November 2011

Upcoming Highlights
Northern Light Training Success and Opportunity
Northern Light Journey to Excellence
Cub Scout Membership
Boy Scout Advancement
Boy Scout Summer Camp
Scouting for Food
Scouting for Food is part of the Scouting legacy for decades.  Throughout the Scouting family, Packs, Troops and Crews with the generous support of their local communities provide tons of food stuffs to community agencies.   While national in scope, Scouting for Food is local in delivery.  Scouting for Food is delivered to local agencies by the local units who coordinate their efforts with in the community.  To assist units the Yankee Clipper Council has door hangars for units to add dates and leave at homes to let them know Scouts will be able to return and pick up their donations to the community food banks.  To order door hangars complete the request form and bring to the Haverhill Service Center

crew 345 Oct 11  

Upcoming Highlights In The

Northern Light District

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Nov 16th            2012 Family Friends of Scouting  

                           Presenter Training and Orientation

                           Haverhill Presbyterian Church, 36 Broadway


Jan 14th             Northern Light Charter Turn In Day 


Jan 21st                Readyman for Webelos

                              Information at Readyman 2012


Jan 27-29th          "Minute to Win It" Winter Camporee

                              Information at Winter Camporee


Monthly District Meetings

First Monday:     Commissioners Meeting
7PM                    Atkinson Community Center


First Wednesday:  District Committee                                     
7PM                        Newburyport 5 Bank, Amesbury


Second Monday   Round Table
7PM Gather  7:30 Opening    Haverhill Presbyterian Church 


Third Thursday      Eagle Board of Review and Life to Eagle

7PM                        Market St Baptist Church, Amesbury




Scout Youth

Two Local Banks Invest in Scouting's Youth


Two area banks serving the Northern Light District ensure the Scouting youth in this area have the resources to succeed.




Newburyport Bank


The Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank

 is supporting Scouting in this area with funding to underwrite three programs in the southern NH and Northeastern Massachusetts area.


1. Sponsoring the youth training critical to developing life time skills in Boy Scouts and Venture Crewmembers. A wide range of courses from a few hours to weeklong opportunities impart knowledge and hands on experience molding tomorrow's leaders.


2. Sponsoring all the membership material and flyers for 2012. Every year over 1500 new families join Scouting. The materials sent to the schools and through the Scouting units are essential to getting the Scouting message out


3. "Gathering of Eagles-Once an Eagle always an Eagle". Reconnecting Eagle Scouts in the area with Scouting enables those who understand the value of Scouting to share deliver that message through word and deed to today's Scouting families. The Gathering of Eagles will reach out to all Eagle Scouts and ask them to see if Scouting can be part of their life once again.


Thanks to the Newburyport Five, Scouting can deliver on those three promises.


Institution for Savings  


The Institution for Savings

Once again this year offered to be the sponsor for the Yankee Clipper Council Eagle Recognition Banquet to be held in Feb 2012. The event recognizes each young man who reached Scouting's pinnacle, Eagle, during 2011. The impressive gathering of Eagle Scouts, who are leaders in their troops today, and will be leaders in our country tomorrow, is an opportunity to highlight the 4% that start Scouting and make the full journey along the Eagle Trail. The Institution for Savings wrote they are proud to be a partner in this event not only because of the Eagle Scouts, but because the impact those Scouts and leaders have on every youth that is part of Scouting for a year or a lifetime. The leaders of the Yankee Clipper Council are grateful for the commitment put forward by these community leaders.




Northern Light Training Successes and Challenges

"Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader", and every Leader should expect to receive the tools to be successful.

Top Unit Leaders Trained.  In the Northern Light District, our Cubmasters, Scoutmasters and Venturing Crew Advisors are setting the standard for training, The percentage of Scout Leaders fully trained for their positions:
                     65% of all Cubmasters
                     67% of all Scoutmasters
                     40% of all Crew Advisors 

Newly Recruited Scout Leaders.  Packs have done an outstanding job recruiting new Tiger, Den, Webelos and Ass't Cubmasters to provide a quality program to Cubs at all levels, bringing a total to over 230 in the District.  Troops have engaged 193 adults to serve as Assistant Scoutmasters.

Only 22% of all Assistant Scoutmasters and 21% of Tiger, Den, Webelos and Asst Cubmasters are fully trained for their position.

Click here to set up account and explore on line training
All Leaders: On line training:  "This is Scouting" is required and provides an overview to the Scouting Program.  Youth Protection Basic and Venturing are available
Look at the supplemental training as well, much of which is required for certain activities, others to enhance your skill set.

