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Save the Date
Spring Conference
June 3 - 5, 2009
(Room Rates - $89)
Mackinac Island, MI
More details to come in the new year. 
**Please note Spring Conference dates have changed since what was announced during the Fall Conference.
National Healthcare Volunteer Week
April 19 - 25, 2009
April 18 - 24, 2010
Your MCDVS Board
Carol Bridges, President

 Karol Pokley, President Elect
Kathy Zaguroli, Secretary

 Linda Fites, Bylaws

Kristyn Ireland, Education Chair

Julie Elliott, Education Co-Chair

 Cindi McPherson, Membership

Penny Brown, Newsletter

Lisa Hasselbach, Political Affairs
Erin O'Mara, Professional Development

Sue Methner, PR/Resources

Tamera Varkas, Website
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Issue: # 3 October 2008
Message from the President
Thanks to all who attended our Fall Conference October 14 - 16 in Ann Arbor.  A special thanks to our Education Co-Chairs Kristyn Ireland and Julie Elliott for putting it all together.
We enjoyed a lively roundtable discussion on what the board can do for the membership in the coming year, had our General Membership Meeting, approved a tough budget, and enjoyed two interesting and motivating sessions by Mary McCormack.
Your MCDVS Board is working very hard for you this year.  I am proud and privileged to have such a great team. 
 Carol Bridges 
Fall Conference Wrap Up!
University of Michigan Hospital TourThirty-nine individuals attended the Fall Conference in Ann Arbor, with 19 people attending the optional tour of the University of Michigan Hospital (see photo of tour participants on right). 
Thank you to Alfreda, Karen and Pam for the terrific tour of their awesome facility!  There were plenty of opportunities for networking and applying what we learned from our speaker, Mary McCormack.  Thank you to all who helped this be a fantastic learning experience.
Education Chair
Resource Tips from the AHVRP Conference
Effective Face-to-Face Communication
Submitted by Karol Pokley, CAVS

Did you know that 70% of our communication may be misinterpreted or distorted?  Do you communicate effectively?  Do you accomplish a purpose, produce the intended result, make a vivid impression? 
Communicating effectively has a lot to do with your attitude.  Ten percent of life is what happens to you and 90% of life is what you choose to do with it.  You need to listen, to respect people and to exceed their expectations.  People judge how effective you communicate by the way you look, what you say, how you say it, what you do and how you do it.  Seven percent of communication is your words; 38% is your tone, volume and voice speed; and 55% is your gestures and expressions!
Always remember: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Recruiting Baby Boomers
Submitted by Carol Bridges
Boomer volunteers want flexibility, have a need to utilize their best skills, want to make an impact and work with others. They are motivated by achievement, efficient processes and quick results.
A suggestion was made during this session to think of three high-impact volunteer opportunities to engage volunteers in utilizing their skills. This could mean tapping a recently retired librarian to build a patient resource library or getting an events planner to take over appreciation events.
This strategy requires us to think out of the box and not look at filling currently available volunteer positions, but instead look at the jobs and skills these "younger" volunteers have to offer and create opportunities to allow them to flourish.
Website News
I am excited to inform you the improvements to our website are progressing nicely. 
Everyone who attended the fall conference saw a sneak peek at the new layout of the website.  During the evening roundtable discussions we were able to get excellent feedback regarding website desires.  Some items membership stated they would like to have on the MCDVS website include:  a discussion board that will archive old topics, a quick links section, and more resource information.  I am pleased to inform you that all of these are being incorporated into the new site.   
As a reminder, the current user ID for the "Members Only" section of the website is mcdvs and current password is das07.  This will allow you to access the members only section of our website, mcdvs.com.  If you have any questions you would like to ask board members, I have updated this page with current information for your use.
Tamera Varkas 
  Website Coordinator

Friends of MCDVS
Several Friends of MCDVS (former members and past presidents) met for lunch on August 23rd at MSU's Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center.  
Friends of MCDVS
Seated: Barb Wingard and Betty Gottschalk;  Standing (l to r): Fran Showerman,  Linda Smith,  JoAnne Desmond, Pat Hamel Nelson, Cheryl Hall, and Jeanne Federspill. 

Political Affairs Update
Lisa Hasselbach 
I recently had the opportunity to hear Lori Latham, Vice President of Political and Public Affairs of  the Michigan Hospital Association (MHA), speak this month.  I wanted to share with all MCDVS' members the key points from her speech:
  • MHA is proud to represent 146 non-profit hospitals in the State of Michigan.
  • MHA's position on the presidential election follows the American Hospital Association (AHA) guidelines.  Their policy is not to get involved in the election itself, but to work with both candidates to best educate them on the need for healthcare reform.
  • She encouraged everyone to get educated on both candidates healthcare reform plans.  Visit MHA's website for more details.
  • There are two Ballot Proposals:
    Proposal 1:   Smoking marijuana for medicinal use.  MHA is neutral on this proposal.  However, since the Medical Association has come out against this proposal, there are a lot of "what if's" with Proposal 1. For example:  Could Michigan become like California with pothouses?  Is there a limit on amount?  Should it be in pill form instead of plant?
    Proposal 2: Stem Cell Research.  MHA is not taking a position.  Michigan  Catholics are opposing Proposal 2, but recenet commercials are advertising research supports this proposal.

Respectfully Submitted,

Political Affairs