July 2011

2011 Venturing Leadership Award
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NLD Sets the Foundation
Northern Light Youth First in Region
Wood Badgers 2011
Unit Leader Award of Merits
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Award of Merit

Three outstanding Northern Light District volunteers received the District Award of Merit and the Annual Recognition Dinner.  The highest award a district can bestow upon an individual, the award recognizes a dedicated Scouters contributions both to the youth in Scouting, as well as, other community contributions.  Presented the award were:


Mike Chaisson     Scoutmaster            Troop 91 Newton


Bob Fabrizio      Committee Chair   

Pack 27 Haverhill


Neal Hunter        Advancement Chair  Northern Light


Venturing Leadership Awards 2011


Jun 19th, Lone Tree Scout Reservation:  The 2011 Venturing Leadership Awards were presented at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the 2011 Powderhorn Course.  All three recipients had connections to the Northern Light District, and each epitomized the spirit of Venturing.


Youth Awards
Richard Fowler,  

 Crew 47 Peabody (and ASM Troop 18 Plaistow)

Annie Taylor,        

Crew 345, Kingston


Adult Award
Susan Clarke,      

Crew 121, Hampstead


Upcoming Highlights In The

Northern Light District


2011 Popcorn Kickoff:  Aug 4th, 7PM All Saints Parish, Haverhill   

Learn how the 2011 2-Month Popcorn Sale will fund a 12 month fun-filled Scouting year.  Information on how you can sell Scouting, so your youth and families can do more Scouting

 Trails End Popcorn Information


2011 Membership Forum:  

Aug 15th, 7PM   First Presbyterian Church, Haverhill  

The life blood of any Scouting unit is new energetic members and leaders.  Information will be shared on the resources, tips and assistance at your disposal so more families will join Scouting this fall.  Learn about the three important phases, each critical.  Publicizing and getting the message out about your pack, troop or crew.  "Selling" your program to the new families, and going one step further and recruiting the next generation of unit leadership.  Finally, and as important, keeping the new families involved.

Joining Night Information Resources 


Other Dates


July 21                Eagle Board of Review and Life to Eagle

                              7PM Market St Baptist Church, Amesbury


Aug 3                  Northern Light District  (NLD) Committee
                              7PM Newburyport 5 Bank, Amesbury


Aug 18                Eagle Board of Review and Life to Eagle  

                    7PM Market St Baptist Church, Amesbury


Aug 29                NLD Commissioners Meeting,
                             7PM Atkinson Community Center


Sep 12                NLD Round Table, Haverhill Presbyterian
                             7PM Gathering    7:30 Opening






Northern Light District Investors Help Build a Strong Scouting Foundation




The Scouting unit is where the program impacts the youth you serve.  To be successful the Scouting pack, troop or crew must be built upon a strong foundation, and the foundation is the Yankee Clipper Council and the direct extension to this area the Northern Light District.  The resources to build that foundation are all voluntarily contributed as all registration fees go directly to the National Office, and the Council does not nor cannot charge any additional fees.  As part of the almost two million dollar budget, the Executive Board asked Northern Light to raise $50,000 from District Leadership, Families and Communities. 

  • As of the end of June Northern Light had raised $30,000
  • District committee and commissioners pledged over $10,000
  • Community organizations pledged campaign pledged $7,000
  • 34 of the 75 units participated pledging $13,000. 

 A heartfelt thank you to each and everyone that invested in Scouting.   This year: 

  • $100 Pledges received the "Brave" patch
  • A special mug for $250 T

  • The Inaugural Clipper Print for $500.

 Units who had an average of $12.50 (called the Base Goal) per member by April 30th--Receive free cloth badges of rank for one year  


As an extra bonus, units averaging $18.75 (called the stretch goal) in addition to the rank badges, have their choice of:

  • Free merit badges
  • Pinewood derby cars
  • Custom unit numbers or
  • New unit flag.


