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Sup familia!


Tis the time! Tonight we're launching preorders for the long awaited new full length by Gifts From Enola, A Healthy Fear. Not only that, but if you preorder the 2xLP vinyl version, you'll get an early download of the album emailed to you next month! The album officially comes out on 11/13, but everyone that preorders the 2xLP will be able to download it on 10/10/12 when we email you an exclusive code to unlock the magic! Consider it an early xmas gift, or consider it an exuberant "thank you" for purchasing the album on vinyl, but either way, consider it an opportunity for you to become enveloped in the unbelievable new recordings by the completely unclassifiable Gifts From Enola. Check out The Benefits of Failure from the album here:




This badassery is coming to you in the third dimension housed in a thick gatefold jacket designed by Charlie Wagers for Three Bears Design. There will be three color options in this first pressing, translucent yellow with blue haze will be limited to 100 copies, light blue will be limited to 100 copies, and navy blue will be limited to 300 (there will also be 100 white vinyl copies exclusively through retail). The light blue copies are going on the road with the band later this fall/winter, but we will have a very limited amount of them available through us as well exclusively in the "Ultimate Preorder Package Deal" below. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Radar Studios by Constants' front man Will Benoit (Junius, Caspian, InAeona, etc). I could talk about how good it sounds and how he captured the raw emotion on display throughout the album, but why not just check out Cherry here:




Dear god... these guys... OK, catch your breath... 


OH! And this was a... um, bizarre... surprise the other day... Mel GibsFromEnola emailed us this pic and told us how much he was feelin' the new tunes, check it out...




"Hey Linz, hey Joel! Just got done bangin' that new Gifts joint - WOW! Blow me bitch! I don't know who the FUCK you think you are, but this is so GOD DAMN.... GOD DAMN.... FUCKING... AMAZING!!! OK, OK, OKAAAAAAAY???? YOU SHOULD BLOW ME!!"


Uhhhh... yeeeeeah.... thanks Mel... 


Anyways, here's some album deetz for ya:

 1. Long Weakend

2. Robespierre

3. Cherry (stream at Absolute Punk)

4. Honne/Tatemae

5. The Benefits of Failure (stream on Bandcamp)

6. Jade

7. Steady Diet

8. Clawmarks 



Previous Press for the Gifts From Enola riff chiefs:


"touches of Thrice's well structured post-hardcore, Tortoise's experimental side and even a little Fugazi thrown in for good measure..." - Decibel Magazine


"the beauty is in the way the heaviness festers underneath soaring melodies, slashing guitars, and enough noise to attract a phalanx of checker shirted beardos..." 

Outburn Magazine


"'Epic' doesn't even come close to describing just how awe-inspiring this album is...a magnificently constructed rock album which demonstrates conclusively that the riff is a force to be reckoned with..." Rock A Rolla


"This is an album to be treasured, savoured over and over again and shown off to friends whenever you can corner them. Utterly engaging and simply brilliant there will be few releases this year to match the beauty and sonic power of Gifts from Enola... simply stunning..." - Sonic Abuse


"gorgeous kaleidoscope of guitar playing and overall musicianship..." Lambgoat



Ok , now lets talk preorder optioooooooons!!!!




A Healthy Fear Ultimate Preorder Package Deal

Snag all three colors of the 2xLP that are being pressed in this first pressing, as well as the CD version (not pictured), and do so at a generous discount :) This is also the only way to obtain the light blue version through us, otherwise it will only be available at fall/winter tour dates with the band! We seriously only have a few light blue copies available since we want the majority to be sold at shows!

Purchase/View Details



A Healthy Fear Both Vinyl Colors Package Deal

If the Ultimate Preorder Package Deal is a little too ambitious for you, well then here's a smaller package deal buckaroo :) This one includes both the translucent yellow w/blue haze (limited to 100) and the navy blue (limited to 300). Get up on it, I'll bet by the time you're reading this, we're nearly out of the yella jointz!

Purchase/View Details




A Healthy Fear 2xLP/CD Package Deal 

Are you a format fencer? Can't decide between the 2xLP or the CD? Are you just a mega Gifts From Enola collector and need to scoop all formats? Well, here you be my friend, get 'em both and get 'em cheap! Choose between transparent yellow vinyl w/blue haze or navy blue vinyl (not pictured). 

Purchase/View Details




 A Healthy Fear 2xLP


You just hate package deals??? You can't stand buying more than one item at a time??? Well pick a color of the 2xLP and get yo swerve on playerrrr, okey doke?

Purchase/View Details




 A Healthy Fear CD


The CD version of the new album. Four panel digipak and full color disc face. 

Purchase/View Details




 A Healthy Fear Digital Download



Here's a way to digitally preorder A Healthy Fear and it includes the immediate download of 2 tracks (The Benefits of Failure and Cherry) in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it's released (11/13/12).

Purchase/View Details




And don't forget to connect with Gifts From Enola online: 

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Over on the message board, Andrew from the band will be jumping on for some Q & A about life in the band, the new album, and general tom foolery, be sure to stop by and get ya chat on HERE!  


I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music ;) We appreciate it, and depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!


Thank you <3


Lindsay & Joel  
p.s. And just to update everyone on all of the other preorders going on: the Aeges Southern Comfort 7" will be shipping next week, followed closely by Caspian's You Are The Conductor 12" repress. And then next month If These Trees Could Talk's Above The Earth, Below The Sky LP will head out the door. And again, get in touch with any questions about your specific order! Thanks!