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IMAGINE hundreds of marbles

meet the artist...create a memory

Modern Marbles 2012 - check it out!

meet the artist...create a memory

Modern Marbles

opening august 11

Lots of Lauenstein marbles!   
Whose hot marbles are rolling into town?

Mike Mount~ a cool marble  

mike mount


Geoffrey Beetem~ demonstrating marble artist

geoffrey beetem


Ken & Sonya Schneidereit~ NEW marble artists

kenn & sonya schneidereit


Jodi Fine, aka Captain Marble  

jodi fine


Doug Sweet

doug sweet


Shane Caswell 

shane caswell


Zariel Shore- new marble artist  

zariel shore


Carl Fisher~ Fire & Ice -all in polymer clay!  

carl fisher


Cathy Richardson~ underwater delight 

cathy richardson


James Brauer~ NEW marble artist

james brauer


Jahfree Glass~ NEW glass artist

jahfree glass


Shawn Messenger~ amazing little worlds! 

shawn messenger


Sayuri Kindsbury

sayuri kingsbury


Fritz Lauenstein

fritz lauenstein


Glass Masters at Work: Mark Matthews
mark matthews
"glass master at work"


Kris & Amy Parke

kris & amy parke


Joe Schlemmer~ demonstrating marble artist
joe schlemmer


Larry Zengel & Brett Young~ sooooo many marbles, so little time! 

larry zengel & brett young


Aaron Slater ~ new exhibitor! 
aaron slater


Modern Marbles




august 16 ~ 12 to 8

Mike Mount- demonstrating marble artist

mike mount

hot-glass marble-making demonstration


august 25 ~ 10 to 4


Cathy Painter~ demonstrating artist 

cathy painter

kaleidoscope making demonstration


september 1~ 10 to 4


Joe Schlemmer~ demonstrating artist 

joe schlemmer

hot-glass marble-making demonstration


september 15~10 to 4

Geoffrey Bettem~ demonstrating artist

geoffrey beetem

marble trunk show


Summer is here and the heat is on, but whetherJohn Beasley~ a cool tile! enjoying the outdoors or kicking back to chill in the ac~ indigenous has all the cool stuff to make those hot summer nights more artful! Cool-off & stop by to see all the HOT art arriving daily & mark your calendars for the sensational summer artful outings we have planned!


~ an exhibit of Modern Marbles ~ seriously! 


James Brauer~ a cool marble!Our 3rd Modern Marbles 2012 will be heating up the front of the gallery beginning Saturday, August 11! Modern Marbles 2012 showcases hundreds of hot-worked glass marbles from more than 20 of the HOTTEST marble-makers in the country! Marble MANIA begins August 11 and keeps rolling through September 16 with many magnificent moments planned throughout. Don't miss our HOT! Marble Party on Thursday, August 16th~ enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvres, and local glass artist Mike Mount of Molten Hues Studio, demonstrating the magic of marble-making from 12-8. Three more marble artists will demonstrate their hot-glass talents during the Saturday Studios scheduled throughout the exhibition.


Modern Marbles

~ introducing a few HOT marble-makers ~


James Brauer~ cool creepy crawlers

James Brauer, loveland, co
James Brauer handmade this entire creepy crawler and all of the other oddities we have for the Modern Marbles exhibition. He hand-forges steel, precisely shaping the hot metal on his antique anvil to mimic the movement of the wandering arachnid. He then creates the eyeball, meticulously layering glass, so not only does the eyeball look realistic, but another vortex forms on the other side of the marble! So cool! When everything is cooled down they are brought together to create one magnificent, if not a little eerie, marble sculpture.

meet the artist...create a memory

Sayuri Kingsbury~ cool colorsSayuri Kingsbury,

west barnstable, ma

Sayuri Kingsbury grew up in Sapporo, Japan. At just 18, she started blowing glass in a local factory. She studied glass techniques at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art and attended the Sapporo School of Arts. Before moving to the United States to work with Fritz Lauenstein (one of our long-time favorite marble-makers), she also practiced her craft as a glass-blower in Sweden. Captivated by the glass-making process, she effortlessly combines recycled glass with her distinctive techniques and sense of aesthetics to create gorgeous art-glass and marbles.

meet the artist...create a memory

Mark Matthews- 3-d skull  Mark Matthews- 3-d skull, front view

Mark Matthews, archbold, ohio

Making his debut at indigenousMark Matthews is notably recognized for his work in glass, especially in glass spheres. Each piece is meticulously worked and signed by the artist. Highly collected and valued, Mark's work has been published in many books and is held in museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England; the Corning Museum of Glass in New York; the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio; the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; and now at indigenous. This super-greeny is an air-trap design where complete control of a trapped air bubble forms a skull - this one was created with uranium, so it fluoresces under untlraviolet light. Wow.

meet the artist...create a memory

Larry Zengle & Brett Young~ amazing plaidicino!

