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Sept. 1, 2010
For Immediate Release
Stiebs Press Contact: KC Pomering
Stiebs Introduces TRUE Pomegranate line
Pomegranate Extract and Oil Can Be Used in Food, Beverage, and Dietary Supplement Formulations
MADERA, CA - 9/1/2010 Stiebs, a leading natural and functional ingredient producer, has launched a new product line directed at the health, wellness, cosmeceutical and functional food markets. TRUE Pomegranate TM includes Pomegranate Extract and Pomegranate Oil, with other products currently under development. Stiebs uses a propertiary process to ensure the quality of the new products, which are made from 100% California pomegranate fruit. 

"We never alter the natural ratio of polyphenols (beneficial chemicals) in the fruit," stated Stefan Wypyszyk, of the Stiebs Nutraceuticals Division. "The phytochemical fingerprint in our TRUE Pomegranate products remains true to that of the pomegranate fruit and juice," he said. The extract and oil can be used in food, beverages, supplements, hair & body care and other wellness products.
Brix Premier from Stiebs"As the demand for pomegranate has grown, we've seen a rapid increase of adulterated products on the market, " said Brad Miller, Principal of Stiebs. "Customers come to Stiebs because they know our products are pure and fresh.  We're calling this new line TRUE Pomegranate because that's what our clients are getting, 100% pure pomegranate, every time."  Stiebs manufactures a full line of pomegranate products and other plant-based ingredients in Central California.
Stiebs is devoted to sourcing, processing and delivering the world's finest plant-based products.  Enjoying longstanding relationships with top growers and a cutting edge research and development program, Stiebs has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to deliver the finest natural ingredients on the market.