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April 2009
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Spring Conference News
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 Spring Conference News 
The MCDVS Spring Conference and Annual Meeting will be held June 3-5 at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. 
Be prepared for some engaging SOS time.  Rita Fields will be speaking on a subject that is pertinent to all of our jobs and that is "Embracing Generational Diversity."  Carol Bridges and Debi Schroeder will be leading a workshop called "Teaching Volunteers: Caring Through Service."  Rewarding vendor time and an optional breakout session with VSys One will round out the agenda. 
We will also be installing our new officers and enjoying a nice dinner together.  This will be a very busy and rewarding conference!  The conference registration fee is only $115 and includes all of your meals on Thursday and breakfast on Friday morning.  Hope to see you there!
 President's Message
 President --  Carol Bridges, CAVS
 Carol Bridges
I just got back in the office from attending Advocacy Day in Lansing.  I had the chance to see many of the DVSs in this great state of Michigan.  Always nice to see friendly faces. 
Our role with Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) is stronger than ever.  David Finkbeiner attends most of our MCDVS board meetings and MHA generously provides us with lunch and also financially supplements our conferences.  I feel the board has been well informed on healthcare political initiatives. 
Since fall 2008, I have been doing an analysis with my auxiliary board.  We are currently in the process of updating their 50-year-old bylaws and policies.  If you ever want to talk about a REALLY interesting and challenging experience, give me a call! 
In this time of economic distress, I know we are all trying to make our volunteer groups stronger and highlight the value of having a DVS at each hospital.  Let's rely on each other, the website, newsletter, and conferences to share best practices and help each other through this unsettling time.


 President-Elect -- Karol Pokley, CAVS 

Karol PokleyAs the end of my term as president-elect draws near, I reflect with positive resolve. 
I have learned a great deal under the exceptional leadership of our "fearless and dynamic" president, Carol Bridges.  From viewing the "whole picture" on a national level at our AHVRP (Association of Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals) conference in California, to attending the state government retreat in Traverse City, to observing passionate and engaged volunteer directors at our MCDVS board meetings, I am privileged to have had this opportunity for growth.  I can honestly say that I have become a better volunteer director because of it.
If you have an interest in giving back, in growing personally and professionally by serving on our MCDVS board, feel free to e-mail me at or call me at (906) 225 3280.  I look forward to hearing from you.
I am anxious and excited to step into the role of president in June.  Although Carol Bridges' shoes will be hard to fill!
 Renew Your MCDVS Membership
 Membership Chair -- Cindi McPherson, CAVS 

Don't forget to renew your membership to Michigan Council of Directors of Volunteer Services.   
Membership for the coming year promises to be a valuable investment as we continue to expand our website, offer local regional meetings, sponsor state-wide conferences reflecting membership needs, and publish our monthly newsletter, all valuable resources for the volunteer administrator, manager or director.  Where else can you get so much and more for just $60?  Membership deadline is May 30, 2009.
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