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March 2012 Newsletter
Latest Press
constants press photo

"I'm something of an insomniac," Will Benoit, the lead singer and songwriter of Boston's Constants, explains regarding the lead track from his band's new album, "Sunrise." "The title and chorus of the song came from me walking out as the sun was coming up, and just...

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Hey guys!

Welcome to the March 2012 newsletter :) Hope everyone had a great February and is gearing up for an awesome spring! The weather has been warming up here in Athens, GA, the cook-outs are starting up, and that general 'yawn & stretch' that society goes through after awakening from the winter hibernation should be full swing soon :) Very much looking forward to getting outside and having some fun in the sun :)

Speaking of fun in the sun. this is the first time in five years we won't be making the trip down to Austin, TX for the annual SXSW festivities...


So anyways, whether you'll be down in TX or just hangin' back, the seemingly slow pace of January and February is about to get replaced with the hustle and bustle of spring time! And we're not the type to let the party go on without us, so we're going to have a little party of our own; a party for the Aeges! ;-) 
If you're wondering what the soundtrack to your spring is going to be, look no further, for it is Aeges my friend, without a doubt. Lets talk about them a bit...
Aeges The Bridge 
Aeges album cover
Get your party hats on, cause we're gonna make a day of it... and maybe a week of it ;) The Sheath By Sheathwest ĘGES preorder festival will launch Thursday at 1pm EST and will be featuring the upcoming full length The Bridge. To get the party started, we've got some preorder bundle options that will include the Aeges 2011 debut 7", an Aeges slipmat, an Aeges t-shirt, and an exclusive Aeges frisbee to help you ring in a spring full of awesome. Don't forget that you can download the first single Wrong exclusively over at Brooklyn Vegan RIGHT HERE! Also, be sure to check out the video for Wrong right here:




And as always, for current news, stay tuned to our website and the bands artist page HERE. And of course, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well :)


 Constants premier new track 
constants press photo      
MTV recently premiered the new track by Constants, Sunrise. You can check it out RIGHT HERE. This is the lead off track from the upcoming full length Pasiflora that we'll be releasing on 6/26. For a band that is constantly pushing their sound into new and unexplored territory, Pasiflora is no exception. In fact, this album may be the biggest shift in sound that the band has gone through, please click on the link above and get a taste of what's in store for everyone once Pasiflora drops from the heavens in June. 


The band just got home from a month in Europe with Sights and Sounds and we will most definitely have some more news on this joint VERY soon, including an exclusive cover song download. Be sure to check out their artist page on our website HERE and keep tabs on the boyz as June approaches!



Caspian Tertia 2xLP 
repress update!
These are scheduled for delivery to us tomorrow, so as soon as the freight drops 'em off, we'll be getting busy packing them up and shipping all of them out to y'all :) If you've yet to preorder a copy, you can do that HERE. Copies are dwindling, so you've been warned! Be on the lookout for an email from us soon with your tracking information, and thanks again to everyone for ordering <3 To keep up with Caspian, you can view their artist page on our website HERE. Busy times ahead for the boyz, be in the loop!



If These Trees Could Talk 
s/t 12" repress
ITTCT cvr art 
Just wanted to make an official announcement that we'll be repressing the first record by If These Trees Could Talk.


 Preorders should be up in April, we'll keep y'all posted :)




Beware of Safety 
European Tour
A quick heads up to our European brothers and sisters, don't forget that Beware of Safety is coming over there to bang out the jams! You can view full tour dates over on our website HERE
To get warmed up, check out this clip of the band performing in LA earlier this month:



Webstore Update!
Just a quick update on some stuff for sale in the webstore. We've got a few rare and out of prnt goodies in the webstore that an old distro mailed back to us recently, including some old and out of print vinyl we did for Junius, Beware of Safety, Gifts From Enola, etc.. You can view that stuff RIGHT HERE. We also recently received a box of goodies for the deistro from Robotic Empire, so we've got some Isis, Red Sparowes, Windmills By The Ocean, and other cr00sh jammage, check it out RIGHT HERE.   And lastly, I'd just like to reiterate that there's still a lot of freakin' NASTY sales and package deals going on from the website launch sale, check those out HERE, seriously savin' cash on dem der jointz   



 Issues Posting On Message Board!

As those of you know from last month, we launched our  new website! She's sexy AIN'T SHE. ;-) Though all things as involved as launching a completely overhauled website are bound to have a few hiccups, this deal went off relatively smooth! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to Black Day Creative! You guys are awesome and we appreciate all the hard work!


But anyways, like we said, there is bound to be a least a few hiccups... As many of you have noticed and gotten in touch with us about, there has been some bizarre complications with our message board.




Trust that we are on the case and all are trying to figure out the mix up as fast as possible. It's a lot of chaos to decipher gang, so it's taking a little extra eruditeness to fix. We'll get it all straightened out shortly and make sure to throw in some fun once it's all wrapped up to make up for the lag. It's been a pain for sure. One thing that several users have reported working is if you 'DELETE ALL BOARD COOKIES' at the bottom of the main index page, and then log back in.Some users have been able to continually post then without being logged out automatically when submitting a post. But unfortunately that's not working for all of the users at this time, including us   :( But again, the programmer is on the case and should have it all fixed soon, we'll keep everyone posted! 




Wrap Up!
That's going to do it for another month of our ranting and raving ;) Thanks so much as always for tuning in. If you're going to be in Austin, TX for SXSW, don't forget to check out Herra Terra at Valhalla on 3/13 - more info can be found HERE. You also get to hear a demo version of a track from the upcoming releeease at that link! And join us on Thursday at 1pm to kick off the Sheath By Sheathwest Aeges preorder party extravaganza!!! And please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone that you think could use a healthy dose of tha Sheath 411 :) Have a great March gang! Snugs and hugs!!!


Lindsay & Joel