Those of you who placed orders of $20 or more during our special Customer Appreciation Week in June already know the identity of our new release, the "Mystery Bar" about which I have been speaking for over a month now. Outside of these lucky individuals who received a complimentary bar, the identity has been maintained with an almost CIA-like secrecy.

All of this is about to change.

Yes, after finally working through labor-intensive changes in the production of the bar, which requires three people while molding the bars instead of the normal one person,  extra time spent sorting and cleaning the nibs beforehand, and about 50% more time to hand-wrap and box up the molded bars, the time is finally right to unveil the newest member of the Patric Chocolate product line. And trust me, the wait, time, and effort has been well worth it.

Eating Nib Bar

We call it our 70% w/Nibs Madagascar bar--or the "Nib Bar" for short--and it is a mouthful in more ways than one! Each bar consists of our acclaimed 70% Madagascar chocolate studded with our flavorful, nutty, and complex, roasted cocoa nibs.

This bar is proof that opposites really do attract. With creamy 70% chocolate on one side and crunchy nibs on the other, a bar that is both refined and rustic, it is our most munchable and crunchable bar yet, while at the same time amplifying the delicious and complex chocolate flavor that you've come to expect from a Patric Chocolate bar.

Yes, with this bar, Patric Chocolate throws down the chocolate-encrusted gauntlet, directly challenging the ubiquitous candy bar. We've created a chocolate bar that is so much more fulfilling and enjoyable than any candy bar could ever be, and without all of the extra sugar, weird vegetable fats and artificial flavors that lurk in most candy bars. And, as scientists have informed us, high cacao content dark chocolate--like this one, and all of our bars--is high in antioxidants. What candy bar can make that claim?
And is the new bar delicious? That could quite possibly be the understatement of the year! In fact, be sure not to leave it laying around in plain view or you just might find that it has disappeared right out from under your nose.

Find the new bar in our online store here.
You will also find that our Summer Free Shipping Special is in full effect with orders of $40 or more still shipping for FREE*, including hot-weather packaging.
Eat Chocolate; Enjoy Life! 
Alan McClure
Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker
Patric Chocolate 
The CFM:

From here on, until November, I will be at the Columbia Farmer's Market--Columbia, Missouri--every Saturday morning.  For those of you who live in Mid-Missouri, please come out and say "Hi!"  Since I don't have a retail store, I haven't met most of you yet, but I hope that this will change as of this year.

A personal note from Alan:
Patric Chocolate is an American-owned small business that employs American workers.  You won't find us shipping our chocolate making overseas where labor is cheaper as many medium and large-sized chocolate companies have done.  Help support the American economy and buy quality, American-made chocolate!

*Online purchases only. Orders ship via USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground according to Patric Chocolate preference. Chocolate of the month club purchases will not incur extra shipping fees, but the minimal shipping and handling costs normally included in the price, will remain active. 

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