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You may have heard of PageRank before. Is it something you should focus your energy on? E-mail marketing and optimized press releases are two fantastic ways of getting in front of you customers too.

How To Increase PageRank: Does PageRank Really Matter?


PageRank™ is a way of rating a specific Web page on a Web site, on a scale of 0 through 10. It is essentially a voting system. If you have links coming into your site from other places, each of those links is a "vote". It's assumed that if you have more links, then you're more important.


But there's a HUGE caveat with that: Links aren't all the same of course, and not all will help you with your PageRank. 


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E-mail Marketing Software - How It Helps Your Business


E-mail marketing software and tools can easily be pushed aside for some of the "sexier" marketing tactics like "social media" or group coupon sites, because it's been around forever (in Internet terms anyway). "No one does email marketing anymore," you opine (you're reading this e-mail, right?).


Not true, actually. e-mail marketing is probably one of the most effective and least expensive ways of getting your message in front people who actually give a darn about your products or services than anything else out there. 


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Optimized Press Release Services - Which Gives Results?


There are three press release distribution services we'd recommend for great search engine and syndication results. The best choice for you depends on what you want to accomplish, how widespread you want your reach to be and how closely you're interested in following the statistical fruit of your labors.


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