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sunday june 19

Ken Swinson, a sunday drive

ken swinson


Kirsten Walstead family tree mosaic 

kirsten walstead

Renee & Bill Bliznick - for the top dog dad!

renee & bill bliznick

Marc Tickles- a view through the scope- WOW!

marc tickle

Michael Sorge wood vessels

michael sorge

Charley Harper upside downside

charley harper

Richard Kolb- A Venus Flytrap no one would mess with

richard kolb


Classic arts & crafts movement clocks by Schlabaugh & Sons - for the classic dad

schlabaugh & sons

Sondra Gerber firepit will light up the night!

sondra gerber

George Carruth- will always make him smile

george carruth

Big Red Dog welcomes friends- no food and water needed

sondra gerber

Pamela Fletcher & Betsy Toth pressed botanics 

pamela fletcher

Rod Sounik hot glass cool vase vase


rod sounik

Kelvin Schartz cool tree for inside or out

kelvin schartz

Geoffrey Bettem ~ give your dad the world

geoffrey beetem

Rosalyn Tyge tiles - for the DIY dad

rosalyn tyge

Jaime Iliff birdhouse - for the gardener guru

jaime iliff

Birgit Bach pet tiles - for the doggy's daddy

birgit bach


Enjoying the lazy days of summer or need a break from the hectic family plans? John Beasley- owlindigenous is the place to be! We have many artful events planned throughout the summer that are sure to offer a respite from the hum-drum or holy-cow!


To kick-off our hot summer of handmade arts, we're excited to present artTILE 2011, the [now] annual tile exhibition!


Join us on Thursday, June 16 from 5 - 8 for our Third Thursday Wine Walk and Benefit.


We will be enjoying tasty treats; sipping refreshing wine samples; watching John Beasley, local tile artist, demonstrating his tile-making process; finding serenity in a healing touch from Vitality Cincinnati, and shopping the great locally madeCincinnati Police National Night Out arts and crafts all to benefit the Cincinnati Police National Night Out!


Then celebrate Father's Day, Sunday June 19, by buying daddy dearest a cool metal sculpture or a hot glass marble, or whatever your father's heart desires. You can't go wrong when it's handmade and heartfelt!

meet the artist...create a memory


 K A L E I D O S C O P E    K R A Z Y !


We all love seeing magic before our eyes ~ remember the first time you looked into a kaleidoscope? It was like you just entered a magical place. Immerse yourselves in the relaxing, awe-inspiring world of bursting colors and hypnotic forms through this charming art object and classic toy.


meet the artist...create a memory

Lawrence & Audrey Goldsmith tall kaleidoscope what a view!

Lawrence & Audrey Goldsmith

Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith are Columbus, Ohio natives who have joined forces to create unique kaleidoscopes. Collectors appreciate the beauty of the stained glass chosen for the outside of their work that gives an illusion as to what the viewer might be in for; as well as the fused glass discs that they also create that produce these beautiful views.   

Marc Tickle peek-a-box

Marc Tickle

Marc Tickle working in his small studio in North Carolina creates innovative kaleidoscopes. His kaleidoscopes always transcend the ordinary with their use of color, light and texture. Many of the designs employ the principles of sacred geometry. This scientific basis is used internally and externally with his scopes, creating a wonderful continuity in every piece.

Peggy & Steve Kittelson - wow, are these amazing inside!

Peggy & Steve Kittelson

Peggy and Steve work and live together with their glass. Their studio is steps from their home and pond tucked away in a hollow in Northeast Iowa. Peggy's skill of lampworking is inspired by the natural setting and Steve's stained glass and wood turning skills are always impeccable. Their skills are a perfect compliment to each other, thus creating some of the most handsome kaleidoscopes we've ever seen, inside and out.

Cathy Painter totally unique kaleidoscopes

Cathy Painter

Searching high and low for those vintage, unique, or quirky found bits, Cathy Painter assembles her fun finds into these fantastic kaleidoscopes in her sunny studio in Ashland, Kentucky studio. The delightful whimsy she finds is endless, and these krazy kool kaleidoscopes are just the special something for your special someone!

