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Vol. 2, Issue 2, "Spring Forward" Issue - Spring 2012

Happy Spring!  With everything budding and flowering, this issue is dedicated to creating some new resource "buds" and enthusiasm for you!  Read on . . . 

Note from Susan

Dear Friends,

It's spring, a time of new growth and renewal! With this in mind we're proposing a totally new idea about caregiving:  what if the caregiving situation- with all its stresses and strains - is an opportunity, not an ongoing crisis?  What if it can become a way to truly grow and improve life for both caregiver and recipient?
I'm officially "seeding" this idea on behalf of Companion Arts.  In the coming year, we'll be developing new resources for caregivers (including a new website) expanding on this concept and its practical applications.  Meanwhile, we have an offer below (See the free "Bloom'" gift cards below along with our "Heart of Healing" CD) to "seed" your enthusiasm! 

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Featured Companion Arts Resources

In Honor of Spring 2012 this April you can receive a FREE five pack of Bloomin' unique seed gift cards (worth $7.50) with every Heart of Healing CD purchase through Companion Arts' webstore!   


Each card contains seeds embedded in the card; the inside is blank, and each comes with a matching 2.5"-square white envelope. Growing instructions and the common seed names are printed on each die-cut card. They are a perfect finishing touch for any gift.  Important:  Card color may vary according to supply; cards and CD mailed separately.   


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Breaking News & New Perspectives - Latest Links!

Smart Mice cartoon


Skin Cancer Drug Found to "Wash Away" Alzheimers (and what does this have to do with the mice to the left?)


( It almost sounds too good to be true. But this much is real, so far: A skin cancer drug that's been around for 10 years has been found to sweep away the protein in the brain, amyloid beta, that's linked with Alzheimer's disease ...Find out more 


Combination of Placebo and Distractions Boosts Pain Relief 


( According to a new study, the placebo effect and distraction, two strong psychological tools for fighting physical pain, can be used together for
added benefit...  Read the article 


Placebo   Distraction cartoon 

New Caregiver Info & Resources -
Latest StressBusters & Learning Links!

Sourpuss photo

5 Proven Ways to Sweeten A Sourpuss 


Who doesn't have grumpy moments? While this article is specifically for caregivers of loved ones with chronic diseases, it's also an excellent general toolkit for dealing with virtually any grump! 

Try these strategies...



Cell phone



Caring for Seniors:  3 Really Important  

& Helpful Tools   


If you're a caregiver for a senior, check out these 3 tools for enhanced safety/sense of connection.



On the Air



Internet Radio - 

"Family Caregivers Unite!"


Yes, there's actually a weekly internet radio show for family caregivers!   Hosted by
Dr. Gordon Atherley, the show features experts on topics of special interest to caregivers.  "Family Caregivers Unite!" is produced by the Voice of America Radio Network, the world leader in web-based radio programming.  You can see this week's show or access weekly shows from the past at:  

The Finale 

Well dear friends, again - Happy Spring!  Would love to hear from you ( if you have suggestions for other new, interesting caregiver resources! 

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Our very best to you!


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Susan Osborne  

Companion Arts 



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