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Here's the next installment in our Online Marketing Made Easy newsletter, and these are some of my favorite topics.

How To Make Internal Links Work For You


I have talked about how external links matter in your SEO efforts, and how they can be set up through a variety of online media. Internal links are also very useful to you when you're trying to get your pages ranked for various key phrases.


An internal link is one in which you have a link on one Web page of your site, and you point that link to another page internally on your own Web site. There are many reasons why you want to link internally.


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Five Reasons to Mobilize Your Website or Blog


The World Wide Web is the home for over one hundred million websites and the large majority of these sites are not currently catering to their mobile visitors. There are five reasons why every website or blog should have a mobile version of their site.


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Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization?


These days, more and more I'm being asked to speak at various venues about search engine optimization or SEO. Unfortunately, SEO is actually really boring.


SEO is the process of getting your Web page listed in Google or any of the various other search engines, including Microsoft's new Bing. The actual process of doing SEO isn't really all that interesting, so I ask them if they're really sure they want me to talk about SEO?


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, I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more great advice on marketing your business!

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