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Fun Facts

US retail e-commerce spending for the first 28 days of the November-December 2011 holiday season totaled $15 billion, up 15% over the corresponding days in 2010. Cyber Monday recorded $1.25 billion in online spending, up 22% from 2010 and the heaviest online spending day in history, according to data from comScore.


The original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year's Eve in 1907 was made of iron and wood and decorated with 100 light bulbs.


"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." - John D. Rockefeller

Year End
Accounting Tips

Here are two quick year-end accounting tips to consider:

  1. Defer Income - If you have income your organization has received, but you have not completed the work, this income can be deferred until the work has been completed in the next calendar year.
  2. Make any charitable donations your company was planning to give to by December 31st.

By taking these two actions in December you will be more prepared for closing out your year-end in January.

Integration Insider

December 2011

Time to Ring in the New Year

In December we are often so wound up in the frenzy of year-end sales, financials and oh yeah, the holidays, that our focus goes to those activities.It can be hard to reflect on our accomplishments or what we want to achieve in the New Year. Give the company, and yourself, a gift by taking the time to write down these three things:

  1. What are 2 major accomplishments your company achieved in 2011? Answer this question for yourself as well.
  2. Why were these accomplishments beneficial?
  3. If you could set 2 goals for the company and yourself in 2012, what would they be?

Take these written answers and put them up in your office to serve as a reminder of what can be accomplished within a year and your vision for the future. This will help give you renewed energy, insight, and knowledge as you go into the New Year. As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

As we quickly approach the end of 2011, we hope your year was filled with satisfaction and accomplishment. From all of us at IDT, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Holiday Season and New Year!


Michael Ciabattari
Microsoft Silver Certified   
Improve Communication with Virtual Technology

In this global economy, it can be a challenge to maintain communication between employees in different locations or when they are on the road meeting with prospects. Delays in sharing information or documents, scheduling and traveling to meetings will cause important projects to slow to a crawl. Communication is key and if you can't work together at the same office location, Microsoft has several great ways to stay in touch and keep your projects rolling.

  1. Instant messaging on Windows Live Messenger is free and easy to use from your computer or Smartphone. An icon will let you know whether your coworker is available to chat, then you can video chat on your webcam or IM text. If you are using Microsoft Lync 2010, you are instant messaging within your corporate intranet.
  2. Web conferencing with Microsoft Office Live Meeting is like having a meeting without leaving your desk. You can share files, use digital whiteboards, and save presentation and notes for coworkers unable to attend your web-based meeting. Web conferences are perfect for staff meetings, training, or collaborating on a client project. You can organize online meetings, video conferences, and conduct desktop sharing with Microsoft Lync.
  3. Smartphones are getting smarter. If you just can't get to a computer, you can still participate in a conference call or online meeting using your Windows Phone or Office Mobile on your Smartphone. You can even work with documents on your phone. SharePoint and SkyDrive will help keep your documents synchronized with your computer so you always have the most current documents with you.

For more ideas about using virtual technology to improve communication at your office, please contact us at 630-875-1100 or john.dobbins@idtconsulting.com.

Do You Need Help With Sales?

Who doesn't want more sales? If you need help closing more sales then keep reading this article. (If not keep reading it anyway - you may still get a few good ideas.) Entrepreneur Magazine recently posted an article that talks about what it takes to be a sales superstar. Some of the ideas come down to common sense and others are those tips that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Some of our favorite tips were:

  • Never Comprise Your Integrity - No one wants to be thought of as the stereo-typical used car sales representative. You want to come across as someone who customers can trust.
  • Remember to Listen - While it is important to inform the customer about what you are selling, take the time to listen to them. They will feel more connected to you and are more likely to want to work with you again.

For more of these tips you can read the full article How to Adopt a Sales Mindset. Here's to improved selling!

Reminder: License Model Transition (LMT) Offer for Existing Customers Ends Soon

Microsoft's transition offer for existing customer of Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and Microsoft Dynamics® SL who are currently licensed by module is ending soon. Eligible Microsoft Dynamics customers can transition to Business Ready Licensing for as little as $500 per user (some restrictions apply). If you have been thinking about whether Business Ready Licensing is right for your business, a License Model Transition will recognize your previous Module Based Licensing investment and deliver the functionality that best fits your business today.

The transition to Business Ready Licensing will allow you to:

  • Expand the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • Enable an unrestricted number of users to have access to your solution.
  • Deploy new functionalities as your business grows.

If you are interested in finding out more about this offer please contact us at 630-875-1100 or send us an email at john.dobbins@idtconsulting.com. Note: This offer is valid until the end of the business day December 22, 2011.