Larry Zengel & Brett Young

bowling green, ohio

Brett Young and Larry Zengel form a two-man team called Hot House Glass. Larry & Brett produce some of the cleanest and most beautiful soft glass furnace marbles you will EVER see. Their designs are always colorful and fun, with precise lines and tight terminations. This plaidicino is quite a tricky one to make, but so amazing you'll get lost in classic patterns! The term plaidicino is a made-up one, inspired by the traditional Venetian technique known as "latticino". This marble was not made with canes, as in traditional Venetian filigrana, but with strips of glass laid onto the surface and worked into the hot glass during the process, thus creating endless layers of lines and color.

meet the artist...create a memory

Ken & Sonya Sneidereit Ken & Sonya Schneidereit

pollack pines, ca

Ken & Sonya Schneidereit have excited glass collectors for over 25 years, continuously challenging the limits & possibilities of their medium! Ken & Sonya have participated in juried shows and have exhibited in New York, California, and Kanasawa, Japan. Their glass work can be found in the permanent collections of National Baseball Hall of Fame and in a Presidential Library Collection, as well as in the collections of celebrities, politicians, corporate dignitaries and prominent contemporary art collectors.



~ totally NEW ~ totally COOL ~ fresh arts for you!


Amy Elswick

Amy Elswick

louisville, ky

Amy's work focuses on functional and decorative items for the home. Her work is both wheel thrown and handbuilt, many times utilizing several techniques on one piece. She is intrigued by textures and uses a variety of tools to achieve a unique finish. Amy's inspiration comes from manipulating the clay~ she finds a great deal of satisfaction in being able to carve or scratch into leather hard clay, completely changing the energy of a piece. 

...new arts delivered daily

Amy GalonAmy Galon, mentor, ohio

Amy Galon is a nationally recognized jewelry designer whose designs are inspired from dreams, fantasies, and decadent memories~ she hopes her jewelry returns you to a place of harmony, bliss, and carefree elation.

...new artists introduced

Jocelyn Coulter

Jocelyn Coulter

cincinnati, ohio

Combining her interest in the natural world and ceramics, Jocelyn's pieces often look and feel like an encrusted treasure found on the ocean floor. Well, they are treasure bowls! Jocelyn creates molds from all types of everyday treasures, and then slip-castes them to form her treasure bowls. They can also double as an eye-spy game- fun & functional!

tiny tiles starting at two-inches square...

Bonnie MitchellBonnie Mitchell, milford, oh

Bonnie is a self-taught ceramic artist, known-about-town for doing personal pet portrait sculptures in clay. She just started creating everyday, functional wares~ cups, plates, even butter keepers, exploring a totally new process! Still showing her love of animals, she is now carving her designs into the clay and adding mostly black glaze producing a rich visual and tactile effect.

nature always in fashion at indigenous...

Any Wallace ~ fameous snail stacker necklace is back!Amy Wallace, cincinnati, ohio
Our favorite polymer clay artist, Amy Wallace considers herself a compulsive artist of many artforms which is evident in her new collection for indigenous
. Her love of patterns and quirky color combinations are revealed in all of her work~ from her chunky "crater" pendant, to her precisely beaded pins, to her signature "stacker bead" jewelry ~ you'll be dazzled & delighted by them all!

nature always in fashion at indigenous...

Paul Borian

Paul Borian, falmouth, ky
Each piece of pottery is wheel-thrown by Paul Borian in the studio he built about 10 years ago. The pottery is made from a stoneware clay dug from his lake and glazed with hardwood ash found on his farm. His beautiful ceramic forms are completely functional; specifically designed to withstand thermal shock and retain heat making them ideal for baking, while the relatively lightweight forms and attractive glazes make them suitable for serving at a party!

150+ artists represented everyday...

Shawn MessengerThank you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our local artists and their creative endeavors.  New handmade works arriving daily!  Please join us for the Modern Marbles exhibit events.  Meet the artists and watch them create!

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