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"We Pledge to Walk Together..."
Volume 1, No. 3, March 23, 2012
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Women's History Month
Musing of the Minister
Stewardship 2012
20th Annual Handbell Concert
BCD Workshop at Unity
Social Justice
Easter Lilies
NRT Easter Sunrise Service Rehearsal
Announcements Changes

March is Women's History Month

Women's Education Women's Empowerment 

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Musings of the Minister

Dear Ones,


Recently one of you asked how we might define the word "prophet," which traditionally means someone who speaks for God. "Prophet" literally means "to speak for" someone else. Tradition defines that someone as divine, but it ain't necessarily so. The Lorax speaks for the trees, which to my mind makes him a prophet, too.


The ancient Jewish prophets rose as Israel transitioned from a tribal culture to a nation, which meant palaces and temples. People in power built those structures by taking land from poor people, land that was their birthright under tribal law. Perhaps the prophets said they spoke for a god of justice because that sounded more powerful.


Unitarian Universalists tend to define "prophet" as someone who speaks the truth to power, and prophetic action as acting for justice. Through prophetic words and actions we take up the challenge "to confront structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love," as it says in one of our Sources.




Minister's Schedule.

Services This Month

 Adult Circle of Trust 


*Original drawing by our own Nancy D'Uva

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Bells 2
20th Annual Handbell Concert:
Unity Church of North Easton &
St. Mark of Roxbury

On April 22, another fine concert will be performed at our church. The Weeping Cherry will be showing off outside the door (see our Unity News header, above) and the sweet tones of the bells will once again fill our resonant sanctuary. This is a remarkable union of two diverse groups who have joined together in love, twice a year, for the last 20 years. Come help us celebrate on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 3 pm. The concert will be held in the sanctuary with a supper in Parish Hall afterwards.

Please see Richard Hill at smhill42ne@earlthlink.net for more information


Ballou Channing District (BCD) Inland Cluster

Creating Vibrant Churches


Saturday April 14, 9:15 am to Noon

Unity Church of North Easton


During this fast-paced yet contemplative retreat, participants first consider the current state-of-health of their church. After identifying potential barriers to becoming more vibrant, attendees will consider ideas for breaking congregational potential loose.


By the end of the morning, refreshed and excited, participants consider how to implement ideas from the day's work.


The facilitator for the morning is Philip Conover from the Unitarian Church in Sharon. Notes from the morning's session will be provided to participants at the end of the workshop.


This event is free and open to all. Please RSVP to janetrichardi@comcast.net.



  • Where are We Now in Our Churches?
  • The Healthy Church: What Does it Look Like?
  • What are the Barriers to Creating a Healthy Church
  • Steps to Creating a Vibrant Church?
  • Overview Discussion: Review and Next Steps
  • Wrap-Up


Womensphere Spring Gathering

Sound for Joy


Saturday, May 12, 2012, 9:30am-3:00pm

Murray UU Church, 505 N Main St, Attleboro MA 02703  


Please join women of the Ballou Channing District (BCD) for a day of shared activities. Experience sound as a tool of spiritual practice. Please bring a bell with you.


Fee - $25 includes lunch. A few scholarships are available. To register or for more information contact Susan Rand at 1susanrand1@comcast.net.

Social Justice at Unity Church 


Other Social Justice Highlights   

  • Peace Vigil: Held the first Thursday of each month from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, at the UU Church of Foxborough on the Common at 6 Bird St. (next to the library). Please contact Nancy D'Uva for more information  at nancyduva@gmail.com or 508-543-6432.

The Fundraising Corner

Help Unity Church Host New England Folk Festival Dancers & Musicians! 

The New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA) has a festival in Mansfield each spring. Folk musicians and dancers come from around the world. Some (young adults, musicians) cannot afford hotel rates. We can host them for a nominal charge that goes directly to Unity Church. For more information, click the link above. 



Unity Exchange

The Unity Exchange is a place where members and friends can offer gently used items to others for just a donation to the church. Be sure to check there often, as items are added as they are offered! 


GoodSearch Logo  

We've just made it easier for you to support Unity Church. We registered Unity Church with GoodSearch.com, a company that helps non-profits like ours raise funds through the everyday actions of our supporters. Here is how you can help: 

  • Use GoodSearch when you search the internet - they will donate a penny to us every time you do
  • Use GoodShop.com when you shop online - they work with more than 2,500 major brands, have over 100,000 coupons and donate a percentage of every purchase you make to us.
  • Enroll in the GoodDining.com they will donate up to 6% of every dollar you spend when you eat at one of 10,000 participating restaurants.

Get started by clicking the "Become a Supporter" button on our profile page at http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/unity-church-of-north-easton.aspx!