                             Units attaining the Base Goal

Troop 33 Hampstead 

    Troop 86 No. Andover


Units Reaching Both Base and Stretch Goals

Pack 7 Amesbury     Pack 15 Rowley

   Pack 113 Groveland

Troop 4 Amesbury      Troop 5 Haverhill

Troop 41 Merrimac    Troop 51 Methuen

 Troop 82 No. Andover Troop 87 Groveland

       Troop 87 No. Andover  Troop 451 Newburyport



PH group 2011 

Northern Light Youth First in Region to Complete Powderhorn--(maybe in the BSA)


    PH MedalPH Conservation


Jun 19th marked two significant firsts for the Yankee Clipper Council and the Northern Light District as Powderhorn 2011 Course awarded Silver medals signifying completion of the 6 day outdoor resources course.  Originally designed around the Venturing Ranger Award, this course evolved and is focused on the outdoor activities that appeal to older youth both in Boy Scouts and in Venturing.  Any adult or youth over 14 can attend.  It's not just for Venturing, anymore.


This was the first time Yankee Clipper had participated as a council in holding a course, this time in collaboration with the Daniel Webster Council.  The second "first" was youth being able to attend this course.  2011 was the first time BSA approved youth to be participants in a program that was first conducted in 2000.  Since this course was the first in the Northeast Region in 2011, the Northern Light Youth were the first to complete in the region.  A crack investigative team is looking into whether other courses completed prior to Jun 19th and if so, did youth participate.  So until proven otherwise, we will assert-first in BSA.  Six youth completed, four from Northern Light and two from Daniel Webster Council.  In addition to the youth, four Venturing Leaders received the medal from Course Director Jim Whitney, of Crew 121 Hampstead.  



Alexander Ing  Crew 345, Kingston      Ja-Nora Longshore Crew 121, Hampstead

Annie Taylor     Crew 345, Kingston     Katie Whitney, Crew 121, Hampstead



        Steve Cunningham Vent. Commissioner   Greg Korzeb   Crew 51    Methuen


        Chuck Longshore  Crew 121                       Harry Taylor    Crew 345  Kingston

TartanNorthern Light Scouters Earn Wood Badge Beads...Next: Use these Skills to improve Scouting in their Communities


Eleven dedicated Scouters have earned the coveted Wood Badge Beads this year.  After completing the practical two weekend course, each contributed by completing their "ticket."  That is five specific accomplishments focused on improving the Scouting program in an already outstanding unit or district.


Congratulations to these Graduates of Course NE-I-267


Bruce Adams-Groveland       Mike Chaisson-Newton      Bryan Comeau-Atkinson    

Hardave Dhaliwall-Plaistow   Guy Klose No. Andover      Charlie Knowlton-Amesbury

Robbie MacDonald-No Andover  Cindy Quinn-Ipswich     Wayne Shields-Plaistow

Bill Sergeant-West Newbury


Congratulations to Jeanine Cunningham for beads from NE-I-268 in Mohegan Council


If you would like to take this Leadership Course or would like more information, check out Wood Badge at  Wood Badge 2011.



                                                   Unit Leader Award of Merit


Unit Leader Award of Merit 


The backbone and lynch pin of success in a Scouting Unit is dedicated and excellent leaders.  The source of identifying those outstanding leaders (Scout Masters, Cub Masters, and Crew Advisors) are the units themselves.  Northern Light District is proud to recognize these outstanding unit leaders who not only met the demanding criteria spelledout for their troop, pack or crew, but received the nomination for their unit committees, and in the case of Scoutmasters or Crew Advisors, a letter of endorsement was included by the Senior Patrol Leader or Crew President respectively.
Congratulations to these leaders who have made a difference in Scouting, and have been recognized with the Unit Leader Award of Merit
Gary Burack      Pack 14 Merrimac          Denis Bryer     Pack 63 Haverhill
Mike Chaisson Troop 91 Newton            Steve Oulette   Pack 118 Plaistow
Chris Roy          Pack 27 Haverhill            Dan Shultz       Troop 87 Groveland
Joe Wescott     Troop 82 No. Andover    Jim Whitney     Crew 121 Hampstead 


jte banner



Councils, districts and units have been challenged with a Journey to Excellence by the Boy Scouts of America.  Replacing the Centennial Quality Unit Program, the Journey to Excellence sets levels of achievement for units to use as goals.  Unlike in the past where a unit set the goals, the Journey has bronze, silver, and gold levels of performance with the various criteria adapted to fit councils, districts, packs, troops or crews.  At the end of the year the criteria are measured and an overall assessment can be reached as to whether a unit is a Bronze, Silver, or Gold performing organization under the Journey to Excellence.  In each newsletter we will highlight one of the criteria and recognize those who have attained any of the levels within that criteria.  All the details as well as the "score" sheets can be found at:  