The Age of ERP Correlates to its Effectiveness

It's incredible to ponder that ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems have been used to manage business operations since the 1960s. A lot has changed between now and then. Every year, technological advancements and changes in the marketplace affect the way we do business and ERP systems should keep up with those advancements. Aberdeen Group, the research analyst, conducted an interesting study about aging ERP systems and found that those systems have a "sweet spot" - a point at which they are most effective and have the greatest impact on the performance and profitability of a company.

The sweet spot, as Aberdeen Group describes, is an ERP system between two and seven years old. They found that it takes time to get a new system off the ground and fully adopted by employees. Once in use, however, an ERP system can provide between 3% and 5% cost improvements for several years. Between two and seven years old, Aberdeen Group saw as much as 40% better performance in administrative costs. Then, with ERP systems between 7 and 15 years old, more customizations are required which results in more IT costs. At this point, it would be wise to make plans on a system upgrade or replacement.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP solution has an impressive return on investment right from the beginning. The flexible and scalable features mean that it's affordable for all businesses - small to large. Out-of-the-box or customized, the features you need to manage your unique business operations are immediately available. Your office is probably already using common Microsoft products like Outlook so your employees will find transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics GP is not only easy, but will save them time on everything from timesheet entry to data entry.

Most importantly though, when working with a Microsoft Dynamics partner, like us, you have a team of professionals who can help you get the full value of your ERP system whether its 2 years old or 15 years old. If you have questions about whether it's time to upgrade or replace your ERP system, please contact us at 630-875-1100 or john.dobbins@idtconsulting.com. We will help you optimize your ERP software so that you always are driving business growth.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Release 2011 - Upgrade Tips and Tricks

Year-end is a good time to ensure your payroll software is completely up to date The 2011 payroll year end release is now available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. To ensure your install is as smooth as possible read this extremely useful and detailed blog for valuable tips and advice for before, during and after the upgrade process.

(You can thank us later.)

Let Even the Quietest Mouse be Heard...

In your workplace you want to know that everyone has a voice. Not everyone feels comfortable speaking out in person or even in email. Yet when it comes to social media, even the quietest and most reclusive employees feel comfortable using it to communicate their thoughts. Companies that have harnessed social media as a workplace communication tool are finding all sorts of great ideas are coming out. Sounds good, but you want to know that the interaction is productive, right? Microsoft agrees and that's one of the guiding principles for their expansion of the social capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. To find out how they achieve this, follow this link:


Tips and Tricks

Locking Columns & Rows in Microsoft Excel

Freezing highlighted panes in the spreadsheet so that they remain visible while you enter data further down the page can be handy when you need to compare facts and figures. Microsoft Excel 2010 allows you to easily freeze the top row or a column by going to View> Freeze Panes. These two functions will allow you to freeze one row or column at a time, but there is a way to freeze multiple rows and columns at the same time. In order to do this you must place your cursor in the cell that is to the right of the columns and rows you want to highlight and select Freeze Panes. Click here to see a video demonstration of this to save yourself some valuable time as you work in Excel.

Embed or Link Video into Your PowerPoint Presentations

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, video you insert from your files can now be embedded by default, so you don't have to include multiple files when sharing your presentation electronically. You can also customize your embedded videos with easy-to-use tools such as video trim, fades, and effects. This can easily be done by going to Insert> Video> Insert Video from file. PowerPoint will then insert the video directly onto your current slide.

Additionally, you can embed a link to video from YouTube in your presentation. To do this, go to Insert> Video> Insert Video from Website - you will then have to insert the link given to you from YouTube. To get this link, go to the YouTube site where the video is, click on the Share button, click on the option Share Old Embedded Code. You can then copy and paste this code into PowerPoint. This will allow you to play this video within PowerPoint without having to go to the YouTube site during your presentation.

Keep in mind that when you embed a video into your presentation, the file size will significantly increase. If you are going to be sending this presentation electronically, you may want to consider linking to the video instead of embedding it. Try this video feature to make your presentations more exciting.

The companies of IDT (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) support small, mid-market and enterprise firms in achieving maximum efficiency by offering fully integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions.


Founded in 1992, IDT's initial focus was helping companies effectively apply automated enterprise content management solutions to eliminate paper and better manage every business transaction. With the inception of IDT Consulting in 2001, the company offers ERP and CRM solutions and in-depth knowledge of how financial systems work and how to streamline the accounting process. Today, IDT Consulting is a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint. Visit our website at www.idtconsulting.com.