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In this week's issue, I'd like to share with you a few articles focusing on establishing relevant links, developing great content, and a few free resources for keyword research.

Links Matter, But Which Ones Count?

I get lots of questions about linking, and in our SEO class, we actually have a whole section devoted just to linking. Most people are under the impression that the more links you have, the better. This is true to a certain extent, but we need to explain a little and qualify that statement.


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Search Engines and Humans Love Great Content

Search engines are in the business of finding and delivering great content to their users. It is the lifeblood of their business. The lifeblood of your on-line business is the website traffic that they deliver.


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Long tail keywords
Five Free Keyword Resarch Tools for SEO and Article Generating Ideas

Recently, I wrote that the "right" keyword phrase to optimize your website for is what your customers are searching for. The point is that if you try to guess what people want, you'll be wrong.


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, I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more great advice on marketing your business!

Do you have any burning internet marketing questions you want to ask? If you have a minute, drop us a line and let us know what you think. We are always interested in receiving feedback from our readers, so don't be shy, let us know what's on your mind!
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