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Microsoft Office 365 + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online= Extreme Functionality
Non Profit Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Stretch Your Reach Without Straining Your Budget
Save Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010-The New Way to Do Business

Getting Business Done!

Getting Business Done
Watch a quick video case study on how Bekin Van Lines was able to benefit from the solutions provided by IDT Technologies.

Bekins Van Lines Outflanks their competition
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Maximize Your Searchability on LinkedIn

With over 60 million professionals worldwide on LinkedIn you want to make sure that you are maximizing your ability to be found on it. While you might see LinkedIn as a site for people looking for jobs, it is more often used by professionals to look up colleagues, vendors, customers, companies, and industry related individuals. In order for you to increase your profile's searchability you need to make sure your profile is at 100% completeness. When you login to LinkedIn you can see what percentage your profile is complete by going to the Edit Profile page. If you are not at 100% you are likely missing your summary, experience, specialties, education information, a photo, or recommendations. For recommendations, you will need to have at least 3. By rounding out and completing your profile you will maximize your networking abilities and experience on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Check Imaging and Remote Deposit Solutions from IDT and Eastman Kodak

With the changing landscape of payment processing, just about any type or size business that processes checks can now seize the opportunity of electronic check presentment to improve customer service, reduce fraud, accelerate cash flow, lower costs and increase efficiency of check processing. The stage is now set for checks to clear-and money to be moved-in a matter of hours instead of multiple days.

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Looking to Migrate or Convert from Paper Documents to Digital?

Document Imaging is for Work, Paper is for Play. IDT's Digital Document Scanning & Conversion Services can quickly reduce your paper document backlog.


Turn to IDT Conversion Services for help.

Short Cut Key Strokes for Excel
You can become faster and more efficient with Microsoft Excel by cutting out few mouse clicks and adding these short cut key strokes to your memory:
  • Ctrl+N will open a new workbook
  • Ctrl+Tab will move to the next open workbook
  • Shift+F11 will insert a new worksheet
  • Ctrl+B will bold the text in the cell you are in
  • Ctrl+U will underline the text in the cell you are in
  • Ctrl+~ will show you the formulas that are in your workbook
Fun Facts

According to the International Telecommunication Union, the number of Internet users has doubled between 2005 and 2010.

With more than 420 million Internet users, China is the largest Internet market in the world according to to the International Telecommunication Union.

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Integration Insider

January 2011

Happy New Year

In the past several weeks, we've been subjected to the ever-present lists of 2010....

  • Best and worst actors
  • Best and worst moments of the recession
  • Best and worst political mistakes
  • And on and on...

But I prefer to look ahead and envision what the headlines might be a year from now when we're looking at the "best and worst" of 2011. Perhaps they will say something like this...

  • As I made my rounds visiting our customers and business partners around the country, there definitely is a new sense of overall optimism I haven't seen in the last two years. The common recoccuring theme behind the sense of optimism appears to be directly connected to the outcome of the November elections.
  • At the end of 2010, MSNBC reported that the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits fell to its lowest point in nearly two and a half years, a sign that the job market was slowly improving. And over the course of 2011, the news was even better! Businesses hired back more workers than they had in the last 5 years.
  • Businesses invested in new technology in 2011 (hardware and software), fueling greater productivity than reported in previous years. Many prepare in advance to leap ahead of competitors by switching to Software as a Service based solutions, refreshing existing On-Premised based applications and the movement towards Network Appliances.
  • Microsoft released the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) 2011 to great acclaim, adding thousands of new customers in 3 months.
  • IDT Consulting helped manufacturers, professional service firms, non-profits and a host of other companies increase their net revenues with Process Management, Document Capture, Content Management and Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.
Our best wishes to you for a happy, profitable, growing year ahead in 2011!
Thank you,

Michael Ciabattari
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Sign Up for Microsoft Convergence Today!

This year's Microsoft® Convergence® 2011 is in Atlanta on April 10-13th. If you have attended in previous years you know this is the Microsoft Dynamics user experience you do not want to miss! If you were unable to attend or are new to the Microsoft Dynamics community, you will want to make sure you attend this conference. Here are 5 good reasons you should be there:

  • You will learn how you can get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics solution through the many training and user sessions offered.
  • You will be able to network and collaborate with your peers and product experts from Microsoft in sessions, hands-on labs and in the Community & Learning Center.
  • You will learn about add on solutions that will enhance and extend your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • You will learn about the latest Microsoft products and business technologies such as Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server and how these products can enhance your Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • You will gain insights into Microsoft's corporate direction and future plans for their Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

You must register before February 21st to receive the early bird pricing - Do not delay, start planning for your Convergence experience today!

"Cloud CRM for Less" Offer for Salesforce.com and Oracle Customers
Salesforce.com and Oracle customers that switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online between now and June 30, 2011, are eligible for the "Cloud CRM for Less" promotion.

Through this promotion, Microsoft will pay your organization $200 cash for each user that makes the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This rebate can be applied for services to help you switch - such as migrating your data or customizing the solution for your unique business needs.

With the combined power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and the full depth and breadth of Microsoft's productivity offerings, we can deliver value in a way that works best for your business. Contact us now to learn more about this amazing offer.
Microsoft Office 365 + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online= Extreme Functionality
With many businesses adopting "the cloud" to streamline their business processes, Microsoft Office 365 is a HOT topic and one you shouldn't ignore. Microsoft Office 365 is an upgrade of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS); it brings together cloud versions of Microsoft's most trusted communications and collaboration products. When paired up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) Online, you're in for a treat!

Take a few moments to see Microsoft Office 365 in action by viewing this video. And learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by downloading this product fact sheet. Make the connection between these two products today to achieve extreme functionality!
Non Profit Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Stretch Your Reach Without Straining Your Budget

As a nonprofit, you're tasked with tracking a lot of information relating to donors, constituents, members and more. Automate the time consuming processing with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Microsoft. The promotional price, if you're eligible, for this version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profits is $9.99/user/month as opposed to the standard pricing of $44/user/month.

You can now get more done in a cost effective manner with ready to use tools in addition to tools that you can customize for your business needs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the tools for:

  • Donation and pledge management
  • Member and constituent management
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Case management
  • Event management
  • Tailored dashboards and reports

"Nonprofits and NGOs are always challenged with doing more with less," said Sarah Barnhart, senior program manager of community affairs at Microsoft. "We see technology as being a key enabler of helping nonprofits to reduce administration and focus their resources on where they can have the biggest impact. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for nonprofits and NGOs includes customized features that simplify administration and management for organizations of every size." 

Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM brochure for non-profits. Designed to support your cause with affordable, versatile constituent management.

Contact us today at IDT Consulting to see if your non-profit organization is eligible for this great offer and to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can take your organization to a whole new level.

Save Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010-The New Way to Do Business

Let's face it - every business has its ups and downs, but how can you reduce or even eliminate those "downs"?


One way is to get started off on the right foot by using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. The new features within this upgrade are creating new ways to do business through enhanced insight and extended connections, all while making life easier.


Download the "What's New? Top New Features within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010" brochure and learn how to reduce and even eliminate the "downs" of your business. After all, who needs more "downs" after the last couple of years in this economy?

The companies of IDT (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) support small, mid-market and enterprise firms in achieving maximum efficiency by offering fully integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions.

Founded in 1992, IDT's initial focus was helping companies effectively apply automated enterprise content management solutions to eliminate paper and better manage every business transaction. With the inception of IDT Consulting in 2001, the company offers ERP and CRM solutions and in-depth knowledge of how financial systems work and how to streamline the accounting process. Today, IDT Consulting is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint.  Visit our website at www.idtconsulting.com.