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In 2011 CA is developing a new focus on the needs of caregivers.   



Vol. 1, Issue 3, August 2011


This month we have HUGE NEWS and some new resources for all caregivers - family and healthcare professionals - so without further ado...


Note from Susan: The Huge News
Breaking news



The HUGE news this month is the news-behind-the-news. Be sure to read our "Huge News Re: Family Caregivers" . . . you may have read or heard about this news item in the past few weeks, but have you considered its vast implications? There's a revolution afoot, and if you're a family caregiver this will affect you!


Also check out this month's "CareGiver Info & Resources," which answers the question: "What does Dancing With The Stars Have to Do With Caregiving"? This month's helpful resources include: Pay for Family Caregivers, Home Telehealth for Seniors, and a "Caregiver Needs Pyramid."Susan Osborne - Summer


Finally, I want to thank Michel Fantozzi, a reader who is also 

a professional and family caregiver, for her wonderful message

in this month's "Final Word"!

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Featured Companion Arts Resources 

Heart of Healing Cover


The Heart of Healing 

Both family and professional caregivers have told us they use The Heart of Healing regularly for healing and reintegration.  This audio resource is a wonderful interface of inspired music by Gary Malkin, Emmy Award-winning composer, and the spoken wisdom of Desmond Tutu, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh and others.


Now available at  Companion Arts Webstore.    




Care for the Journey, Volume 2



Care for the Journey, Volume 2

Care For the Journey: The Learning Edition is Companion Arts' latest audio resource in the widely acclaimed "Care For the Journey" series. Like its predecessor, The Learning Edition is a source of inspiration and a quick, easily-assessable remedy for the stress of an unusually hectic workday. Acclaimed healthcare speakers and other leaders provide spoken messages amidst a wonderful musical backdrop provided by Gary Malkin, a multiple Emmy Award winner. Speakers include: Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Jean Watson, PhD, RN; Jeremy Geffen, MD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD;    Christiane Northrup, MD; Christina Puchalski, MD  and others.


Now available at  Companion Arts Webstore    


Featured Companion Arts Resources   

Happy boy
HUGE News  

Re: Family Caregivers

First there was last month's news release: an AARP study estimated that the work of 40,000,000 unpaid American family caregivers was worth $450 billion a year...


Then there was the radio show (one of many) on National Public Radio. Click here to hear the radio show or read Jennifer Ludden's commentary.   




And then there are other indications of widespread support. . . .            Bumpersticker


A Bumpersticker and...  


A Petition for a Caregiver Postage Stamp.

Sign up here! 





Friends, the Caregiver Tsunami is coming to a shore near you. . . there are simply too many caregivers and too many unmet needs. New caregiving resources and solutions are needed now, and momentum for change is building. Care For the Journey will present special bulletins on new initiatives in upcoming issues, but we wanted to note this important moment in time, and hope that this provides encouragement for the future!

New Caregiver Info & Resources - Latest Links!

Carrie Ann Inaba

DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba - From Pain Patient to Caretaker

by Gina Roberts-Grey for Lifescript


Recovering from spinal surgery is a lot for anyone to handle. So how does "Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba juggle her healing with a demanding career - and caring for an ailing father? In this exclusive interview, she reveals how she keeps moving forward...   


Read More  





How To Get Paid for Being a  

Family Caregiver 

"Can I get paid for taking care of  

a parent or other loved one?"


Joseph Matthews' article and video  

at provides an excellent  

introduction to monies available to  

some unpaid family caregivers.  






Home Telehealth For Seniors  

Hand through computer 


(Editorial Note: Audrey Kinsella's "About Home Telehealth" is a comprehensive introduction to senior healthcare via home computer/technology access. An upcoming issue of Care For The Journey will address the larger issues of Home Telehealth for all Caregivers and Care Recipients... stay tuned; we're at the threshold of another idea whose time has come!)






Caregiver Pyramid



The Caregiver Needs Pyramid

by Stephen G. Wiet, Ph.D


Dr. Stephen G. Wiet is a psychologist working  

in the healthcare field. One result of his  

research is "The Caregiver Needs Pyramid,"  

a very helpful approach to caregiving.   


Read more about what Dr. Wiet says   

concerning the Pyramid.  


The Final Word - From You, Our Readers! 

Michel & Kate
Michel & Kate 


The Final Word...  

            Michel Fantozzi


It is my belief that as Caregivers, in addition to delivering our gifts of healing and comfort for others, we do in fact receive many gifts through our experiences with those who are in our care. In the moment to moment, the gifts are plentiful including lessons in patience, forgiveness and the value of living presently despite life's stressors. If you think about it, the work of caregiving constantly reminds us of what is really important in life, don't you agree? The connection in caring for another in whatever capacity, is a state of mind and being where we give and receive,  ultimately, love. In this space of love, the healing and comfort we provide is given back to us, our gift.         




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