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 Hey gang!


It's time to get crazy up in heeeuhh! We're now taking preorders for the long awaited 5th full length from shoegaze stalwarts Constants. 10 tracks in just under 40 minutes of pure ear bliss. We've been listening to two records EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This is one of them! Remember The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension? Well, forget it. this band is doin' its thing and doesn't care about past accomplishments like that. This day springs anew with a Sunrise, listen HERE. As our buddies over at Hydra Head Records once said, "the 90's called... and we're damn glad they did".  C'mon y'all, lets do our thing...



Here's some cover art and tracklisting for ya, as well as what the press has been saying of the band recently:




1. Sunrise [5:05]

2. Hourglass [3:47]

3. Passenger [3:45]

4. Mourning [5:06]

5. Beautiful [3:17]

6. Pressure [4:13]

7. Sunset [1:04]

8. Austere [3:53]

9. 1985 [3:24]

10. Crosses [4:31]






"Constants' fusion of disparate styles is one of the most organic yet. Instead of soft-loud-soft-because-Isis-do-it, Constants work through melodies, textures, and rhythms with remarkable fluency..." - Decibel Magazine


"As emotional rises go, "Sunrise" does a good job of finding lovely moments - the guitar riff in the chorus stands out - amidst the gloom and thunder of the rest of the track. That's a type of optimism, too - call it the kind that you have to fight for - and it's something Constants seem most interested in exploring right now..." MTV


"while the band's earlier releases were a rough glimpse into what Constants had to offer, their latest full length - The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension - truly showcases what the band is capable of within this 60-minute dreamlike journey..." Decoy Music


"Power and beauty. Thick bass grooves and razor-sharp riffs. It's not the nouns or adjectives that matter. It's the path and the journey..." Punk News


"Their melodic sense is based on consistently edgy but still soothing, layered guitar washes that leap towards massive chorded progressions..." Outburn Magazine


Ok ,ok, ok, now lets check out some of the preorder options available to everyone! 



You can purchase the LP on purple vinyl or black audiophile style as well:






If you're not a vinyl kinda guy or gal, then you can preorder the CD HERE or preorder the album digitally via Bandcamp right HERE :) And don't forget to connect with Constants online via their gnarly social networking sites:


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Alrighty gang, I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music, we appreciate it and depend on word of mouth above all else :) The album will be in record stores July 24th on CD/digital and 8/21 on vinyl, including a super limited version on white vinyl. If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!


Lindsay & Joel