Journey to Excellence Information




Measured at rechartering, retention tells a unit how many youth decided to stay for another year, because they enjoyed Scouting and found it valuable in their life.  Every youth that is retained is a youth whose life is being impacted for another year.  Simply put divide the number of youth on the new charter by the number at the end of the year.  This is but 1 of 13 criteria. 
For units:  Bronze:  68%    Silver: 75%    Gold: 80%


Gold Units

Pack 12 Haverhill         Pack 13 Haverhill               Pack 14 Merrimac

Pack 21 Newburyport  Pack 24 Haverhill               Pack 26 W. Newbury

Pack 27 Haverhill         Pack 37 Salisbury              Pack 50 Georgetown

Pack 51 Methuen         Pack 52 Methuen               Pack 86 No Andover

Pack 89 No Andover   Pack 91 Newton                 Pack 95 Atkinson

Pack 96 Methuen         Pack 109 Ipswich               Pack 111 E Hampstead

Pack 113 Plaistow       Troop 1 Haverhill                Troop 5 Haverhill

Troop 7 Amesbury       Troop 13 Ipswich                Troop 18 Plaistow

Troop 21 Newburyport Troop 24 Haverhill              Troop 27 Haverhill

Troop 33 Hampstead  Troop 44 Newbury              Troop 50 Georgetown

Troop 51 Methuen        Troop 51 Georgetown       Troop 52 Georgetown  

Troop 53 Methuen        Troop 82 Methuen              Troop 87 No Andover

Troop 91 Newton          Troop 96 Methuen              Troop 451 Newburyport

                        Crew 8 Groveland        Crew 147 Haverhill



Silver Units

Pack 15 Rowley            Pack 44 Newbury               Pack 63 Haverhill

Pack 451 Newburyport                                       Troop 26 Newbury         

Troop 41 Merrimac                                              Troop 60 Methuen

        \Troop 87 Groveland                                  Crew 29 Newbury


Bronze Units


Pack 4 Amesbury            Pack 7 Amesbury              Pack 55 Methuen

Pack 61 Methuen             Pack 90 Kingston             Troop 4 Amesbury

Troop 9 Atkinson             Troop 12 Haverhill             Troop 86 No Andover

Crew 121 Hampstead     Crew 345 Kingston




Boy Scout Membership

Membership for Journey to Excellence is measured at the end of the year, but we already have a significant number of troops who have more boys in their Troops at the end of June than at the end of December.  Keeping boys in and working well with packs for crossovers produces results.  As additional crossover applications are turned in and fall open houses are held more units will enter bronze or move up a level.  Cub Scout packs because of crossovers and the vast majority joining in September, will be highlighted later in the year.

Journey to Excellence Levels:


Bronze:  increase in one youth            

Silver: 5%             

Gold:  10%   

Remember these numbers  represent the youth your unit kept in Scouting or new ones that were encouraged to join.  This impacts the lives of young people!.


1 Haverhill         27 Haverhill   41 Merrimac    51 Georgetown  51 Methuen

                                         93 Kingston  451 Newburyport



9 Atkinson                   44 Newbury



5 Haverhill                33 Hampstead


CUB&DADCub Scout Advancement  

Since most Cub Scouts advance in Spring, will highlight the Cub Scout now and Boy Scout at the end of the year.  These are based upon advancements submitted or logged in internet advancement.  Units have until the end of year to reach level.

Gold:  90%   Silver:  75%    Bronze: 55%


Gold Level:  4 Amesbury     21 Newburyport      33 Hampstead    44 Newbury

50 Georgetown       51 Methuen        63 Haverhill        89 North Andover

90 Kingston             91 Newton          95 Atkinson       109 Ipswich

                             111 E. Hampstead  451 Newburyport


Silver Level:  7 Amesbury    13 Haverhill   61  Methuen   118  Groveland


Bronze Level:  12 Haverhill   14  Merrimac   15 Rowley


Congratulations to each of these Packs.  


Packs can improve their level until the end of the year, so if you think your advancement information is incorrect, check with your designated advancement person and they can log on to Internet Advancement and update any boys who have advanced, but are not current.  You can also submit advancement reports, but for real time the internet advancement is the best option.  See your commissioner for any assistance in Internet Advancement or contact Craig from the Northern Light District. 


Internet Advancement Link