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Addgene Newsletter, June 2012
Science, Savings, & Summer Vacations
In addition to our usual research and plasmid highlights, we have assembled a list of scientific vacation destinations in celebration of the summer.  Enjoy the season! 


~The Addgene Team 

 Hot Papers and Plasmids      



          • Promiscuous Biotin Ligases
          • Empty Expression vectors with your favorite tags and fluorescent fusion protens
          • Calcium sensor GCaMP5
          • Zinc Finger arrays for Zebrafish 

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 Addgene Ambassador Program - Pilot

Ambassador Image 

We are excited to announce the launch of a new pilot program that will help grow Addgene's collection and promote career development of students and post docs in the life sciences.   In our pilot launch of the Addgene Ambassador Program, we are looking for motivated scientists to volunteer!


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 Science Summer Destinations       

Geek Atlas  

          • Take a boat ride in Greenwich to longitude 0�
          • Visit the home of Luke Skywalker
          • Plan a trip to a Dinosaur dig site
          • Head to the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA and stop by Addgene!
Addgene Featured in Nature Biotechnology   

Addgene was recently featured in Nature Biotechnology. Learn more about the organization and our top contributors here
The Name of our Mascot is... 

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Mascot Naming Contest- we had lots of creative entries. The following three entrants suggested Blugene:

D'Ann Caron, DFCI 
Lawrence Quilliam, IUPUI 
Maureen Mancini, Baylor 

We're hiring an Outreach Scientist!

Addgene is looking for a PhD scientist to join our team.  Click here to learn more. 
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Summer Savings - $20!   

To save $20 off your next plasmid order, use the following discount code during the checkout process:




 *Expires July 31, 2012.