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Volume 1, No. 5, April 27, 2012
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Massachusetts Recognizes the Unity Church Restoration Project

by Ellen Dehm, Unity Church Restoration Committee Chair


I recently received word via a letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth Willliam Frances Galvin that the Unity Church Restoration Project received a 2012 Massachusetts Historical Commission Preservation Award.


The Secretary's letter states "(t)he careful restoration of this significant building goes well beyond what is normally expected. It is for this achievement that this project has been selected to be honored..."


Many thanks to Melanie Deware and the Easton Historical Commission (EHC) for their nomination, and to Jay Thomas, our project Architect, for providing strong supporting materials to the EHC. Thanks also go to all of those who provided wonderful letters of support.  


This award is a testimony to all of the individuals, committees, the Ames family, the congregation of Unity Church of North Easton Unitarian Universalist, local businesses, the Town of Easton, the State of Massachusetts, and all of the project's skilled consultants, contractors, and artisans - all of whom came together to save and preserve our special building with the care it deserved.


Although the real prize is the building itself, given the breadth of commitment and the public and private partnerships that brought the project to fruition, it is nice that all involved will know that their efforts are appreciated at the State level.





Are You New to Unity Church?

Are you new to Unitarian Universalism or to Unity Church? Do you have questions you would like answered? The Unity Church Fellowship Committee is sponsoring a Newcomer Orientation on Sunday, May 6, 2012, from Noon to 2pm. At this informal get-together with Rev. Tess Baumberger and a few current members, you will learn basic Unitarian Universalism (UU) beliefs, a brief history of Unity Church, and the way we govern ourselves.

We would love for you to join us. Please gather in the conference room in Holly House for a light lunch. Childcare will be provided for those who need it. 


Please contact Lynn Santiago-Calling no later than Saturday, May 5, 2012 if you plan to attend, if you need child care, and if you have any dietary restrictions. Lynn can be reached at lynn_calling@hotmail.com or 774-263-8056.


Slate Nominations Open Until April 29, 2012    


Please remember that after April 29, 2012, no additional nominations will be accepted. Remember also that nominations are not accepted from the floor at the Annual Congregational Meeting. This decision was made so that the nominating process can be as transparent as possible to the congregation, but also to ensure that due diligence is done around the election of our church leadership.

  • Annual Congregational Meeting is to be held on Sunday, May 20, 2012, after Social Hour.
Just as with civic voting, it is important for church members to be present and to participate in our governance process by attending the Annual Congregational Meeting, hearing updates on the health of our operations, and voting on these leadership positions.


How Do I Nominate Myself or Someone Else?

If you would like to nominate yourself or some other Voting Member of the congregation for one of the positions in the link above, or just have questions about positions or the nominating process, please don't hesitate to contact us at welcome2ucne@gmail.com.   



UCNE Nominating Committee

Cathy Adler

Bill Ames

Andy Champagne-Willis   


  Images from The Sounds of Giving on April 15, 2012
Stewardship Photo 1 2012.
Stewardship Photo 3 2012

Ministerial Musings

I am a Motown fanatic. At my ordination we sang, Reach Out (I'll Be There) by Dozier and Holland, adapting the lyrics to capture what our shared ministry is all about....


"Now if you feel that you can't go on/ Because all of your hope is gone And your life is filled with much confusion/ Until happiness is just an illusion And your world around you is crumblin' down/ Reach out, reach out for me. I'll be there to help and to comfort you.

And I'll be there with the hope that will see you through."  

- Dozier and Holland


I care deeply for all of you. This may not show because I am a reserved person, but it's true. I feel protective of you. Every day I hold you in the light, as the Quakers say.


For important non-emergencies, I am on call six days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm (except during study leave or vacation). If you're wrestling with an ethical dilemma, reach out. I'll be there to help clarify. If you are experiencing a spiritual crisis, reach out. I'll be there to listen. If you are grieving or feeling despair, reach out. I'll be there with hope in hand. If you have a joy you are bursting to share, reach out. I'll be there to share your joy.  


Please email or call me. We will find a time, either at the church during office hours or in some other place and time that works. Call me at 781-366-5701 from 9 am to 9 pm, any day but Friday. This is my mobile office phone. It is with me all the time. For emergencies, I am on call 24/7, even on study leave or vacation 781-366-5701.


If someone you love is dying, reach out. I'll be there, with you, at the deathbed. If someone you love has died, reach out. I'll be there to help through the crisis. If you or a loved one has a serious accident reach out, I'll be there, at the hospital. If you or someone you love has a sudden medical crisis, reach out. I'll be there. I will be there for you on the phone, and then in person as soon as possible. If I am away cannot be there soon enough, I will send a Lay Pastoral Assistant or a colleague, and I will still be there as soon as I can. This is what ministers do. It shows how much we care.


"When you feel lost and about to give up/ 'Cause your best just ain't good enough And you feel the world has grown cold/ And you're driftin' out all on your own And you need a hand to hold/ Reach out, reach out for me."  

- Dozier and Holland




Minister's Schedule

Services This Month

 Adult Circle of Trust 


The Fundraising Corner


Unity Exchange **NEW ITEMS AVAILABLE** 

The Unity Exchange is a place where members and friends can offer gently used items to others for just a donation to the church. Be sure to check there often, as items are added as they are offered! 


