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Technology Transfer Newsletter, October 2012
Welcome to the 1st edition of the Technology Transfer Newsletter!
We are proud to work closely with your offices and are excited to introduce this newsletter as an additional means of communication about Addgene.   
 ~The Addgene Team 
About Addgene


Addgene is a global, non-profit plasmid repository. Founded in 2004, Addgene's mission is to serve the scientific research community by organizing a library of high-quality plasmids. Addgene stores and distributes plasmids for scientists, while working with Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to protect the intellectual property rights of our depositing scientists and their host institutions.

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Electronic MTA System      


At Addgene, we are focused on improving the distribution of both plasmids and their accompanying material transfer agreements (MTAs). 

Our novel electronic MTA (eMTA) system allows TTOs to electronically receive and sign MTAs.  Our eMTA system has dramatically streamlined and shortened the typical MTA approval and negotiation cycles:

  • Average MTA approval time for plasmid requests is less than 36 hours
  • All MTAs are archived and records are organized and available to TTOs
Industry Distribution Pilot


 We are excited to announce that the Structural Genomics Consortium of Toronto (SGC) and The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) have contributed a collection of plasmids to Addgene, which will be available for industry distribution. In this pilot program, Addgene will distribute these specific collections to both academic and industry researchers in order to accelerate scientific and medical research through material sharing. 


Addgene will be facilitating the transfers by using an Industry MTA (IMTA) that closely resembles the terms and conditions of the UBMTA.  Additionally, industry TTOs can take advantage of Addgene's eMTA system.                                                                        

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Did You Know...

250,000 plasmids     have been shipped by Addgene to 3,200 institutions worldwide.


1,300 research labs have contributed plasmids  to the repository...


 ... resulting in a collection of over 20,000 plasmids!
Three of the 2012 Nobel Prize winners are Addgene depositors. 
With your support, our collection continues to grow. Thank you!
EchoSign for Deposit Approvals

EchoSign is an industry leader in web contracting and digital signatures.  


We are currently testing EchoSign signatures with several academic institutions, and the responses have been positive.  

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