april 30 & may 1 2011

Celebration of Spring 

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 mother's day

sunday, may 8

kelvin schartz bouquet of garden flowers
a bouquet for mom

dianne loos wire-wrapped pendant

funky mom

karen trimble shell new earrings

gardening mom

kerin houseburg earth mother

earth mother

larry mack ~ flower garden flower mobile

reflective mother

new garden sculptures from laura + scot kellersberger 

marathon mom

stunning art glass vessel by robert eickholt 

collector mom

charley harper prints from the family studio 

modern mom

one of the newest pieces from george carruth 

carpool mom

lucida moran empowering bracelets


sophisticated mom

susan sturgill cat matress

cat mommy

Father's Day~Sunday, June 19

michael sorge new woodworking artist

NEW artist, Michael Sorge, creates beautiful wood vessels from discarded branches or down trees ~ the perfect gift for your cool Dad!  



Join your friends and family this weekend in O'Bryonville as we Celebrate Spring! Warmer weather, colors bursting, birds chirping, and artists creating! This weekend will be filled with everything you love about this season.

Celebrate Spring, be green and buy local!

meet the artist...create a memory

~ saturday, april 30, 11am - 3pm

~ Leave an Impression ~ Make It, Take It event!leave an impression with your own fingerprint!


Create a special keepsake, that only you can make, for that special person in your life! Work with Linda Stiles-Smith, precious-metal jewelry artist, to capture your fingerprint in fine silver. She'll add your name, the date, and even a symbol to make this one-of-a-kind charm even more memorable.  


Space is limited ~ Click for more information

leave an impression- fingerprint charm- make one with Linda Stiles Smithleave an impression with your own fingerprint! 

Don't Forget Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th!  

Work with Linda Stiles-Smith to create a perfect gift for mom, aunt, or grandmother!


Just gather the kids and our artist will do the rest.  It will be a gift that Mom will alwys treasure and wear!


meet the artist...create a memory

~ meet the artist, Linda Stiles-Smith 

linda stiles-smith tree wisdom pendant

Celebrate Spring with Linda Stiles-Smith as she demonstrates her prize winning sculpting techniques of precious metal clay at indigenous!  

Linda creates silver jewelry pieces that are beautiful and inspiring for the soul. Trees, leaves and organic shapes serve as the inspiration for jewelry that may be actual pieces of nature; whether stone, leaf or twig. Linda adds a message to the backs and niches of her silver pieces that ultimately impart a personal meaning for each individual.

linda stiles-smith leaf pendantDrawing from her education as a landscape

painter, Linda creates designs that speak to the universal need of a connection with nature. Working with precious metal clay, Linda hand sculpts tree and leaf forms into pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Using a brush and syringe to build upon the clay base, she applies the details that create one of a kind wearable art. Often embellished with hand-set gemstones, she works each piece from start to finish in her studio in Dayton, Ohio.

linda stiles-smith pendant front

linda stiles smith pendant inspirational message

Linda's designs speak to women who are growing into their life purpose, who accept themselves and feel in tune with natures' expression of wholeness, interconnectedness and joyful growth.  Those who own a piece of Linda's art say they are uplifted by the beauty and meaning that is an integral part of each piece. Her delightful designs integrate nature into everyday life in tangible ways that reflect her vision of the world.

meet the artist...create a memory

thoughts from the artist~        linda stiles smith pendant

        In the rush of working with people we often spend a lot of time talking. There are many times in the flow of the day that we just need to listen. Listen to the boss giving instructions. Listen to the traffic sirens. Listen to radio reports. Listen to the wind chimes. Listen to the wind in the trees. Listen to the silence. So much is gained by listening to nothing. Being still helps to rejuvenate the soul. 

In this piece I made it large with leaves hanging below and a gemstone in the sky to evoke a peaceful scene where the tree dominated and the phrase "Be still, listen to the silence, and let your soul catch up" could fit on the back. This pendant reminds us the being still is important to each of us these days.

meet the artist...create a memory

another fun fundraiser!

        shopping benefit for UCAN at Pedigre Interiors

indigenous will join Pedigree Interiors once again for this shopping fundraiser.  Select from a fantastic collection of handmade jewelry & accessories, knowing that 20% of every purchase will be donated to animals in need!

meet the artist...create a memory

Thank you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our local artists and their creative endeavors.  New handmade works arriving daily!


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