Cub Scout Leaders:  All Cub Leader Training, including Pack Committee can be completed on line, and if a leader has a "My Scouting" account with their member number their training record is immediately updated to reflect the completion.  When both "This is Scouting" and the course for their registered position is completed, they will be fully trained and should proudly attache "Trained" patch to their sleeve

Scout Troops:  Committee Training is available on Line, numerous opportunities throughout the Yankee Clipper Council for Scoutmasters and Assistants to complete Scoutmaster Fundamentals and Outdoor Leadership Skills.  When those are finished, along with This is Scouting proudly affix the Trained strip.

Crew Advisors and Assoc Advisors:  Advisor and committee Training offered in the spring.

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Lone Tree Gate



Councils, districts and units have been challenged with a Journey to Excellence by the Boy Scouts of America.  Replacing the Centennial Quality Unit Program, the Journey to Excellence sets levels of achievement for units to use as goals.  Unlike in the past where a unit set the goals, the Journey has bronze, silver, and gold levels of performance with the various criteria adapted to fit councils, districts, packs, troops or crews.  At the end of the year the criteria are measured and an overall assessment can be reached as to whether a unit is a Bronze, Silver, or Gold performing organization under the Journey to Excellence.  In each newsletter we will highlight some of the criteria and recognize those who have attained any of the levels within that criteria.  All the details as well as the "score" sheets can be found at:  

Journey to Excellence Information




CUB MEMBERSCub Scout Membership

(as of Oct 30, 2011) 

Northern Light Packs ran very successful joining nights as school started up for 2011-2012.  Membership is the lifeblood of any unit, and Packs that continue to provide quality programming, continue to thrive and increase in membership every year.  Those packs attaining bronze, silver or gold have had high retention (keeping the Scouts already in the Pack) and successful joining nights (replacing those who have crossed over or dropped out)


Bronze:  Have at least more boy than on Dec 31, 2010

Silver: Have 5% more boys in the Pack than on Dec 31, 2010
Gold:  Have 10% more boys in the Pack than Dec 31, 2010






Gold Level:  12 Haverhill    21 Newburyport 24 Haverhill    37 Salisbury   

  82 North Andover  89 North Andover   91 Newton     96 Methuen

                                  109 Ipswich


Silver Level:  26  West Newbury    Pack 55 Methuen        


Bronze Level:  51 Methuen  52 Methuen   61 Methuen    63 Haverhill

      86 North Andover    95 Atkinson   111 Hampstead 


Congratulations to every Pack!  Everyone has had new families join Scouting at the various sign up nights this fall.  More will join the ranks of the Gold, Silver and Bronze above and be recognized as are the Packs above. 


Packs can improve their level until the end of the year, as applications are processed additional packs will be added and these may improve.



Mag Glass

Boy Scout Advancement 

A key method in the success of Scouting if progressing along the Advancement Trail.  

Every step to a new rank is significant and should be celebrated, as units do at a Court of Honor in front of peers and family.  The ranks signify the Scout has demonstrated skills and commitment, and also allow the Scout to commit to increased responsibility.  Advancement is part of a units Journey to Excellence.  The following is as of Oct 15, 2011.  The final number is as of the end of the year. 

For units:  Bronze:  55% or a 2% increase over 2010

  Silver: 60%  or 55% and a 2% increase over 2010

                 Gold:  65% or  60% and a 2% increase over 2010

These units have met the percentage for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Those qualifying under the 2% will be recognized in the final summary.


Gold Units  

Troop 4 Amesbury         Troop 7 Amesbury             Troop 18 Plaistow

        Troop 21 Newburyport  Troop 27 Haverhill              Troop 82 North Andover

                                            Troop 87 North Andover  


Silver Units

Troop 5 Haverhill                         Troop 60 Methuen




Boy Scout Long Term Summer Camp 

The highlight of the Boy Scout year is the time a summer camp; equally true for the dedicated leaders as it is for the youth.  Getting out for the week, not only allow Scouts to learn new skills, try new adventures, strengthen the bonds with fellow Scouts, the experience keeps boys in Scouting longer.  The longer a young man stays in a troop, the greater the positive impact of Scouting on his life.  Not surprisingly, a significant component of any Journey to Excellence is the commitment of the unit to summer camp and the number of Scouts that attend.

 Summer Camp


Journey to Excellence Levels:

Bronze:  Troop attends Summer camp          

Silver: 60% of registered Scouts in the troop attend summer camp              

Gold:  70% of registered Scouts in the troop attend summer camp   


Breaking news: All the Troops in the Northern Light District participated in a summer camp experience.  Congratulations to every Troop for being a minimum of Bronze for Summer Camp in the 2011 Journey to Excellence.  These troops went from Bronze to Gold or Silver  



1 Haverhill     27 Haverhill   41 Merrimac    51 Georgetown  51 Methuen

     93 Kingston  451 Newburyport



9 Atkinson                   44 Newbury