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Hey peeps!


It's certainly hard to believe that it was five years ago today that we put out our first record using a MySpace page and an embedded Paypal button, haha. But it does seem fitting that on this fifth birthday, we would be launching preorders for a release by one of the bands we're most excited about in music, LA-based Aeges. So we just wanted to shoot a quick email out and let y'all know that we're launching preorders for the Southern Comfort 7" :) The 7" features a remastered version of the ripper Southern Comfort from The Bridge, and the previously unreleased B-side, Stars


The band is fresh off tour dates supporting The Bridge that included shows with Coheed and Cambria, Black Breath and Silver Snakes to name a few.  Now we're cooking them up a new slab of le' vinyl to serve y'all mesdames et messieurs!! Wait... you have listened to The Bridge, right? If you have not, stop NOW, go HERE, listen HARD. You can stream the entire album there :) Also...


 Check out the video for My Medicine from The Bridge 


So anyway, for this 7" we opted for a classic foldover 7" gatefold jacket with a heavy gloss finish. Artwork was once again handled by Jason Craig (as was The Bridge) and includes photography by Danielle Hardy. This 7" includes a remastered version of Southern Comfort and is backed by the unreleased track Stars.  And like The Bridge, this 7" was mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering (Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Goatsnake, Megadeth). This 'lil fella will spin at 45rpm for maximum fideltiy and come in four different vinyl colors. Lets look at how the colors will break down:


1000 total pressed:

- 200 translucent red vinyl w/opaque aqua blue splatter (mailorder edition)

- 200 half translucent red/half opaque aqua blue (tour edition)

- 200 white vinyl (retail exclusive)

- 400 transparent red


Here at the label, in addition to our 200 copies on red w/blue splatter and regular translucent red vinyl, we also have 50 copies of the half red/half blue tour edition and 50 copies of the white vinyl retail edition. And since we only have that limited amount of those, we wanted to do something really cool for them. So we're offering a preorder package deal where you can order every color from us, or the "4-Pack", if you will :) But only 50 of these package deals are available through us, as the remaining copies of half red/half blue tour edition and white vinyl retail edition will only be available through the band and through retail stores October 16th. The 50 "4-Packs" from us will come to you housed in a special 8" x 8" polybag that includes a screen-printed, hand-numbered insert, like these:




They will be hand-numbered out of 50, with 25 of them on red stock, and 25 of them on aqua blue stock. All of these orders will also ship with a free Aeges frisbee:





...and some other free goodies as well :) More details on this and all preorder options beloooooooow :)


OH, and this was pretty unexpected... we received an email last night from Nicolas CĂGES telling us how much he was digging the 7"! Apparently he's been bumping it loud & proud during his work-outs. Check out the pic he attached in his email:



Thanks Nic! 


Anyways, here's some album deetz for ya, so you gotz tha vitals:




Side A: 

1. Southern Comfort



Side B:

2. Stars




Previous Press for the Aeges war machine:


"churning, emotive, groove-treading post-hardcore..." Alternative Press


"ĂGES is the way post-hardcore is supposed to sound: abrasive, anthemic and 

face-melting... " CMJ Network


"a burly, churning collection that drenches the classic 90's post-hardcore of Hum, Handsome and Quicksand in a Deftones-esque sheen..." - Decibel Magazine


"The record mines metal and hardcore in many of the same ways that Quicksand or Betty-era Helmet did in the 90s and Cave In or its contemporaries have in latter years; melodic vocals top thundering guitar riffs..." - Brooklyn Vegan


"one of the most promising debuts in recent memory..." - Ghettoblaster Magazine


"Metal doesn't need to ignore hooks and melodies like the plague. And Aeges mixes great melodies with heavy, aggressive stuff we all love..." - MetalSucks


Ok , now lets talk preorder optioooooooons!!!!



Lets start with the Collectors Sets since they're the most limited option:


Ultimate Collectors Set Package Deal

This deal is strictly for the rabid Aeges collectors, the true die-hards... like you. This package includes both the Blue Collector set (limited to 25) and the Red Collector Set (limited to 25). This deal also knocks a few bucks off the price of each individual set, so you're getting both the blue and the red and saving a little bit of the green ;)  When you order this sweet 'lil deal you'll also receive an Aeges promo poster from The Bridge, an Aeges frisbee and a turntable slipmat at no extra cost. CLIIIIIIICK!




If you find that to be a little too ambitious for your wallet, but you've simply got to have one of these Collectors Sets, pick a color below and pull the trigger, Wyatt Earp! 


Aqua Blue Collectors Set: 

Here's the Aqua Blue Collector Set. This 4-Pack is limited to 50 total hand numbered packages, and only 25 have the aqua blue insert. When you order this 4-Pack you also receive an Aeges promo poster from The Bridge and an Aeges frisbee fo' FREE!





Red Collectors Set: 


Here's the Red Collector Set. This 4-Pack is limited to 50 total hand numbered packages, and only 25 have the red insert. When you order this 4-Pack you also receive an Aeges promo poster from The Bridge and an Aeges frisbee fo' FREE!  





Don't want to buy a 4-Pack Collectors Set? No problem-o kimosabe! Check out these other package options that don't include the half and half vinyl or the white vinyl:


Splatter & Red Vinyl Package Deal


In this package you can snag both of the stand alone colors we have to sell, both at once and at a discount :) Splatter limited to 200, red limited to 400. Hey - easy on the eyes... aaaaand the pocket book!






 Aeges Vinyl Package Deal 


Bummed because you can't snag The Bridge LP on vinyl anymore? You missed the boat? Well, dry your eyes my dear, it'll be getting repressed soon enough. In the meantime though, snag the debut 7" by the band, the Roaches 7" put out by Hawthorne Street Records last year, at the same time you're picking up their brand spankin' new Southern Comfort 7" on red vinyl w/aqua blue splatter, AND at a discount - cha-ching! We only have about 15 of these packages available though, FYI :) 




Sheath Summer Preorder Package Deal


Missed out on the Constants Pasiflora LP or the Caspian You Are The Conductor 12" preorders recently? Just haven't gotten around to doing it? Well, no worries, we gotcha - you can rectify that with this package deal while also scooping the new Aeges 7" on red vinyl w/aqua blue splatter :) So basically, here you can pick up everything we currently have up for preorder in one click.  Who dat!




But you don't have to take advantage of the savings and be a shrewd shopper. Here are some stand-alone options for those that don't like DEEEEALS ;)


You can purchase the 7" on translucent red vinyl w/opaque aqua blue splatter (limited to 200) or translucent red vinyl (limited to 400):







And don't forget to connect with Aeges online: 

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We're working on some contests on various websites to give away free Aeges goodies to celebrate the release, so we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as those go live as well!


Over on the message board, both Kemble and Tony from the band will be jumping on for some Q & A, be sure to stop by and get ya chat on HERE!  


I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music ;) We appreciate it, and depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!
Thank you <3


Lindsay & Joel