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Hey peepz!


Here we are in the middle of July, halfway through another year and edging ever closer to the end of times in December! Hopefully y'all are feelin' fine and hangin' hard with the summer in full swing :) We've been keeping busy 'round this way, we wrapped up our move. Got a lot less bills now. But got a lot of Bills up in this newsletter. Like this Bill here to the right ;) We also got all the If These Trees Could Talk self titled 12" repress preorders Paxt up and shipped out, thanks so much for all the orders! Then we started a new preorder for the upcoming banger by Constants, Pasiflora. Another thank you to everyone who has placed a preorder for this one! We'll have more on that in just a sec. We've also got a groovy tour coming up for Beneath Oblivion (hitting the road next month) and some more preorder action to get ta flexin' on. Oh, and we'll have a booth at Little Kings in downtown Athens for the record fair that Team Clermont is throwing as part of their 15 year anniversary weekend blowout! I don't mean to rambling about all of this stuff, because we're going to be talking about each of these topics in more detail in the newsletter below, we're just PUMPED and can't shut up! And apparently, neither can the one and only Bill Paxton! Close your mouth sir!


Lets dig in...


Late last month we started the preorder for this one; the latest, greatest, ever mind-blowing full length by Constants. We've only got a few of the limited purple vinyl left, so if you want to snag a copy, act fast! You can procure yours RIGHT HERE! We've also got a limited T-shirt available, exclusive to the preorder, designed by Michael Repasch-Nieves of Radar Visual (who also designed all the album artwork). Check it out: 


You can snag this guy RIGHT HERE or simply snag one of the many package deals that include both items in the 'Passenger Pasiflora Package Deal' RIGHT HERE :) Preorders for the CD have begun shipping and vinyl preorders will start to ship in the coming days. The records actually showed up at HQ the other day and GOD DAYUUUUM - check out these pix:


 First of all, look at how muthafickin' THICK these casewrapped jackets are! You can see it here compared to a standard jacket for reference. The top jacket is a casewrapped jacket, the bottom one is a standard jacket. There's no record in either jacket. We held them up to eachother and pinched the open loading pocket shut and snapped the above shot. They're over twice as thick, this is heavy duty stuff my friend - you could chop down a tree with these :) 

Here is the mailorder exclusive purple vinyl (limited to 100 copies, available HERE):

Here's each color, with the front and back of the jackets visible (not included is the retail exclusive white vinyl):
As you can see, the band exclusive translucent purple with pink haze turned out great as well :) Wait... is that Boris' bone mic in the background on the right? What's he up to? Anyways...

This bad mama fooker is hitting record store shelves in the CD format next Tuesday, the 24th, as well as being available digitally EVERYWHERE. Then next month, on the 21st, the vinyl hits stores. There will be 100 copies of the LP available in retail-land on white vinyl, as well as copies on black vinyl. The white vinyl is ONLY available via retail, through Redeye Distribution, we don't have ANY copies of it here. So if you have a certain record store or online retail outlet that you frequently order from, make sure to ask them to order you a copy on white vinyl from Redeye to make sure you get one!  


In other Constants news, Alternative Press just premiered the brand new video for Passenger from the record today! Check it out below!


In fact, Pasiflora is being so well received that Mr. Paxton himself emailed us this photo the other night:
Here's what his note said:

"Suuuuunnuvabiiiiiiitch! Game over, man! Game over! \m/


- Da Pacman"

That's why we love doing what we do, just receiving positive feedback like that. The feeling is incomparable. OK, now lets talk tours...


