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I owe you an apology. I dropped the ball in 2010 and neglected my promise to provide you with regular tips that you can put into practice right away. But that all ends now, with this very newsletter! Starting today, I am committing to sharing quality marketing content with you weekly that will help you jump-start your online efforts today!


In this week's issue, I am excited to share with you a few articles I think you will find very helpful that focus on the changing rules of marketing and PR, the value of an optimized press release, and the importance of keyword research. If you have a minute, drop us a line and let us know what you think. We are always interested in receiving feedback from our readers, so don't be shy, let us know what's on your mind!

The New Rules of Marketing and PR - A Short Book Review
The New Rules of Marketing & PR: A Book Review from Bay Area Search Engine Academy 
Did you get the memo? No? Neither did I. The rules of marketing changed just in the last few years, and no one told me. All the stuff that everyone used to do to market themselves stopped working, and I've just recently found out about it. David Meerman Scott wrote a terrific book published late last year, The New Rules of Marketing and PR (2009, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) that all business owners must read...

Best Keywords for Online Advertising - Do Your Keyword Research!

Not marketing to your current and previous clients, prospects and professional connections is like leaving nuggets of gold lying unclaimed on the sidewalk. Yet it is surprising how many businesses make this fundamental error - especially when times are good...


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Optimized Press Release Services - Generate Traffic in Hours
Nobody thinks about a press release as a way to get onto search engines. People usually just fax their press release to the local newspapers (if they do a press release at all). But there are techniques of utilizing and optimizing press releases to achieve fantastic results in organic search listings-and get on those search engines in just a few hours...


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, I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more great advice on marketing your business!
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