy Daly
Happy New Year!  I will be working with Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki to invite Volunteer Managers from Michigan Hospices to join MCDVS.  This would not only benefit the person, but also involve more members in our organization!  If you have anyone in your area that you would like to invite, please forward me their contact information and I will follow up with them.
Website Quick Links
*Please note: user ID (mcdvs) and password (kjp09) are required to log into these sections of the website.
New MCDVS Member
Please join us in welcoming the following new MCDVS member:
Darcy Macke
 Volunteer Coordinator
Port Huron Hospital
1221 Pinegrove Ave.
Port Huron, MI 48060
Your 2009 - 2010 MCDVS Board
 Karol Pokley,
Ron Yonkoski,

 Kay Fricano,

Julie Elliott,
Education Chair
Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki,
Education Co-Chair 

Kathy Daly,

Penny Brown,

Debi Schroeder,
Professional Development

Nancy Babcock,

Rachel Rosas,