Midwest Tour 2012


The Beneath Oblivion doom machine is going to be putting the smack down on the midwest region in late August! Dates are beeeeeeloooooooooooow! The dudes will have the limited edition, tour copies of From Man To Dust with them as they dismantle town after town across the guts of America. Check it, hot shot: 


Aug 24 - Chicago, IL @ the Ultra Lounge

Aug 25 - Milwaukee, WI @ the Blue Pig w/ the Parish
Aug 26 - Appleton, WI @ House w/ the Parish
Aug 27 - Minneapolis, MN @ the Medusa w/ the Parish & Ashen
Aug 28 - Des Moines, IA @ the Underground Record Shop
Aug 29 - St. Louis, MO @ The Foxhole/ Atomic Cowboy
Aug 30 - Lawrence, KS w/ Wrath & Ruin
Aug 31 - Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall - Mutants of the Monster II (w/ Rwake, Deadbird, Pallbearer, Yakuza, Hull, Fister, and many more..)
Sept 1 - Lexington, KY @ Castle Greyskull w/ Tombstalker


If you've never witnessed the impossibly gargantuan live show that is Beneath Oblivion, you MUST rectify that... but bring extra shorts! Get out and support the gang as they bring the noise to your area, seriously - DOIT... OR ELSE! Here's how we convinced Pacman to sit down and listen to the record the whole way through... they're one of his favorite bands!!




New Gifts From Enola Album This Fall! 


We're super excited to say we'll be bangin' out another shredder for the Gifts From Enola shred factory this fall!! I know every time that the boys record some new material we're all "no, now THIS is the best thing they've ever done", and this one most certainly follows that trend :) This is a record that gives boners boners. The definitive statement by the band, and the culmination of every awesome thing that has ever happened in the history of music... no bullshittin' fam, no bullshittin' at all. Get out ya hard hats, cuz this one is gonna thump you upside yer noggin somethin' fierce - GET STOKED!


Formal announcement and full details coming sooooooooon :) I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to wait a little bit longer and that's all there is to it, Bill... 






Southern Comfort b/w Stars 7"


We've touched on this a couple times, but just wanted to keep everyone updated as the upcoming Aeges 7" gets closer :) This will be coming out in stores and online in October (and feature the retail exclusive white vinyl, only available from Redeye Distribution), and we'll start taking preorders for it in August. It will feature a remastered version of Southern Comfort off of The Bridge, and an unreleased track called Stars. Both the artwork and the master are wrapped up and getting into production and this is certainly going to be one sexy little fella :) The dudes just wrapped a west coast tour in support of The Bridge and have more touring plans up their collective sleeve - stay tuned for more dates and more music coming your way soon!! 




You Are The Conductor 12" Repress


The boys in Caspian have a new record called Waking Season coming out this fall on Triple Crown Records and some pretty sick US tour dates with Minus The Bear and Cursive coming up (as well as a European jaunt with Thisquietarmy - check out all the tour dates HERE). So we thought it was time to repress their classic 2005 debut EP You Are The Conductor on vinyl :) This ain't 'gon be no normal repress though, no sir-eee. We're going to upgrade the jackets to the casewrapped, tip-on style (like the new Constants Pasiflora LP pictured in the newsletter earlier) and have them pressed on glorious 180 gram vinyl! This is going to be one sick package for one legendary debut :) We're going to start taking preorders for it on Thursday night, July 26th. Get ready to pull them triggers, the Thursday night preorder shopping cart waiteth for no man or woman. 


Also, we're currently giving away the Live At Old South Church EP as a free download on Caspian's website RIGHT HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page). Be sure to snag a free zip of it, and if you dig on that, dig on THIS. Huzzah!  



Wrap Up 
That's a wrap amigos! Thanks for taking a sec out of your day to catch up with us :) We'll have a couple more exciting announcements to make next month, so be careful sitting on the edge of your seat in the meantime :) And remember - Constants new record hits iTunes and all the other DSP's on Tuesday, the 24th this month, so you'll be able to hear it from glorious start to glorious finish :) And have your favorite retailer order you a copy of the LP on white vinyl from Redeye Distribution for the 8/21 vinyl release :) Then we have the preorder for the repress of Caspian's You Are The Conductor 12" on Thursday, the 26th. Get ready for another straight banger from Gifts From Enola and a new 7" from Aeges this fall, and most certainly make sure you catch Beneath Oblivion on tour next month! Are we forgetting anything? I don't think so, but as always, feel free to get in touch anytime about anything!

Talk soon soliders!!



Lindsay & Joel