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January 2012
CBN Meeting Dates for 2012
February 22
 April 18 
 June 13 
September 19 
November 14 
December 5 



Dates for the Free Intuitive Intelligence Workshops


While we are finalizing the venues, currently we are targeting 


 1-5pm in a Chicago location 




 February 25th 

 March 3rd  

March 10th 


WGN Radio Interview with John St. Augustine


In case you missed the interview, you can hear it now!



Workshop for Lawyers!


If you are or know a lawyer interested in conscious business, please join me at the Burnout to Breakthrough Conference in Oak Park, where I will be giving a workshop on Intuitive Intelligence.


The Conference is

March 8 - 9th at

 the Carlton Hotel, Oak Park, IL


co-created by CBN participant and lawyer,Theresa Kulat.


I look forward to seeing you there!

 The Conscious Business Network (CBN)                            
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Welcome to 2012!

May this be your year for full self-acceptance and sharing your brilliance through rich relationships - and I hope you will start doing that at the CBN!


We have good news! After having tried a number of different formats for the CBN in 2011, and thoughtfully considering your gracious feedback, we have a new design for the 2012 Conscious Business Network!.


We've found a way to give you both the structure you're looking for as well as the flexibility and engagement you want in order to explore topics and apply them to your individual lives.

Here's what to expect at our meetings this year. We will: 
  • start with a mini-Intuitive Reading for someone who wants to gain greater insight into his/her challenge 
  • explore what themes from the Reading are most interesting and relevant to the whole group. 
  • move into rich conversations about our chosen themes. 
  • discuss how to apply the lessons learned and wisdom gained
There will be time for quick announcements if participants want to share events that are energizing them.


The sessions will not be video or audiotaped and ground rules for privacy, confidentiality and sacred witness will be reviewed in the meeting. 


Since our first meeting is in February, Valentine's Day is on my you may want to come with challenges you are experiencing in relationships at work.


Our first meeting is at our favorite venue, Primitive. Please register now to reserve your space!

Invitation to Free Intuitive Intelligence Workshops


Please join me for one of three 4-6 hour Intuitive Intelligence Workshops where you will learn the nature of your invisible map of reality that influences all the reality over which you think you have control! You will have time to:

  • learn about your specific intuitive preferences
  • explore your intuitive capacities
  • clear blocks to your intuition
  • learn how to develop your intuition
  • understand how to maintain intuitive health and balance 
  • support each intuitive portal so you can more readily access truth and wisdom
Each session will be limited to 25 people, and will be held in a relaxed atmosphere where we can optimize dialogue and shared learning.
We will videotape and audiotape these sessions in the service of others' learning. From these three workshops, I will produce DVDs and podcasts on Intuitive Intelligence. Participants must agree to have their images and words video and audiotaped, and must agree to appear in the DVDs as well as future marketing materials.

Please send an email to and in the subject line, type: Free II Workshop and then tell us which date you can make it.


I look forward to working with you!

Consulting and Accelerated Alignment Sessions 


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To make an appointment for an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session with Dr. Rowley, please email 
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