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 Hey gang!


It's time to get crazy up in heeeuhh! We're now taking preorders for the long awaited debut full length by Los Angeles, CA's Aeges, entitled The Bridge. 10 tracks in 40 minutes of pure aural ecstasy. We've been listening to this one for a while now.... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There's just no getting tired of these songs! This is one of those special records that you carry with you for years. The kind of album that reminds you of a time period in your life. A special record. For those of you that yet to look into this band, they're made up of members from Pelican, The Rise, Shift, Undertow, 16, etc. They play a style of music that harkens back to the best things the 90's had to offer, and god DAMN can they write a song.  But don't take our word for it, you can actually head over to Brooklyn Vegan and download Wrong, the lead track from the album, for free right HERE. Do we sound excited? Guess what? We are!!!! OK, shhhh... now lets watch a video for Wrong:





Lets discuss the album a little bit, shall we? Here's some cover art and tracklisting for ya, as well as what the press has been saying of the band recently:


Aeges album cover  


1. Wrong [4:00]

2. My Medicine [2:37]

3. Southern Comfort [5:04]

4. Doesn't Feel The Same [2:49]

5. Sent From Heaven (Rest In Dirt) [4:18]

6. The Bridge [5:46]

7. Roaches [3:07]

8. The Words We Say [3:57]

9. I Believe in Ghosts [2:18]

10. Fade Out [5:22]





"feels like a salvo of rabies injections to the gut..." - Alternative Press


"dedicated to contolled feedback, big, gritty melodies and that still so addictive guitar tone..." - Decibel Magazine


"Metal for the recessionista generation, Ęges will appeal to a wide swath of those fans that swing between Torche and Sparta..." - Exclaim!


"The record mines metal and hardcore in many of the same ways that Quicksand or Betty-era Helmet did in the 90s and Cave In or its contemporaries have in latter years; melodic vocals top thundering guitar riffs..." - Brooklyn Vegan


"Thick guitar and bass distortions create a dense framework of melodic structures that leave new layers to be discovered with each listen..." - Blow The Scene





Ok ,ok, ok, now lets check out some of the preorder options available to everyone! First of all, the motherload of all ULTIMATE PREORDER PACKAGES! Behold... 



Yes, you're eyes are seeing things correctly, they have certainly not deceived you. For they gaze upon everything one could possibly hope for in a preorder bundle deal. Lets run through it real quick... this bundle includes BOTH colors of The Bridge vinyl (pink limited to 100, pink/black swirl limited to 300), a copy of the CD, an 11x17 poster, a regulation size 9" Aeges frisbee, a preorder exclusive T-shirt, an Aeges turnatable slipmat, and the debut 7" that they released last year on Hawthorne Street Records. Woo! Dat ders some dank boy! Again - that's 2 LP's, a 7", a CD, a slipmat, a poster, a fecking frisbee, a T-shirt, shall I go on? Maybe? I feel like I'm forgetting something - but get on it, there's only 50 of these bundle deals available and you can't get any of this stuff any other way. Check it out at this link:






Or you can purchase the LP on pink vinyl or pink/black swirl alone as well:






If you're not a vinyl kinda guy or gal, then you can preorder the CD HERE or preorder the album digitally via Bandcamp right HERE :) And don't forget to connect with Aeges online via their gnarly social networking sites:


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And a quick reminder, be sure to head over to MetalSucks and enter the contest to win some free Aeges stuff! You can check out the contest RIGHT HERE.


Also, the band will be performing in one week (3/22) in LA at The Satellite with Molly McGuire, you can RSVP HERE :)  
And please head over to our website and have a chat with us online about the band and the album. We've set up a special chat room we can talk in RIGHT HERE. Our message board is still being wonky, so this is a temporary solution in the meantime until it gets fixed :)


Alrighty gang, I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music, we appreciate it and depend on word of mouth above all else :) The album will be in record stores April 17th, and we'll be shipping preorders out around that date. If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!


Lindsay & Joel