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In this week's issue, you'll discover how most websites have problems that could be preventing them from showing up at the top of Google. Find out what you can do to get past writer's block and even easily set up a blog.

Canonicalization: A Problem with Most Websites


Canonicalization is a big word that you may or may not have heard of before. It literally means an object that can be represented in multiple ways.


Because your Web site probably has canonicalization issues (most do), you could be losing position on the search engines and not even realize it.


What is it and what can you do about it?


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How to Sneak in Sideways on the Writing Bogyman


The subject of article writing causes fear and loathing in many people, but that can be overcome with regular practice - and a few tricks.


If you are writing an article about your business, you are the one who knows your business the best - you certainly have a passion for what you do. As it happens, feeling passionate about a subject is the best "starter fuel" to get you off to a good beginning with your writing project.


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 Easy WordPress Blog Setup Instructions


BloggingThere are many informational articles and books out there that describe all the amazing benefits of having a business blog. I don't disagree with them. I've seen my site traffic increase, search engine rankings increase, and started conversations with people that I would never hope the meet "in the real world".


But how can you have your very own blog without being a techno-geek? It's really not very hard at all.


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, I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more great advice on marketing your business!

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