David Kalish - a homerun everytime

David Kalish

David Kalish has been designing kaleidoscopes in his Oakland, CA studio for over twenty-five years; continually challenging himself to  create objects that are as alluring on the outside as they are within. Initially he doesn't want the observer to know the piece functions as a kaleidoscope~when that's discovered the viewer delights in the unexpected surprise. 'OOH' and 'AHH'. It simply boggles the mind that so much beauty can be contained within so small a space. Therein lies the magic! 

Peter Berube teleidoscopes

Peter Berube

Pete Berube has been creating teleidoscopes since becoming fascinated with kaleidoscopes in 1987. Living on Rainbow Ridge (quite appropriate for a kaleidoscope maker) in Montana he creates beautiful wood teleidoscopes where the clear acrylic orb at the end of the scope acts like a lens, allowing you see a multiplicity of images of the colors and patterns in the world around you~ magnificent and affordable.

meet the artist...create a memory

Whether you are a longtime collector, just a beginner, or simply an admirer of the form, magic and beauty of the Kaleidoscopes; we invite you to spend some time with us.


meet the artist...create a memory




Amy Greely cool copper earrings

Amy Greely ~ nashville, indiana

A dedicated and passionate artist, Amy Greely, has woven her professional interest in metalsmithing and her inherent love of nature into her distinctive jewelry. Inspired by ancient civilizations, modern architecture and simple beauty around her, Amy skillfully crafts unique jewelry interpretations from sterling silver, 18k gold bi-metal, and copper. Adapting traditional metal smith techniques, she enhances simple shapes with a variety of textures and a rich palette of patina choices, yielding designs that are modern, fresh, and alive. In her Brown County studio, Amy explains "There's an innate contrast between hard metals and nature we see every day. But when characteristics like the texture of a leaf or sea shell, a rusty fence or the bark of a tree are brought into sharper focus, they all become inspiration and works of incredible beauty. "

"My work is reminiscent of the subtle variations that create the rich textures of our daily lives."

meet the artist...create a memory

Paul Borian Lotus Bowl

Paul Borian ~ falmouth, ky

Paul Borian creates pottery that is not only beautiful to the eyes, but for the earth and soul as well. All his pieces are wheel thrown using clay dug from a lake near his studio in Falmouth, Ky. The glazes are made from locally gathered materials such as hardwood ash and fired in a kiln designed to use waste vegetable oil reclaimed from the food industry. All his pieces are utilitarian incorporating modern resourcefulness and traditional simplicity making an ideal gift for those involved in art of giving and is intended to serve for a lifetime.

meet the artist...create a memory

Alina Allread handformed polymer clay rose jewelry

Alina Allread~ cincinnati,oh


Alina uses pearlized white, antique ivory and elegant pearl polymer clay to handform (using no tools) each delicate rose. Her introduction of vibrant colors and asymmetrical styles have made this classic floral a contemporary casual adornment. Wear a classic rose!



mark your calendar ~ summer hot picks



Cool down on Hot summer nights, print by Joanne HonschoppThursday June 16~

Third Thursday Wine Walk, 5 - 8 pm with visiting artist, John Beasley


Sunday June 19~  Father's Day

give your #1 guy handmade and heartfelt


Friday July 8 ~

groupon ends so hurry up to enjoy it now!


Thursday July 21 ~

Third Thursday Wine Walk Benefit and free concert in Owl's Nest Park   


Saturday July 23 & Sunday July 24 ~

annual sizzling Summer Sidewalk Sale

meet the artist...create a memory

We'll keep you posted on all the artful events through e-mails and facebook (we like you, you should like us), but the best way to keep-up and cool-off is to stop in to see the hot arts arriving daily.indigenous logo

Thank you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our local artists and their creative endeavors.


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