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March 2009
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 President's Message
 '09  President --  Carol Bridges, CAVS
 Carol Bridges
I am sure all of you listen to or read the news every day, as I do, with apprehension.  It's hard not to be worried about our jobs and the future with the economy in its current state. 
We do have secret weapons on our side, though --our volunteers and our colleagues.  I feel that now is the time to step forward and make sure our administrators know the value of volunteers.  There are tools to assist you with annual reports and benchmarking on the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) website.  I have just completed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Take Forwards) assessment with our auxiliary and we are now updating all our manuals.  It is an enormous amount of work, but I am hoping it will keep us current and valuable in the eyes of our health care system. 
For those of you who have fund raising as part of your job, I am sure you are being tapped into more often.  We are our own best resources for learning and support.  I am continually amazed at our willingness to share and assist each other.  If there is anything that I or any of the board members can do to help you, please contact us.

 Helpful Tools      

 President-Elect -- Karol Pokley, CAVS 

Karol PokleyThe MCDVS Annual Membership Report of Volunteer Hours is now complete and I e-mailed out this final document to membership on Friday, March 13.  Because of your diligence in taking the time to complete this survey, almost all of our member health care systems are represented!  As our president, Carol, indicated in her article, "Now is the time to step forward and make sure our administrators know the value of volunteers."  This report is a great tool to use for this purpose.  Our volunteer hours and dollars are impressive and show the worth of our volunteer programs!
A few months ago, I e-mailed our MCDVS group asking for feedback in establishing a conference/travel policy for our hospital volunteer/auxiliary board.  Many of you asked to see the finished product.  I now have a policy approved and in place!  Click here to view this document on our website.  It is located in our "Members Only" section, under articles.
In closing, I am continually reminded how dedicated and dynamic our MCDVS group is.  I remain confident that we will press on through these unpredictable economic times.  We will continue to stay close and connected through our conferences, our regional meetings and our website!
 Resource Exchange
 Resource Chair - Sue Methner, CAVS 

Sue Methner's PhotoIf you haven't checked your e-mail lately, please look for an e-mail from me with the Resource Exchange survey.  Please complete it and either e-mail or mail it back to me at:
Sue Methner, Volunteer Services
Garden City Hospital
6245 Inkster
Garden City, MI  48135 

If, for some reason, you did not receive the survey, please send me an e-mail or call me at 734-458-4284.   The list generated by this survey provides members with information about ongoing volunteer programs offered at member hospitals.   It assists YOU, when planning or thinking about starting a program, by providing names of people that have done it before. Why reinvent the wheel?  Give these individuals a call!  MCDVS provides great mentorship to all members.   Let us help you!
The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 3, 2009.  The current plan is to provide the final list at the spring conference or beforehand by e-mail.   Thanks to those that have already responded.
Come on spring!!!!!!!
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Upcoming Regional Meetings
Wednesday, 3-18-09
University of Michigan
1 p.m.
Dept. of Community Health
2025 Traverwood Dr.
Suite A
Ann Arbor
Register by 3-11-09

Wednesday, 3-18-09
Raybrook Manor
2 p.m.
2121 Raybrook SE
Grand Rapids
Register by 3-11-09

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for a complete listing of MCDVS regional meetings. 
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