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Integration Insider

October 2011

In the current economic times both employers and employees have to do more with less. Where it might be perceived that this is the only way to run a business in this day and age, it could ultimately be hindering a company's growth and future.

How do you keep your company growing? Stand out above your competitors by creating an environment that will fully engage your employees. What does this mean? It means that great companies and management must shift the focus from trying to get more out of people to investing more in the four core needs of their employees - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cores. Now this might sound too touchy-feely for some, but consider reading The Twelve Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work, on Harvard Business Review's blog network, and you will find some great ideas that could just be the right thing to make your employees feel more inspired and engaged.

Remember that giving people the right tools and fuel will keep them nourished and ultimately make your company not only a great place to work, but a company that customers want to work with.


Michael Ciabattari
Microsoft Silver Certified   
The Cloud Makes a Big Difference to Small Businesses

Recently Microsoft announced the winners of their Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Work Contest. They selected 5 winners from hundreds of applicants who entered on the Microsoft Office 365 Facebook page. Get some inspiration by reading the profiles of the 5 winners, see the common traits they share, and how they plan to use Office 365 to grow their business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Delivers Better Customer Care

When a company grows rapidly it can be hard to keep all of its software solutions working in harmony. This sometimes results in a less than satisfactory experience for customers. Digicel, a telecom provider, who had been experiencing rapid growth, examined their options to replace an in house system they had been using to manage their customer base. What they discovered in their product search was Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011. Some of the benefits they were able to realize were:

  • Significant reductions in average handling time of customer cases.
  • Improved first call resolution rates in their call centers.
  • Reduced training time for staff because of the familiarity of the Microsoft interface.

You can read this http://www.idt-inc.com/pdf/DigicelGroup_DynamicsCRM_Final.pdf to find out more of the benefits they were able to realize. If you would like to learn how your organization can attain these benefits contact us at (877) SCAN-IDT to arrange a meeting.

Give Me 5 Offer

Microsoft® has announced a great new offer, the 'Give Me 5' Promotion, for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV & Microsoft Dynamics® SL products. With this this offer, Microsoft has made it easier to take advantage of these powerful software solutions at special pricing. New customers may be able to license an initial Foundation Pack, including the first user, plus four (4) additional users, for the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of $3,000 in the United States (about 80% savings).

If you are interested in more information please give us a call at 877-SCAN-IDT or send an email to john.dobbins@idtconsulting.com to discuss your options. Note: This offer is valid from October 3, 2011 to the end of the business day June 22, 2012.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" - Our Windows 8 Vision

With the next version of Microsoft Windows 8, set to be released sometime next year, the Microsoft Dynamics team has been hard at work with the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP incorporating the newest features of the next Microsoft operating system into their design plans. Knowing that a redesign to the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform was necessary to accommodate the new design of Windows 8, a technology choice had to be made. It was decided to use Silverlight 5 as it will be able to take advantage of the technologies being developed for the next generation of Windows 8. Jay Manley explains the benefits of this latest technology and what you can expect on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog. As we find out more information on these new platforms we will be sure to pass them along to you and would love to hear what you have to say.

Windows 8: Improvements for Businesses

Many of the features that you hear about in regards to Microsoft Windows 8 are meant to drive interest for home users. As a business user these features may not mean much to you, but there are features that have been designed just for you too. At a recent developer's conference, Microsoft unveiled some of business features in Windows 8 that might pique your interest:

  • Connectivity, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband improvements
  • Built-in malware protection
  • File management improvements
  • Improved multi-monitor support

To learn about even more improvements in Windows 8 for business users like yourself, click here.

Submit Your Topic for Convergence 2012

We're excited to announce that Microsoft Dynamics Convergence will be in Houston in 2012! Bookmark the Convergence 2012 site and return often to see new information on the next premier gathering of the Microsoft Dynamics partner and customer community, set for March 18 - 21 at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Also be sure to sign up for Email Alerts, so that you can be one of the first to know when registration opens, view the agenda, as well assubmit your idea for a topic you would like to see presented at Convergence. Hurry, you can only submit your topic idea until October 24, 2011.

LinkedIn Tip for Outlook

Did you know that there is a LinkedIn tool that allows you to use Microsoft Outlook to interface with your LinkedIn account? The name of this tool is Outlook Social Connector. This tool creates a simple way for you to access your connections from your inbox and allow you to continue to build your network on LinkedIn all while in Outlook and without having to log into LinkedIn each time. Where can you find this? When you log into LinkedIn, scroll down to the bottom of the home page. Click on Tools. From there you will be able to download the Outlook Social Connector. Start saving yourself some time and build your networks!

From the Microsoft Garage to You: Mouse Without Borders

If you have ever used multiple monitors on your desktop you know how easy it can be to move windows back and forth between them. Have you ever tried to use multiple computers? Until now this required you to use a KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switch and it didn't let you easily move between them. It may not seem like it is a big deal, but some of the developers at Microsoft did. In their spare time they came up with a solution that allows you to use one keyboard and mouse to move files back and forth, as well as lock or login to multiple machines at one time. You can watch this YouTube video of the developer at Microsoft explain how this works. If you are interested in trying this software for yourself you can download the installation file from this link: http://aka.ms/MouseWithOutBorders.

The companies of IDT (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) support small, mid-market and enterprise firms in achieving maximum efficiency by offering fully integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions.


Founded in 1992, IDT's initial focus was helping companies effectively apply automated enterprise content management solutions to eliminate paper and better manage every business transaction. With the inception of IDT Consulting in 2001, the company offers ERP and CRM solutions and in-depth knowledge of how financial systems work and how to streamline the accounting process. Today, IDT Consulting is a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint. Visit our website at www.idtconsulting.com.