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October 14 - 16
Weber's Inn
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See article for details!
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April 19 - 25, 2009
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Your MCDVS Board
Carol Bridges, President

 Karol Pokley, President Elect
Kathy Zaguroli, Secretary

 Linda Fites, Bylaws

Kristyn Ireland, Education Chair

Julie Elliott, Education Co-Chair

 Cindi McPherson, Membership

Penny Brown, Newsletter

Lisa Hasselbach, Political Affairs
Erin O'Mara, Professional Development

Sue Methner, PR/Resources

Tamera Varkas, Website
Make A Wish Foundation
The Make A Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants special wishes for chronically ill children throughout Michigan.  They work with volunteers, who are trained to visit families that have applied.  It is a minimal commitment and is so rewarding.  What they need is more volunteer throughout the state that can visit the "non-metro" areas.   For more information, contact Erin O'Mara.  Erin is a Make A Wish Foundation Volunteer in the Detroit area.
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Issue: # 2 September 2008
Fall Conference is Fast Approaching
Room reservations are due today, Monday, Sept. 22 at Weber's Inn to receive the reduced room rate of $109 for a Single/Double and $119 for a Triple.  

Our Fall conference speaker is Mary McCormack.  She will be presenting on:
Find Them, Thank Them and Keep Them
If you need more volunteers in your organization....if you need specialized volunteers....if you need long-term, ethical individuals who believe in your mission, come explore the I.M.A.G.E.S. of strategic recruitment, recognition, and retention! It's not enough to recruit outstanding volunteers, you have to understand the key concepts of meaningful recognition to retain them and earn their dedication.  Creative best practices will help you to create a dazzling plan that works in this new age of volunteerism!

Angels or Ax Murderers? Risk Management Strategies for Volunteer Programs
How safe is your program? Do you understand how to interpret a criminal background check? This session will share techniques to help you screen for the best qualified applicants and to screen out individuals who could put your patients, staff and program in jeopardy. Lean how to identify and deal with hazardous people and situations before they become incidents and injuries!
We also have a host of additional activities planned for you, including a tour of the University of Michigan Hospital.
Kristyn Ireland, CAVS
Julie Elliott
Education Chair & Co-Chair
Customer Engagement
Thank you for allowing me to attend the AHVRP Conference in Anaheim, California in September.  This leadership conference was exciting and informative.  It was a privilege to represent MCDVS on your behalf!
The conference keynote speaker, Fred Lee, was especially enlightening.  Fred has been a senior vice president of two major medical centers and a cast member for Walt Disney in Florida.  He spoke on Disney's Approach to Quality Service and Customer Loyalty.  Fred shared the importance of engaging in people.  This cannot be fully accomplished through committees or reward systems.  The responsibility of engagement falls on the shoulder of managers!  It is important to not only manage outcomes but to assess people's perception.  Perception takes into account people's attitudes and behaviors.  Therefore, we as managers have a great responsibility to influence and encourage our volunteers and employees to engage in our customers in order to promote great customer service.

Karol PokleyRespectfully Submitted,
Coming Soon -- A New & Improved Website!
I am in the process of working with Stevens & Tate, a web development company out of Chicago, to do a complete redesign of our website.  They have graciously offered to do this makeover of our website pro-bono.  I'm sure you will like the new features that will be added. 
Thank you everyone for your patience while I am getting the tools needed to make the changes to the web site.  Kudos to Julie Stratos for making one last edit to the web site in September and for her great work updating the web site over the past two years.
I am looking for members interested in joining the website committee as I will need help to make this an even better resource for us all.  If you are interested, please contact me at (313) 295-5385 or at tamera.varkas@oakwood.org.
Karol Pokley 
  Tamera Varkas
  Website Coordinator

Your Resource Connection
MCDVS has many resources available for you -- the MCDVS manual (available on www.mcdvs.com), this e-newsletter, regional meetings, our Fall and Spring  conferences, or simply placing an email to membership.  Every effort is being made by the board to bring information to you.  
MY Preferred Resource?  PICK UP THE PHONE!  The membership roster is my favorite resource tool!   Count on us, even if you think your question is silly (believe me we have ALL been there) from topics of creating spreadsheets - discipline - to no one in the hospital understands what I do!  At first, it may be awkward, but don't let that frighten you - I guarantee you - you will not regret it!  Your best resource is the MCDVS membership. 
It's a pleasure serving as your resource chair.  Keep e-mailing me any books or websites that have assisted you in your job. 
See you at the Fall Conference - it's close to home for me.   GO BLUE!

Sue Methner's Photo
Resource Chair   

Regional Meetings Are Lots of Fun!
Much of what makes MCDVS so great is the ability to talk to others who share the same problems, concerns, needs and hopefully --- share the same solutions! 
From attending a regional meeting this summer, I personally have ideas for my next five recognition events, an updated annual review and evaluation process, new software information, and walked through an amazing healing garden -all in one afternoon! 
Please consider hosting a regional meeting with MCDVS membership at your facility or at another convenient site.  I encourage all state areas to consider hosting, so we can have strong regional representation.  It is educational, fun and doesn't take much work at all! 
Please contact Erin O'Mara on (313) 745-5312 or eomara@dmc.org