GoodSearch Logo  

We've just made it easier for you to support Unity Church. We registered Unity Church with GoodSearch.com, a company that helps non-profits like ours raise funds through the everyday actions of our supporters. Here is how you can help: 

  • Use GoodSearch when you search the internet - they will donate a penny to us every time you do
  • Use GoodShop.com when you shop online - they work with more than 2,500 major brands, have over 100,000 coupons and donate a percentage of every purchase you make to us.
  • Enroll in the GoodDining.com they will donate up to 6% of every dollar you spend when you eat at one of 10,000 participating restaurants.

Get started by clicking the "Become a Supporter" button on our profile page at http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/unity-church-of-north-easton.aspx!


Amazon Logo  

Every time you use the link above, or the one on the Fundraising Corner page on our web site, to purchase goods from Amazon, Unity Church receives 4% to 8.5% of what you've spent, depending on our volume of purchases.


 Mario's Trattoria 

Save your receipts when you eat at or take out from Mario's, right here in North Easton! We receive 10% of every dollar spent at Mario's. Put your receipts in the fundraising box at Holly House, or put them  in the collection plate at a service. So easy!!


Big THANK YOU to Our Sunday Helpers!
Thanks to our volunteers for April through June who help to make our service wonderful:
  • Worship Associates/Service Leaders/Offering Ushers:  Susan Camp, Sue McGowan, Lynn Santiago-Calling, Peter Leitch, Jannelle Codianni, Addy Hiltebeitel, Jacob Cotter, Kyan Santiago-Calling, Athena Codianni, Jonathon Blake, and Nicola Wilbar. 
  • Greeters: J Haven, Isabella Centrella, Hunter Codianni, Damon Greenstein, Ashton Greenstein, Lucinda Cotter, Amanda Widrow, David Olson, Ken Love, Frank Smith, Susanne Rogers, Michael Achey, Perry Harrison, Ken Love, Mary Lu Love, Kathie Malefatto, Lisa Gilgan, and Pat and Chris Pender.
  • View from the Pew: Jason Gold, J Haven 
  • Coffee Hour Hosts: The Fredericks Family, the Morse-McCahill Family, the UCNE Worship Committee, Lynn Santiago-Calling, Cheryl Lees, Marie Pires, Carol Heap, the Cotter Family, Anna Linzi, Kate & Niomi, and Donna Hobart.
Part-time Child Care Provider Needed for Nursery

We are looking for another person to help provide child care in the Nursery during Sunday worship services. The hours are 10:15 am - 11:45 am on occasional Sundays. This is a paid position. Applicants do not have to be church members.


For more information, church members should log in and navigate to the web site  Members Access/Volunteer & Staff Opportunities page.


Non-members, please contact Cheryl Brigante at 508-409-8386 or cherylbrigante@hotmail.com.


Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN)

Learn about Social Justice at Unity Church, like,

  • the Social Justice Coordinating Committee
  • 5-5-5 for Social Justice 
  • Peace Vigil in Foxborough
  • Habitat for Humanity New Home in Easton
Spoken Announcements in Worship
Years ago, Unity Church decided on spoken announcements during coffee hour. However, we heard that this now doesn't work, for a few reasons; people talk during them, people want social hour to be just for socializing and not church business, etc.


So, the Worship Committee proposed a new process that the Executive Committee endorsed. Starting in April, we will make these changes:

  • After the Prelude and before the bell ringing, one person, hopefully from the Executive Committee, will make all the announcements.
  • Anyone who wants a spoken announcement made, please submit it to Gail by the preceding Friday at office@unity-church.com. She will leave a copy on the podium in the Sanctuary to be read aloud.
  • To keep things short, please limit the announcement to 30 words. The contact person will be asked to rise or raise a hand so people know who to ask for further information, go to for fliers, etc.
A Note on A View From the Pew
In keeping with this year's theme of sources and spiritual practice, we invite you to share your journey in a brief, 2-3 minute, View From the Pew during worship. You could talk about a spiritual practice you perform, what it is and how it makes you feel. To schedule a time to share your view, please contact Rev. Tess Baumberger at tbaumberger@uuma.org / 508-238-1131 .
 Extra Adult Worship Forum at Noon on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once a month we meet in the sanctuary for something between a sermon discussion and a worship service. This gives Sunday School volunteers, and other non-morning people, a chance to hear the sermon. It gives us a chance to get to know one another better, and to talk about the sermon. People are welcome to attend the regular Sunday service and/or this forum.


This forum includes some of the elements of a worship service but the setting will be more casual and intimate with a smaller group. It will run something like this:

  • Chalice Lighting
  • Joys and Concerns, for those not comfortable sharing in a larger group or who missed the earlier worship service
  • Meditation/Poem
  • Time of Silence
  • Sermon: the same one read at the earlier worship service
  • Sermon discussion
  • Closing words and extinguishing the chalice

If you have any questions about this new forum, please contact Rev. Tess Baumberger at tbaumberger@uuma.org or 508-238-6373.

Upcoming Events 

Contact Info
For questions or comments regarding this message, please contact Cathy Adler at welcome2ucne@gmail.com .

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