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Volume 2, No. 6, September 14, 2012
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Minister Musings

Dear Ones,


During newcomer orientations, Unitarian Universalist minister James Ishmael Ford tells people, "At some point, this church will break your heart. When that happens, if you're still coming here and you're still trying to improve things, then you are really a member.


Mark Nepo says there at least two ways your heart can break. A brittle heart can shatter into shards that hurt others, keeping them at bay. A supple heart, however, can break open, open to new possibilities and new beginnings.


The work of spirituality is to keep one's heart supple so that when it breaks, it breaks open rather than apart. And if a heart has broken apart, a loving religious community can help reform it, make it living tissue again, so that the next time it breaks, it breaks open.


My wish for past, present, and future members of Unity Church is that when your hearts are broken, they will break open to new possibilities that together you can make real.



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What's New in the Kitchen? 
Remember that old cracked floor in the Parish Hall kitchen, and how you had to be willing to lie on the floor to light the pilots on the 40+ year old stoves?

Ovens 1Well, this summer, thanks to Parish Hall funding and those "know how to get things done" Restoration people, Ellen Dehm and Bob Champagne-Willis, and our project Architect, James Thomas, we have a new floor, two new standard electric range and ovens, and an updated electrical system in the kitchen. 

Not that we didn't love those old Vulcans, and they served us well over the years, cooking vats of soup and more pies than we can count, but now anyone who cooks at home will know how to use these!  And because they're electric, we don't have to worry about the gas being left on in the basement of our newly restored historic building :)  
Ernie & the Vulcan
Ernie Cohen, on the floor, demonstrating how to light
the pilots on the old stove. 
Big thanks to the Parish Hall Association, Ken Love, Sandra Hill, and Ernie Cohen for helping to work out the funding, and to Ellen and Bob from the Unity Church Restoration Committee (UCRC) for finding additional funds and also making sure the work got done safely and the right way, and before the regular services began in September! 

Mark Your Calendars Now for Some Fun! 
The Fellowship Committee has been busy scheduling some fun events in the upcoming months. Please put these on your calendar now, and be sure to bring your friends and families, too!  
  • Oct. 27, 2012 - Halloween Party
  • Nov. 18, 2012 - Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • Dec. 8, 2012 - Adult Holiday Party

Look for more information soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Cheryl Brigante, Fellowship Committee Chair, at

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Lost and Found
In the process of updating the Kitchen in Parish Hall, we discovered many items left behind by people over the years. These things are now gathered on the window sill in Parish Hall. Please have a look and retrieve what is yours. In October we will donate the remaining items to the Lions Club Grange Thriftshop in Easton.

Get to Know the Children of Unity Church!
by Deanna Greenstein, Coordinator of Lifespan Religious Education (LRE)


This year, we will be running the fall Religious Education program a bit differently! Each classroom will have one "permanent" teacher who is there every week, and one "revolving" substitute, who may be a different person each week. In this way, people interested in working with the children, but unable to commit to the full ten weeks, will have the opportunity.


This also enables the children to form connections with a wider range of adults in the church, and the adults to get to know all of those munchkins who are running around at coffee hour!


We need four volunteers each week to work with the children. Volunteer for just one week or all ten - we would love to have you!  

To sign up, please see our Religious Education Coordinator, Deanna Greenstein at or 857-829-3285, or add your name to the signup sheets in the Chaffin Room. 

Part-time Child Caregivers Still Needed

We are looking for another person to help provide child care in the Nursery during Sunday worship services. The hours are 10:15 am - 11:45 am on occasional Sundays. This is a paid position at $10 per hour. Applicants do not have to be church members. Please mention this need to your regular famuily babysitters. Massachusetts law requires that those under the age of 16 get an "Employment Permit" from their school. 


If you have questions, please contact Cheryl Brigante at 508-409-8386 or

Job Opening at the UUA 
The UUA currently has an opening for a Ministerial Credentialing Assistant to join the team in Boston. This is a part-time, benefits-eligible position at 3 days a week. Click here for more details and how to apply. Please feel free to share this message with your professional networks. 

Help Support School on Wheels


EVERY CHILD deserves the right to a quality education.

EDUCATION is the key to unlocking a brighter future and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT is vital in helping us achieve our goal of providing academic stability and hope for all children in our state who have no permanent home.


One way in which you can be part of the safety net for kids impacted by homelessness is by supporting SOWMA during the Rodman Ride for Kids on September 29, 2012. For every dollar raised by supporters of SOWMA, Rodman Ford matches 10%, which goes directly back to SOWMA.


Click here to make a donation. 


If you have questions, please contact Cathy Adler at or 508-243-6679. 

Need a little UU Inspiration? There's an App for that!

Illuminations App "Illuminations, the Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) first app is now available for free in the iTunes App Store! This version runs on iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. The Android version is right around the corner and will hopefully be ready by GA."

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Big THANK YOU to Our Sunday Helpers!
Thanks to our volunteers in August who helped to make our service wonderful:
  • Jannelle Codianni, Cheryl Brigante, and Chris Pender
Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN)

Click the link above to learn about Social Justice at Unity Church.  


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