Amazon Logo  

Every time you use the link above, or the one on the Fundraising Corner page on our web site, to purchase goods from Amazon, Unity Church receives 4% to 8.5% of what you've spent, depending on our volume of purchases.


 Mario's Trattoria 

Save your receipts when you eat at or take out from Mario's, right here in North Easton! We receive 10% of every dollar spent at Mario's. Put your receipts in the fundraising box at Holly House, or put them  in the collection plate at a service. So easy!!


Big THANK YOU to Our Sunday Helpers!
Thanks to our volunteers for January through March who help to make our service wonderful:
  • Worship Associates/Service Leaders/Offering Ushers:  Susan Camp, Sue McGowan, Lynn Santiago-Calling, Peter Leitch, Jannelle Codianni, Addy Hiltebeitel, Jacob Cotter, Kyan Santiago-Calling, Athena Codianni, Jonathon Blake, and Nicola Wilbar. 
  • Greeters: J Haven, Isabella Centrella, Hunter Codianni, Damon Greenstein, Ashton Greenstein, Lucinda Cotter, Amanda Widrow, David Olson, Ken Love, Frank Smith, Susanne Rogers, Michael Achey, Perry Harrison, Ken Love, Mary Lu Love, Kathie Malefatto, Lisa Gilgan, and Pat and Chris Pender.
  • View from the Pew: Jason Gold 
  • Coffee Hour Hosts: The Fredericks Family, the Morse-McCahill Family, the UCNE Worship Committee, Lynn Santiago-Calling, Cheryl Lees, Marie Pires, Carol Heap, the Cotter Family, Anna Linzi, Kate & Niomi, and Donna Hobart.
White Lilies
Lilies for Easter Service

If anyone is interested in ordering a Lily to be placed on the table near the pulpit for Easter Sunday on April 8th, please contact Gail Bruno  at 508-238-6373 or 



The cost is $9.99 per plant and the deadline for ordering is March 30, 2012. Please let Gail know how many plants you wish to order, and, if appropriate, the names of the people they are in memory or honor of. Orders must be accompanied by payment. Checks should be made out to Unity Church. Please send your order and payment to the church office at 9 Main St. North Easton, MA 02356. 


Rehearsal for the Easter Sunrise Service
If you are interested in providing vocal or instrumental music at the NRT Easter Sunrise Service, please attend a rehearsal on Monday, March 26, 7:00pm at Holy Cross Parish Center, 225 Purchase St., South Easton.

The Easter Sunrise Service will be held at the Natural Resources Trust (NRT) Sheep Pasture on Sunday, April 8, 2012 at 6 am. The entrance to Sheep Pasture is off Main St. in North Easton.  


Spoken Announcements in Worship

Starting on April Fool's Day, no kidding! 


Years ago, Unity Church decided on spoken announcements during coffee hour. However, we heard that this now doesn't work, for a few reasons; people talk during them, people want social hour to be just for socializing and not church business, etc.


So, the Worship Committee proposed a new process that the Executive Committee endorsed. Starting in April, we will make these changes:

  • After the Prelude and before the bell ringing, one person, hopefully from the Executive Committee, will make all the announcements.
  • Anyone who wants a spoken announcement made, please submit it to Gail by the preceding Friday at office@unity-church.com. She will leave a copy on the podium in the Sanctuary to be read aloud.
  • To keep things short, please limit the announcement to 30 words. The contact person will be asked to rise or raise a hand so people know who to ask for further information, go to for fliers, etc.
A Note on A View From the Pew
In keeping with this year's theme of sources and spiritual practice, we invite you to share your journey in a brief, 2-3 minute, View From the Pew during worship. You could talk about a spiritual practice you perform, what it is and how it makes you feel. To schedule a time to share your view, please contact Rev. Tess Baumberger at tbaumberger@uuma.org / 508-238-1131 .
The A,B,Cs of Coffee Hour - We Need YOU!
  Coffee Hour hosts are always needed, and its so easy to do! All the supplies for coffee and tea are in the kitchen cabinet below the coffee pots. Some people chose to bring in snacks to share, but this is not required.
  All you need to do is Arrive around 10:15 am to plug in the Bunn coffee machine, and put out the supplies. Go to the kitchen during the last hymn to prepare the first pots of coffee, then Be friendly and helpful as people help themselves to coffee and tea. Afterward, Clean up the kitchen and tables. See how easy?
  Consider hosting coffee hour with a friend. To sign up, please enter your name(s) in the notebook in Parish Hall, or contact Carol Heap at  carol_heap@yahoo.com.

Upcoming Events 

Contact Info
For questions or comments regarding this message, please contact Cathy Adler at welcome2ucne@gmail.com .