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 artTILE 2011

opening may 21

Parran Collery Owl from the new Woodland series
Whooo's going to be here? Here are a few teasers before you see the exhibit,
May 21 - July 10!

Penni Lowery framed floral

penni lowery

Linda Ellett Angel & Gryphon

linda ellett

Deb LeAir carved tiles

deb le air

Gretchen Kramp - a wolf in sheep's clothing

gretchen kramp


Lisa Muller The Fertile Mind

lisa muller

Janet Tobler terracotta tiles with gold leaf details

janet tobler

Glenda Suttman stamped tile 

glenda suttman

Felice Amato sculptural tile 

felice amato

Pamela Fletcher & Betsy Toth pressed botanics 

pamela fletcher

Kirsten Walstead family tree mosaic 

kirsten walstead

Leslie Sweet Goshorn carved leaf


leslie sweet goshorn

Mary Philpott DeMorgan Birds

mary philpott

Sandra Griffin sgraffito tiles

sandra griffin

Pat Custer Dennison - not afraid of naked!

pat custer dennison

Iris & Bob Jewett 3d etching-style tiles

iris & bob jewett

Rosalyn Tyge

rosalyn tyge

Carol Rose Dean- home sweet home

carol rose dean

Birgit Bach pet portrait tiles

birgit bach

Ruchika Madan - part of her Garden Tile series

ruchika madan

Emily Ulm of Emu Tile

emily ulm

Michael Cohen- heart in the palm of your hand

michael cohen

John Beasley of Medicine Bluff Studio

john beasley

Karen Fincannon stamped portrait tiles

karen fincannon


Join us this Thursday, May 19 from 5 - 8 for an evening of friends, wine, and relaxation all to benefit Vitality Cincinnati. The neighborhood will be hopping with events going on at many of the fabulous galleries, shops, and eateries ~ check-out Free Healing Touch sessions at indigenous, Morrison & Me, and Nicholson Antiques; live music at the Bonbonerie Cafe, an artist lecture by Holly Schapker at Phyllis Weston Gallery, and a Journaling Program at Kismet (6:30-7pm).

Vitality CincinnatiO'Bryonville's Third Thursday's Wine Walk benefits VITALITY Cincinnati, an incredible organization whose goal is to bring affordable, holistic, self-care education and practice to people of all income levels in the Greater Cincinnati area. So enjoy the festivities, the buying, and the giving!

 artTILE opens ~ SATURDAY, MAY 21


You wanted it, we asked for it, and WOW did our ceramic artists deliver! 40 contemporary ceramic artists push the boundaries of clay. Their creation challenge what we think of as "tile"; while amusing, delighting, and intriguing us with color and complexity.

artTILE 2011 invitation

The artTILE exhibit runs through Sunday, July 10.  This is the exhibit to be experienced ~ from whimsical to traditional styles; diverse imagery of beautiful natural elements to dreamy fairy tales; tiny precious gems to highly-carved reliefs.  

You are in for a feast for the eyes and a treat for your home.

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Kathleen Long raku tile

Kathleen Long

Kathleen Long invites viewers to explore each tile; becoming intrigued by the unique characteristic innate to raku. This rather unpredictable process can yield beautiful colors and distinctive patterns or crack and break into pieces due to thermal shock. It is this unpredictable nature of the raku process that drives Kathleen Long on her continued journey of exploration and experimentation - wow, what rich results! 

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Wendy Penta tree

Wendy Penta

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Era and the symmetry of nature, Wendy Penta's tiles are both realistic and stylized, combing fine detail and soft matte glazes, creating subtly stunning tiles.

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Scott Weaver from his story book series

Scott Weaver

From his single tiles with orchards and birds, to multi-tile panels of woodlands and marsh scenes, Scott Weaver's signature look is high-relief sculpted stoneware tile with a soft glaze background.  

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Susan Altenau

Susan Altenau

Imagery abounds and colors swirl throughout Susan Altenau's tiles. Doing whatever catches her fancy and making no apologies for her varied subject matter ~ dreamy landscapes to realistic portraiture ~ Susan's work has something for everyone. 

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Hadley Sedgwick 3D dalmation Hadley Sedgwick 3D black kitty

Hadley Sedgwick

Her tiles, whether whimsical and highly sculptural or sweetly incised,  reveal Hadley Sedwick's own naivete, innocence, and spontaneity. Each tile is finished with glossy, bright colors and possess a playfulness desired by all collectors.  

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Sarah Wilisch Horn neighborhood Srah Wilisch Horn Hyde Park  Sarah Wilisch Horn Mt Adams Monastery

Sarah Wilisch Horn

How we love our hometown, our childhood haunts and our favorite hang-outs, and no one does these local landmarks better than Sarah Wilisch Horn. Drawings sketched on-site are translated into lovely detailed, hand-carved architectural tiles. Capturing the essence of each place, she can take requests if you can't wait for her to do your own front door.

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Arlene Knaak raku assemblage

Arlene Knaak

All of Arlene Knaak's creations begin with her playing with clay. She enjoys the hand-building process and then impressing each slab with plants and wild flowers. Lastly, she straw-fires the tiles to give them a unique smokey backdrop and brilliant metallic color.  

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Nancy Hopkins carved crow and sunflowers

Nancy Hopkins

Using low-relief, earthenware, Nancy Hopkins creates intimately one-of-a-kind tiles that are inspired by her love of animals, gardening, contemporary illustration and the appreciation for the absurdities of everyday life. Each little narrative is then further embellished with acrylic paint, grout , and found objects.

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Jackie Cohen + Vaughan Smith = Westcote Bell Pottery

Jackie Cohen

Last show in this country! After creating a thriving studio and gallery, Jackie Cohen and her husband, Vaughan Smith, are moving to Nova Scotia to begin a whole new artistic adventure. She'll still be creating her hand-painted, multi-layered, whimsical tiles that harken of her love of nature, small towns, and animals; just in a more off-the-beaten-path setting with a breath-taking view of the ocean. 

meet the artist...create a memory

Thank you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our local artists and their creative endeavors.  New handmade works arriving daily!


Sincerely, your friends at

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