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Vol. 2, Issue 1, Stressbusters Issue - Winter 2012

Quick: What's your immediate response to the word "Stressbuster", and what are some new resources you could use in 2012? Read on for more . . .

Note from Susan: Gumbo Therapy

Dear Friends,

OK, I admit it . . . I'm a full-fledged foodie! (TMI: many years ago I had a Cajun restaurant in New York). And my current immediate response to the word "Stressbuster" is "Comfort Food"! But not just any comfort food - no, it has to be wonderfully warming within & without, nutritious, and easy to make and share with others.


There are definitely times when you want your comfort food just for you. But there are other times when a person can instigate comfort and spread it around to family members and friends with great results. I was reminded of this last week when I was recovering from the flu, and made a HUGE pot of "Black Eyed Pea Gumbo." (Click for recipe) I was so happy with the gumbo that I got enthusiastic, handed out numerous gumbo "care packages" to dear friends, saw real gratification in people'sSusan Osborne faces and later heard their reactions after tasting it . . . the idea of "Viral Comfort" is as old as time, and wonderful to rediscover . . . let's spread the comfort around!

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PS For those preferring a vegan gumbo, try this recipe.   

Featured Companion Arts Resources

Companion Arts' acclaimed Care for the Journey CDs and the WisdomFilms DVD are available at our Webstore (or just click on any of the images below). Important: for those of you who want to buy 10 or more for your organization, call us for terrific bulk prices (303-772-1464) or email us here.  


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Breaking News & New Perspectives - Latest Links!

Roll of Money

Caregivers Can Get Paid: How to get financial help for taking care of Mom, Dad  


(AARP Bulletin) - Imagine that you could get compensated for driving Mom to the doctor, helping her get dressed and administering medications. In some places, and in some cases, you can. Here are ways your commitment to Mom and Dad can result in more money in your pocket...  Read article  

Baby dino    

Robots as Pets . . . Caregiver Helpers?

Meet Pleo, the dinosaur pet of the future (but available today) and companion to kids, elders, care recipients . . . and maybe you!  

Check out the video...


Cup of coffee 


More Coffee Anyone?


Numerous Care for the Journey readers emailed us that the link changed after we mentioned "Mystery Ingredient in Coffee Boosts Protection against Alzheimer's Disease" in our last issue. So... thanks for your feedback, and here's the link as well as another "coffee news" link:


Mystery Ingredient in Coffee Boosts Protection Against Alzheimer's Disease

Science Daily

New discovery: Coffee May Help Prevent Endometrial Cancer 

AARP Bulletin  

New Caregiver Info & Resources -
Latest StressBusters & Learning Links!

Denise Brown
Denise M. Brown,
author of The Working
Family Caregiver

A Free E-Book from!  


Denise M. Brown heads, a website with a number of terrific resources - among them the free "The Working Family Caregiver" E-book (click for book). Also check out her blog, "The Happiness Project" . . . it has an "action word" for each month, some specific ways to integrate the action into your daily life, and comments from blog readers.


V Johnson Family
Valerie Johnson (seated, far left next to sister Gladys, a stroke survivor) & family



Valerie Johnson's
Caregiver Journal


Valerie Johnson's blog,A Caregiver's Journal, provides "... information, insight, and shared experience for new caregivers and encouragement for long time caregivers." Valerie started her blog when she and her husband went from empty nesters to caregivers for her sister Gladys, a stroke survivor.
Valerie's website also provides an excellent general resource list for caregivers. 
This Month's Website Highlight:
Many products regularly used by caregivers - nutrition, skincare, incontinence products, etc -- are not covered by Medicare or private insurance; often the out-of-pocket cost is hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Caregivers Marketplace is a free service providing savings (rebates and discounts) for these products. You can join free, shop anywhere and then fill out a cash back form.  

The Finale 

Well dear friends, that's it for this month . . . would love to hear from you (email me) if you have suggestions for other new, interesting caregiver resources!
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Meanwhile our very best to you!

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