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Well, I goofed and I forgot to proofread my newsletters to put them in the queue to send out. So we're back on track again, and here's the next one in the series. 


By the way, let me know if you have any topics you'd like to hear more about!

Google Analytics: Learn How To Use It


I wrote a post awhile back about Web site analytics which introduced the topic of using analytics on your site to measure what's going on. I'm a particular fan of Google Analytics as a tool, because it's free (it's hard to beat free!), easy to use, has boatloads of data that you can collect, and it's customizable to your particular situation.


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Social Networking for Business: Are You Doing What's Right for Yours?


The BIG 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Everybody who's anybody has a profile in each. And it seems everybody is preaching the same thing:


You HAVE to have a Facebook Fan Page

You HAVE to be on Twitter

You HAVE to join LinkedIn and participate in groups


But, do you really HAVE to do any of this? Will your business fall in the water if you don't? The answer depends on your target audience.


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How To SEO Your Profile Page - Personal Branding At Its Best


As someone who is in competition with another much more famous

Tom Petty, I've worked hard to brand myself on the search engines as "Thomas Petty". Unfortunately for me, there's another famous person, Dr. Thomas L. Petty, a pioneering pulmonologist who recently passed away. He too has been in the news because of the work he's done in his medical specialty.


When I saw that was inviting people to claim their own name, I jumped on and grabbed my own name before the "other" Tom Petty got it. Now that I have my own Tom Petty profile, I wanted to see if I could get it to show up on the search engines for some of my personal branding terms.


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, I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more great advice on marketing your business!

Do you have a burning internet marketing question? If you have a minute, drop us a line and let us know what you think. We are always interested in receiving feedback from our readers, so don't be shy, let us know what's on your mind!
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